Ipsy Glambag April 2013 Review

“Pretty In Pink”


That’s the theme for this month’s ipsy Glambag, and for the first time, I can actually make sense of the theme they picked! All the items were pink and adorable and although we only got 4 items, 3 are full sized, so that was awesome! Ipsy costs $10/month, and you usually get 4-5 deluxe samples of beauty products to try!


The bag this month was adorable! First white bag I’ve gotten from Glambag, and the inside is just so cute with the pink & white stripes! The cute bags are definitely a reason that I keep this subscription going, and ones like this make me extra happy :]


The thing I DON’T like about ipsy is the fact that they don’t even give you a description of the products, let alone a product list itself! All the card they send tells you is the theme of the month, and then the discounts you can get on the brands on the ipsy website…. ehhh nothing too special, I would prefer descriptions, pricing, etc.


But let’s get to the goodies in the April bag!!!!

Item #1 • Be A… Bombshell 
Blush, Full size, $16.00 
I received this blush in the color “Beach Please”. This product paid for the bag itself! Plus $6 more! How awesome! I love this brand, I have gotten samples of lip products of theirs and have loved them. The packaging and color names are clever are cute! This is superrr pink, but with just the right amount applied, is perfect :] Check out the product here!

IMG_1380 IMG_1381

Item #2 • Big Sexy Hair 
Hair Powder Play – Volumizing & Texturizing Powder, .07 oz (Full size: 0.53 oz, $15.95) 
Ahhhh this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! I JUST had to throw away my other hair powder I was using because it got wet and creepy and wasn’t working right… I am so happy to have this little sample to make sure I love this one as much as my other one (I used to use Not Your Mother’s Hair Powder… I LOVE that brand, cheap & super amazing). I used to use a lot of Sexy Hair products, so hopefully I will love this one too! Perfect! Check out the product here.


Item #3 • Miss Professional Nail 
Nail Lacquer, Love At First Bite, Full size, $5.00 
This color was especially made for ipsy, therefore it can’t be found on the Miss Professional website, but I wasn’t aware of the brand before, and online they have sooo many adorable colors under the “Sation”collection, and at only $5, it’s well worth it! This nail polish is all around EXCELLENT. The bottle and brush are perfect quality, and even though I have never even purchased a nude color on my own (it’s just not my thing) I ADORE this color! The subtle pink hue makes it the perfect nude for me and my skin tone! I LOVE THIS! With just 1 coat it looks pretty, which makes the love the formula itself! Excellent nail polish!!! Check out some of the other colors in the Sation collection here.

IMG_1385 IMG_1386

Item #4 • Two Cosmetics 
Duo Eyeshadow, Heartache, Full size, $5.75 
This eyeshadow duo is pretty nice in that both pinks are almost the same, but one is super shimmery and the other is more of a matte. I love that it’s full sized, and nice packaging is a great touch. I’m not really big on eye shadows, but it’s nice that these colors are pretty neutral, so they’d be easily blend-able with the normal eye makeup I like to wear :] Check out the product here.

IMG_1382 IMG_1384

I don’t know if it’s just me comparing April’s glam bag to the Birchbox I got yesterday, but this bag was excellent! I love the full sized products, and the sample was perfectly what I needed for my hair right now! Excellent!! I hope your glam bag was just was wonderful :]


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

One thought on “Ipsy Glambag April 2013 Review

  1. Great reviews! Looking forward to reading more reviews from you. BTW, I got the other eyeshadow and different color of polish. I really enjoyed this month’s bag. My favorite was the blush 😀 So pretty!

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