My Obsession with Magazines

       My obsession with magazines has gotten to the point where it’s turning into more of a hoarding addiction. Since I was old enough to read, I was always running to the magazine aisle while my parents were doing their shopping; something about the colors, the pages, the advertisements and the beautiful photographs always kept me coming back for more and more. Currently, I’m subscribed to at least 15 magazines, sometimes it’s hard to keep count. I have my absolute favorites that never sit around the house more than a day or two before it’s been read, but there are others that sometimes seem to pile up and I end up reading old issues of them….. these are the reasons I know I need to cut back and stop with all the waste and clutter of extra mail… but, I’m obsessed with getting my mail and love seeing new magazines on my doorstep, so I don’t see myself cutting back anytime soon. hehehe oooops.

Yesterday in particular was awesome because not only was it Saturday, I got 4 of my favorite magazines delivered to me in the mail!!

my favs

my favs

We’ve been waiting to receive our first Playboy in the mail forever, and yesterday it finally came, me & the BF were quite excited :] I don’t know how or why I enjoy those magazines so much, but after watching Girls Next Door I just started to love the whole Playboy atmosphere and it makes me laugh and keeps me guessing what will come next…. Plus, it’s always fun to pour over pages of beautiful girls, looking for any extra tips or beauty tricks… and girl’s are just hot, plain & simple.

    So of course I had to start with my new Playboy. I always seem to mark pages in my magazines of things I want to remember to go back and try or do or make, etc., so from now on, I will just post the fun things I find and share :]

• Playboy March 2013 •

Playboy Mar '13

Playboy Mar ’13

fun fact

fun fact

I would be included in that 7%, driving my pretty blue Mustang ;]



This is why it makes me laugh when people still have AOL accounts… Gmail never fails 🙂

must try this

must try this

So I saw this awesome ad for this self chilling energy drink that almost looks like a sister product to Monster with the design of the can. I looked it up, and this product actually looks really awesome! There is NO sugar or caffeine added to the drink! Also, like it says, it is “self chilling” so you just press the button and the magic of science helps to make your drink cold enough to enjoy. This looks like something I would certainly want to try, if not just for the fact to see how cold it really does get and if it gives me enough energy to get me through a rough morning! Sadly, it doesn’t seem like there are any places around the midwest where you can purchase this product.

Wish List

On my Wish List!



Then, on a random side note, we went to dinner at the Mexican Steakhouse, which is one of our favorite go-to Mexican joints. We enjoyed each other’s company & all the delicious food of course :]

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

excited to try my new Granda Tostada

excited to try my new Grande Tostada

All love & smiles :]

mary elyse


3 thoughts on “My Obsession with Magazines

  1. Hahaha your Obsession with magazines is hilarious…. But the fact that you like playboy is very cool ( your boyfriend must find it as a plus ). The Mexican steakhouse is one of my favorite places to eat too you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu…if you are looking for good places to try, try Pancho Pistolas on 31st in union it could be alittle pricey depending on what you get but still very good. it looks like you are a very happy girl and have a very wonderful life with many interesting and RANDOM thought/stories to tell, looking forward to reading more!!! Keep up the good work

    all smiles n love
    You biggest fan,

  2. Hello Maryelyse8, I stumbled upon your blog after googling “magazine obsession”. I too am a straight female who enjoys getting Playboy in the mail. I also get Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly, on top of like 15 other mags. (Allure, Vogue, Cosmo, to name a few). I also drive a Mustang! But mine’s black, lol! I just wanted to thank you for your post, and I’m happy to know I’m not alone in my mag obsession! You’re awesome 🙂


    • This comment just made my day!! It’s crazy how alike we are 🙂 I love when other people have the same random obsessions as me! hahaha 🙂

      Thanks for reaching out, made me smile for sure!! 🙂

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