Birchbox April 2013 Review

“Tiny Tweaks, Big Results”


That’s the theme of this month’s Birchbox. They teamed up with Women’s Health for the April box and I was really excited about it… but I kind of feel like this box let me down. I don’t know. I still don’t know how excited I am about the box yet. At first I didn’t like it, then I started to really like it, I just keep changing my mind. I guess my only con this month (but it is a big one to me) are the tiny sample sizes. Otherwise over all, it’s all pretty great :]


Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that costs $10/month and delivers 4-5 beauty samples to your doorstep, all packaged nicely inside their signature brown box with pink wrapping.


They always send a card that lists the products and short description of each, along with pricing. The other side is their letter of the month, explaining the theme of the box and what’s special about it this month! Meow let’s see what’s inside!!!!

Item #1: Mirenesse 
Glossy Kiss Lip & Cheek Color, Full size, $26.55 
Birchbox has an exclusive color from this Aussie beauty company, #7 Quick Kiss. As you can see, the product came with a little instruction card on proper (and easy!) application. The product is actually pretty awesome! I’m always too scared to wear lipstick but you can give yourself subtle color if you prefer with this awesome crayon-like stick! How fun! Check out the product here.

bbap13lip bbap13lip2

Item #2: Oribe 
Shampoo & Conditioner for Beautiful Color, 0.23 oz each, 2 sample packs 
Full size: Shampoo, 8.5 oz, $37.00/ Conditioner, 6.8 oz, $39.00 
So I always love getting shampoo and/or conditioner samples because they can always be put to good use! Especially when they’re special for color treated hair, because my constant red hair dying does nothing good for my hair whatsoever (besides the beautiful color! haha). The only CON about this is the packaging. I hate having to try and open these stupid little packets, I always forget I need scissors and then I’m already wet and soapy in the shower, and it’s just a disaster (#whitegirlproblems). This does look like pretty fancy stuff though, so I’m sure it’ll be great for my hair, so it’s always nice for some special treatment sometimes ;] Check out both the products here.


Item #3: SKIN&CO Roma 
Sicilian Body Gel, 2.0 oz (Full size: 1.69 oz, $8.50) 
Ok, so I know it doesn’t make any sense that the sample size is smaller than the actual size, HOWEVER, Birchbox has a huge pump bottle of this product (unknown size) for sale for $17.50. It looks pretty big, but I didn’t see the size listed. I’m kind of confused too, but whatever. I was reading a lot of bad reviews about this product, but I think it smells fantastic! It smells hotel-y to me, and I love that because that reminds me of vacations :] I love lotions and anything extra moisturizing, so I am excited for this! Check out the product on the Skin & Co website.


Item #4: Supergoop! 
Advanced SPF 40 Anti-Aging Cream, 2 ml (Full size: 0.5 oz, $43.00)
Ok, so this sample is TINY. I was quite mad about that. But then I saw that the full sized product is only half an ounce and costs almost $50 bucks! So this must be serious eye cream. Also, Birchbox labels this as SPF 40, when it clearly says SPF 37 on the label (I know they were just rounding up to sound better, but still). I guess I should get more serious about eye creams considering lately I have been quite unhealthy and I never sleep. Plus my birthday is coming up in a couple days to only remind myself that I keep growing up! Hopefully I can get at least ONE use out of this tiny, TINY sample. Even when you squeeze the bottle, it’s clearly only filled like 1/8 of the way… oh well! Check it out here.


Item #5 “LIFESTYLE EXTRA”: Kusmi Tea Paris 
Euphoria + Sweet Love flavors, one tea bag each (Full size: 20 tea bags, $15.50) 
Ok, I am getting kind of sick of all these tea samples. They seem to be in EVERY SINGLE subscription box I get. No matter what. Alas, I now have a huge collection of tea, in so many flavors, I can make any guest happy now in my home! These look fun though, and I love the packaging! Check out the teas here.


But wait! That’s not all! Since this month was teamed up with Women’s Health, this box “came with” a 1 year subscription to Women’s Health magazine! I was kiiiinda confused at first at the little card that they sent, but the thing was, it is FREE with the box, I just had to fill out my info and send it to Women’s Health, probably just so they don’t send it out to everyone when there would be people who wouldn’t want it! So that was awesome! A whole year of a free magazine that I was already contemplating buying! HOW AWESOME! :]


I’m getting a little sick of the “prices” that Birchbox labels on the info card. It seems as though they try to make some of the items looks more expensive to look fancier to us subscribers, but all we have to do is go onto their websites and find out what they charge for normal sizes of their items. Anywayyyyyy this box was kind of disappointing, nothing I was jumping up and down over, but not terrible in any way. I hope your box was better!


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

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