Yesterday I got a call that I was officially hired and I have a freakin job!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED! I was getting so worried that things just weren’t going to work out and I didn’t know what I was going to do because I was getting dangerously low on funds seeing as I hadn’t worked since mid-February and it’s already nearing the end of June!!! Time has been FLYING by but I am SO HAPPY that I can finally start making some money!

Now I can finally buy some new fun summer dresses & spend more stress-free time outside to get some nice bronzed skin on my white body! I can get some inspiration from myself, circa 1995ish. :]


On another happy note, this week I was lucky enough to get new amazing rollerblades from Michael AND a brand spankin new bike!! We live about a mile away from the beach, so it’s a whole new experience for me that we get to ride and glide on the paths alongside the lake! It’s so beautiful and it’s such perfect scenery to make it seem fun!


The difference between my decrepit old blades from 15 years ago and my brand new beautiful pink ones :)

The difference between my decrepit old blades from 15 years ago and my brand new beautiful pink ones ūüôā


We even got a fun bike rack so we look all fancy and fit haha

We even got a fun bike rack so we look all fancy and fit haha

Finally, the Blackhawks are fighting for the Stanley Cup right now! They play tonight and hopefully can get a win in after 2 straight losses ūüė¶ Boston is up 2-1, so today is really important for us to win and gain some positive momentum!


Meow I’m off to clean and organize my life!! I have about 7 loads of laundry, a pile of clothes that need to be dry cleaned, a walk in closet that is an absolute pigsty, a pile of dishes that has been growing for WAYYYYY too long, a kitty room cleanup, and then not to mention my hair is an¬†absolute wreck, I need a cut & also need to dye it, my nails need some fixin’ up, and I need to find a self-tanner that agrees with me. TODAY WILL BE A WONDERFULLY BUSY AND PRODUCTIVE DAY :]

{On another random note, I thought it would be fun to sign off my posts with a random picture from anytime in my life where I was genuinely happy. It feels so good to look back on moments like this and remember the fun times that were shared. It’s silly and simple, but it’ll be a fun pretty change.}

Sherrill iowa cowsHere I am chillin’ with the cows on my friend’s family’s dairy farm. I visited there a couple summers and always had SO MUCH FUN. I love them farm animals. * