{Kacey Musgraves} New Music Tuesday


Soooo I still buy albums, I love having the physical CD in my hand and listening to the CD, reading the lyrics, looking through the booklets…. I have never gotten sick of it since my music obsession started when I was just a little girl buying Spice Girls tapes. Anyway, THIS ALBUM IS SO FANTASTIC!!!! (I might be watching a little too much Parks & Rec, Chris Tregar is rubbing off on me!)

I had been reading great things about miss 24 year old Kacey Musgraves and her album “Same Trailer Different Park”. It most certainly lived up the hype!! She writes clever songs that made me smile and relate to them completely.


She is uuber talented, gorgeous, and one of my favorite new country artists.

Scan 1

I just sat and listened to the album in it’s entirety, and I really enjoyed all the songs, but my favorites have to be…

• Follow Your Arrow
• Step Off
• Stupid
• Merry Go ‘Round
• Blowin’ Smoke
• My House

I realize I just mentioned 6 songs and there are only 12 total on the album, but I couldn’t just pick a top 3 favorite. The other 6 are amazing too, it was hard just choosing 6 of them!!

I get super excited when I discover a new artist I love, so I just had to share! Everyone just go on iTunes and at least give her a try, her single “Blowin’ Smoke” is the Free Single of the Week, so what’s there to lose?!

Music video for “Merry Go ‘Round”, her first single that was released over 6 months ago.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse


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