Bread + Oil + Cheese

beer bread & delicious dip from my mama

beer bread & delicious dip from my mama

best pizza on the planet, seriously in love with DiGiorno's!!!

best pizza on the planet, seriously in love with DiGiorno’s!!!

at Connie's nom nom nom

at Connie’s nom nom nom

more bread with oil

more bread with oil

seriously have been living on this all week

seriously have been living on this all week

michael makin me some grilled cheese mmmm

michael makin me some grilled cheese mmmm

This is ALL I have been eating. I might have a heart attack soon so I should probably cool it with all the bread and pizza and oil and cheese and macaroni & cheese and grilled cheese, etc. I can’t help it, this is all I’ve been craving, but it’s starting to clog up my veins. I can just feel it! But it is just SO GOOD.

It’s currently hailing/raining/freezing here in Chicago, it’s so ugly outside and I am just SO SICK of winter!!!!
To take my mind off the gross freezingness outside, I decided to look on happier times, which was this summer in Louisiana with my baby cousins :]

DSCN0578 DSCN0531 DSCN0614

obsessed with gators. I was so happy here!!!

obsessed with gators. I was so happy here!!!


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Birchbox March 2013 Review


This month’s Birchbox makes me very happy. I received all items that I would definitely use! Makes me happy to know that I’m not wasting any money/products like some months I feel like I may be doing. Oooops. Birchbox is $10/month and usually really worth it for the quality of the products and the fun new brands they introduce you to. Of course I have loved the packaging from the first time I got a Birchbox, the little box with tissue paper and sometimes other little treats inside are usually a fun surprise :]

Let’s get to this month’s box, which was themed March Madness!!

IMG_0976 IMG_0977 IMG_0979 IMG_0978

Item #1: MAKE
Satin Finish Eyeshadow, 0.03 oz (Full size, 0.10 oz, $18.00)

I received the color “Purple Sage”, which isn’t even available on their website or even the Birchbox website, which is a little strange to me, but maybe I just got a fun new unique color! It’s a super plumy purple, will be easy for blending and is very silky smooth.

IMG_0985 IMG_0986

Item #2: MAKE
Face Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30, 0.18 oz (Full size, 1 oz, $30.00)

I always love a nice new primer!!! What’s not to like?!


 Item #3: Nick Chavez Beverly Hills 
Color-Saver Sulfate-Free Shampoo, 2 oz (Full size, 8 oz, $22.00)

I’m constantly coloring my hair (always red) so I always need a nice color saving shampoo! Perfect :]


Item #4: Whish 
Shave Crave Shaving Cream, 0.75 oz (Full size, 5 oz, $20.00)

This claims to completely moisturize while shaving instead of the foams that tend to dry out skin. The scent is an exclusive scent to Birchbox, in blueberry. It smells yummy and very different than other shave creams I have used before. I don’t think you can ever have enough shaving cream as it’s something that I do all the time! So awesome! Not to mention the pretty blue and black packaging!


Item #5 “Beauty Extra”: Madewell for Birchbox 
Emery Board, full size, $5.00

Literally just started painting my nails and taking care of them after a terrible little lapse I had in that department….. so I was in need for a nice new filer! So happy with the pretty floral design too!


All in all, I loved my March Madness box!!! :]


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Love With Food March 2013 Box



I am in love with these Love With Food boxes! For $10/month, they pack at least 8 goodies in the box for you, introducing you to new brands, products, etc. The first box I got last month was super fantastic and I loved everything in it, this month isn’t AS great, but I still enjoy it and can’t wait to try all the goodies! Also, for every box/month you recieve, you’re donating a meal to a hungry child! :]

Let’s open the box to see what’s inside!!!!

IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0929


Dark Chocolate Orange Good Fortune Cookie - Emily's Chocolates

Dark Chocolate Orange Good Fortune Cookie – Emily’s Chocolates

Granola - Ola! Goods

Granola – Ola! Goods

Chocolate Covered Wasabi Peas - Chocwasabi

Chocolate Covered Wasabi Peas – Chocwasabi

Fruit & Veggie Juice - Kids 50

Fruit & Veggie Juice – Kids 50

Salted Caramel Backed Corn - Cosmos Creations

Salted Caramel Backed Corn – Cosmos Creations

Green Tea Infuser - Revolution Tea

Green Tea Infuser – Revolution Tea

Wholesome Snacks - Mary's Gone Crackers

Wholesome Snacks – Mary’s Gone Crackers

Wild Berrys Flat Fruit - Wacky Apple

Wild Berrys Flat Fruit – Wacky Apple

1) I don’t like chocolate with orange, I don’t understand how it’s a popular flavor combo, I wish it was just chocolate, soooo I may be giving this one away.
2) I don’t normally eat granola, but I need to be healthier and we’ve been eating more yogurt lately so I can’t wait to give these a try!
3) Chocolate covered wasabi peas are a very interesting combo…. however, I TRY to like wasabi, I really really do, but I just don’t. I will give these a try though because they look so very interesting :]
4) I LOVE juice. My favorite drink in the world. So this makes me oh so happy.
5) Salted caramel puffcorn SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!
6) This tea smells yummy, can’t wait to try.
7) These chips only look creepy because of all the seeds in them BUT the brand is “Mary’s Gone Crackers” and I think that’s adorable haha
8) I’ve never had fruit leather before, but it looks good and I love the happy packaging!
I love this fun food box! I love food. I love boxes. I love getting introduced to new things. SO THIS IS AMAZING.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

My Oh So Classy Lil Life

Soooooooooo this past week I have been battling some insane insomnia. Not sleeping at all. I finally decided to do something about it, and what else came to mind but… wine night. With some instant mac & cheese. Why not? I am just THAT. CLASSY. Yuuuuuuuuuup.

IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0944 IMG_0946 IMG_0947

Since I have been organizing my butt off, I get excited for little things like pretty piles of colored paper…..

IMG_0939 IMG_0941


anddddddddd my the best lil kitty Aria helping me organize all my shiz-nit….. and playing with adorable lil balls of yarn… how stereotypical of my kitty….

IMG_0956 IMG_0959


and finally on a completely different side-note, I have just created the best sandwich possible. Thank you, Target, for your wonderfully cheap, delicious, and unique meat section that makes me oh so happy :]


that right there is perfection. nom nom nom.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Been Oh So Busy Lately



Lately, things have been kind of hectic around here. I’m actually sticking to my organizing/cleaning extravaganza so I have been busy busy busy cleaning out our walk in closet, scrubbing down the kitchen, doing millions of loads of laundry, organizing all my little samples I have from months and months of boxes, getting random things straightened out, and meow I’m finally onto the office/crafting room., which is going to be the most difficult, but also what I’m very excited about doing, because I love re-discovering all the awesome supplies I have! (That was the longest run-on sentence ever, oh well.)

I’ve been having to take care of my poor little Aria, who is now recovered from her surgery, she even removed the stitches all by herself (much to much concern, of course I freaked out but everything ended up being okay). I painted my nails for the first time in legit 6 months. I used to paint my nails a different color every other day and I got good at nail art and everything…… and I’m happy to say I haven’t lost my touch. haha. The kitty’s of course are always being adorable (and always distracting me and getting in my way when I’m sopposed to be working!), we’ve been making some yummy meals, and I accidentally spent about 4 straight days of my life watching Downton Abbey. The show just blew me away. I cannot WAIT for season 4!!!!

IMG_0813 IMG_0807 IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0834 IMG_0836 IMG_0856 IMG_0832 IMG_0850 IMG_0851


Yes, I realize these are mostly kitty pictures, buuuuuut they are just so adorable and I love that Aria was proudly showing off her creepy shaved scarred underside.

CURRENTLYYYYYYYYYYYY I am slowly removing the piles of crap from the office room and ORGANIZING the shiznit out of it all. It looks like a big mess on the living room floor right meow, it’s hard and annoying and hurting my legs to keep sitting and standing and kneeling and crouching and separating and such, BUT it will be SO WORTH IT in the end :]




ps: this is only 1 box and 2 bags of stuff. I haven’t even really gotten STARTED yet with all my supplies.


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

ipsy Glambag March 2013 Review



This month’s ipsy Glambag had me very excited with their theme of “the Great Escape”. The bag was super cute (I love anchors and basically all things nautical), and even the little card made me smile with the waves and sailboat and dolphin, all things I obviously LOVE.

IMG_0869 IMG_0871

BUT THEN… I turn over the card to find that I was only getting 4 different products this month, which kinda stinks because some of the other boxes I’ve been getting lately have been very generous with 5 and 6 different products. I already don’t like the cards that come with the ipsy bags because they never explain what the product is, it’s uses, prices, etc. They just give the brand and the discount they will offer for being an ipsy subscriber (which most other subscription services also do too).


