Day One

Today is the first day of my “life cleanse”, so to speak. Along with a couple other things I have given up, I made it a point to start my cleaning/organizing adventure today. One day sometime in the near future, my house will be as wonderful and organized as I envision it. This morning I started with some laundry, buuuuut then I got a little sidetracked because I went with my mom and brother into the city for a little shopping and lunch. I’m about to finish my 4th load of laundry now though, and I won’t quit until it’s all done! Yayyy so proud of myself!! (also, when I was gone, the boyfriend vacuumed the entire place, swept & mopped the kitchen, and changed the kitty litter for me, sooooo that is completely fantastic!!!)

For lunch, I suggested we get Snarf’s sandwiches. I had been there once before with some co-workers for lunch several weeks back, and was deliciously satisfied yet again today. I got the yummy Tuna & American Cheese sandwich, but my brother got the sandwich I really wanted to try… Hot Dog, Bacon, & American Cheese sammie. Sounds super weird, but that is JUST the kinda strange food concoction that I would make myself. The guts of the sandwich looked as so:



Super weird, but looks awesome to me, and he loved it! We all enjoyed our sandwiches, I really love this place! I especially just like when things are out of the ordinary, and the menu alone for Snarf’s is just that. Excellent place :]

Now I need to wash the massive pile of dishes that SOMEHOW appeared less than 24 hours after I washed all the other ones, finish my laundry, and get to cleaning the back/kitty room….. First I’ll just read a couple blogs, I haven’t been on the computer all day until now, which is really good for me! THEN I’LL CLEAN! hahaha.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse


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