Life Lately…..

I’ve been eating…

RA Sushi with the fam for my birthday :] Had the most amazing green beans, sushi, and salmon…. SOOOOO DELICIOUS!

IMG_1427 food1

Tons of bread and butter and jam and sammies…. and more sushi…

IMG_1418 IMG_1502 IMG_1330

I’ve been very grateful for all the goodies I’ve gotten for my birthday…

IMG_1430 gift3 gift1 gift2IMG_1517

This card couldn’t have been more perfect for me :]


My kittys have been absolutely adorable…

IMG_1507 IMG_1435 IMG_1416 IMG_1534


And when we went to the zoo we got a super sweet free shirt… meowwww




I’ve had a great time this past birthday “week” of mine, I am so happy and grateful for everything I got and all the fun I had! :] I have an interview tomorrow and hope that some of my good luck/happiness continues on through this week!!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

3 thoughts on “Life Lately…..

  1. Stopped by from the Collective Blog Hop and SO glad I did!! I loveloveee sushi and all of that looks so good!

    I got that card from my birthday last year! I’m a fan of kittens too 🙂

    Following along now!

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