I opened the bag to see what was inside….


and before I even start to list the goodies inside, I can just say that I was very disappointed with this bag. Nothing was too fun or exciting and it was kind of confusing opening it, because I thought half of one of the products was missing and the cheap looking packaging of the shadows just turn me off. Anywho, HERE ARE THE GOODIES:

Item #1: Glam RX
Mini Freestyle Pallet, price unknown

IMG_0873 IMG_0875

This is the item that I first opened and right away got angry. I thought that something was missing on the inside. I had to go online and check out their website, only to find out that the normal pallet that retails for $16.50 actually comes with stuff inside. This is just a magnet that will hold 2 of the eye shadows that we also got in the bag, and obviously any other little colors with the metal backing. I don’t think I will honestly use this at all. I’m very disappointed in the product to say the least. *Side-note: As I was opening this, Michael said “well I’m sure the colors that go in there are probably in the bag too” and I said “well that’s stupid, I just think they jipped me and gave me a bad/missing one”…. come to find out, he was right. haha the following are the shadows that can start this pallet….

Item #2: yaby
Eyeshadow Refill, 3 grams, $3.15/each

IMG_0879 IMG_0878

As shown, I received 2 shades, #es296 “So Vein”, and #es442 “Sand Dune”. I guess I’m happy that they are both very usable colors, easy for blending and such, but the packaging is so ugly. I know they are just refills and not sopposed to be fancy because you stick them right in your magnetic pallet, but still. It just looks so cheap. I put them in the pallet because I don’t know what else to do with them, but again, this item is just blah and I’m not too happy about it.

Item #3: La Fresh
Travel Lite Makeup Remover, 8 wipes, $1.99


Ok, so I’m actually happy about this item. I love travel items that are easy for on the go, and these are much easier to remember to throw in your purse than lugging around and always misplacing the normal remover I usually use. I haven’t tried them yet, but they smell like regular baby wipes, so I don’t have a problem with that, although it might feel weird to have wipe-smell all over my face. The usual makeup remover I use from Avon is a lotion that has no scent, and I love that, have been using it for years. Over all, this product wasn’t too bad. Nothing super exciting, but still better than the first two items!

Item #4: Juice Beauty
Hydrating Mist, 1 oz. (Full size, 6.75 oz, $22.00)


Although I have heard about this product from a friend, I had never used a “hydrating mist” before. I tried it out though, and I didn’t mind the smell, it felt weird to just spray something directly on my face like that though. It says that it “tones & refreshens”, so maybe this would be a great product for when I’m traveling and basically just on the go for a long period of time. I like this brand a lot so I was happy with this product (finally).

All in all, this bag was obviously not my favorite. ipsy Glam Bag is $10/month, and I’m not sure if I even got my money’s worth on this bag, which is a big downer. I’m not thinking about canceling because I have loved the bags in the past, so hopefully next month they step it up and send out a much better bag! :] High hopes!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Glossybox February 2013 Review

This month’s Glossybox was fantastic. As soon as I opened the box I was overwhelmed by the amazing aroma coming out of it. I soon found out it was because of the lovely smelling soap in there, but I will get to that soon! I am excited to use all 5 items :]

IMG_0817 They used pretty pink paper & ribbon to wrap this month’s box, which looked great! They have been changing up the colors lately, so maybe this will be a new monthly thing. Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription service that costs $21/month. You get 5 travel sized (and sometimes full sized) items a month, and they introduce you to awesome new brands and products. Completely worth the money!

In this month’s box, it was all about International Style…


Item #1: Bvlgari
Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc soap, 1.76 oz
(Full size, $30.00/5.3 oz)

IMG_0819This soap smells soooooooo good. It reminds me of vacation for some reason (and even the BF agreed!) I don’t even want to use it because then it’s gonna be gone & I won’t be able to smell the awesome beachy vacation smell I somehow I get out of this soap. I personally would never pay $30 for regular soap, because let’s face it, I hate showering as it is, so soap doesn’t really excite me too much (plus, I use men’s body washes like Old Spice or Axe because I love those musky guy scents). All in all, I am very happy with this product and can’t wait to smell it all over me!!!! :]

Item #2: Da Vinci Cosmetics
Shimmer Powder, Full size, ($15.00/.06 oz)


I received #04 “Dejavous”, it’s pinkish but so shimmery it’s light and silvery/white I guess. It got all over my hands before I even opened it, but I didn’t mind because I like sparkly things :] It seems like a perfect highlighter for eyes or cheeks, plus I like the mini lil packaging.

Item #3: Lisi
Sheer Sparkle Lip Gloss, Full size ($6.90/0.31 oz)

IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0822

I received #012 “Soho”, in the Sheer Sparkle gloss, and first off, I thought this smelled amazing too!!! It reminds me of one of my old favorite Lip Smacker vanilla frosting smells, brings me back & makes me smile :] It’s not sticky or creepy like some glosses, and it’s not too dark or sparkly, it’s just perfect for me :] I’m very excited for this product (plus I always love getting full sizes!!).

