Goooooooood morning!

Today is going to be an absolutely FABULOUS day.
My friend Jordan is coming in from out of town, and tonight we are sitting 8th row at the Blackhawks game!!! I have never been that close to my favorite players before! I could not be more excited! We’ll probably venture in the city during the day, grab some yummy lunch, people watch, all my favs :]

On a side note, I dyed my hurr back to red. Not my usual #56, Sangria, MEDIUM REDDISH BROWN, nope, not this time. Michael dared me to try #66, True Red, so I went for it.


In the sun, it’s RED. like RED RED RED fire engine. I absolutely love it! So glad I took the chance on a different color, because I’ve seriously used that same Sangria color for almost 4 years, couldn’t tell you how many boxes I go through of that stuff (plus I have to buy 2 boxes because my hair is always so long). I didn’t really think it looked that bright because indoors it’s actually pretty dark, not too much unlike my old color (although you could STILL tell the difference), so I compared it to Aria’s dark fur color and was like OH WOW. Definitely more red than dark.


And on one more random side note, my great uncle Ed (God rest his newly departed soul) looked just like Jim Halpert as a young boy. As we were going though all the photos of our Great Uncle Ed, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance. He looks so cute :]


Look at the resemblance:

Uncle Ed: Jim

I stare at Jim Halpert (actor John Krasinski) almost everyday because Michael got me obsessed with The Office. We literally watch it everyday if there’s nothing else on, fall asleep to it, have it playing in the background, you get the picture. One of my all time favorite shows :] Which also made me start to watch Parks & Rec, which is another one I am now obsessed with, the most recent ep made me cry it was so adorable :] I heart Leslie Knope (not as much as I heart Ron Swanson tho) haha.

Off to get ready for my day!! :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

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