I Spy…

…a freak lil ninja kitty named Charles.


Sims used to love to go up there & watch us, we miss that lil bugger :]

This morning I have an interview in the city, which I’m excited about because it’s literally right down the block of my old job… so I’m very comfortable with the area and know exactly where I’m going. Hopefully this one will stick & I can be employed soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the interview, I have a lot of chores that need to be done, like the never ending pile of dishes, more and more laundry to do, and cleaning cleaning cleaning…. BUT I am most excited for a music session, to discover & download tons of new tunes… And thanks to my prior spending habits, I checked my reward balance and found that I had accumulated a LOT of points over the past several months, so AmEx sent me this nice $100 iTunes giftcard! Yayyyy!! :]



Now I have to get ready for my interview, and hope for the best!!!!

I didn't do it!

I didn’t do it!

lazy lil charles

lazy lil charles

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse


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