Item #4: Missha
Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask, Full size ($6.00/0.98 oz)

IMG_0825 IMG_0826


I think I’ve only used 1 or 2 gel masks before, but I am excited to try this one out because of the weirdness of it. The third ingredient is “snail slime”. It’s creepy and weird and I love it and can’t wait to try it!!!

Item #5: Nail Rock
Nail Wraps, Full size ($8.00/full set)

IMG_0827 IMG_0829


I love any products I get that are for nails, so I got excited when I got this!!!…. but then, I saw the color I received and wasn’t too excited anymore. I got #NR041 “Union Jack Gold And Black”. It’s like the British flag or something, but instead of being the red white and blue, it’s just gold and black. I suppose I will still try them out, but they look too much like stickers and not the other kinds of nail wraps I have used before. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised :]

For the $21 I spent on this box, I got almost $40 worth of products! How’s that for awesome? It’s all wrapped up super cute & nice, an awesome surprise to wait for in the mail, what more can I ask for?! :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse


One Sad Kitty

This morning we took Aria to get spayed…. I was a nervous wreck. I know she’s only a kitty, but she was my first own pet that I’m responsible for, and of course I am completely obsessed with her and her happiness, so hearing her cry all day has been so sad….. but she’s doing a lil better meow & currently sleeping on my lap :]



spay1 spay2Needless to say from these pictures with shock/terror/anger in her cute little face, she was NOT HAPPY on the way to the vet this morning. On another note, doesn’t the snow in the trees look awesome? We drove past these trees for a while, so pretty :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

aaaaand there goes the day

I AM SO TERRIBLE AT BEING PRODUCTIVE AND GETTING MY PROJECTS STARTED!!!!! I am the world’s best procrastinator. I should probably win an award. However, I do blame Downton Abbey for my lack of eagerness to start my cleaning projects today though. That show is ADDICTING. I can say that about a lot of my favorite shows, but WOW. This show is phenomenal. It is so emotional and I feel so connected to the characters, I just love love love it already! Last night, on a whim, I started watching the first episode just to see what all the fuss was about, and of course, 7 hours later around 3:30am, I was done with the first season. Yes, THAT GOOD.

Anyway, today I DID manage to do a couple productive things, aka go to a job interview, do a couple loads of laundry, get ready & dressed up (which is a big step for me because if I could, I would wear comfy tee’s everyday and wouldn’t wear pants….. how I wish I could live in a world where that was acceptable).

The rest of my day consisted of a little bit of this & a little bit of that…..

IMG_0769 IMG_0104 IMG_0774 Untitled Photo on 3-2-13 at 6.22 PM #5 IMG_0777 IMG_0780 IMG_0783 IMG_0785 IMG_0786

The last dark creepy grainy picture is my current state of bliss….. Watching the Blackhawks game (we’re kicking ass of course!!!!), eatin some grapes, playin with Aria, and layin in my comfy bed while Michael takes a nappy before he leaves for work in an hour.


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Day One

Today is the first day of my “life cleanse”, so to speak. Along with a couple other things I have given up, I made it a point to start my cleaning/organizing adventure today. One day sometime in the near future, my house will be as wonderful and organized as I envision it. This morning I started with some laundry, buuuuut then I got a little sidetracked because I went with my mom and brother into the city for a little shopping and lunch. I’m about to finish my 4th load of laundry now though, and I won’t quit until it’s all done! Yayyy so proud of myself!! (also, when I was gone, the boyfriend vacuumed the entire place, swept & mopped the kitchen, and changed the kitty litter for me, sooooo that is completely fantastic!!!)

For lunch, I suggested we get Snarf’s sandwiches. I had been there once before with some co-workers for lunch several weeks back, and was deliciously satisfied yet again today. I got the yummy Tuna & American Cheese sandwich, but my brother got the sandwich I really wanted to try… Hot Dog, Bacon, & American Cheese sammie. Sounds super weird, but that is JUST the kinda strange food concoction that I would make myself. The guts of the sandwich looked as so:



Super weird, but looks awesome to me, and he loved it! We all enjoyed our sandwiches, I really love this place! I especially just like when things are out of the ordinary, and the menu alone for Snarf’s is just that. Excellent place :]

Now I need to wash the massive pile of dishes that SOMEHOW appeared less than 24 hours after I washed all the other ones, finish my laundry, and get to cleaning the back/kitty room….. First I’ll just read a couple blogs, I haven’t been on the computer all day until now, which is really good for me! THEN I’LL CLEAN! hahaha.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse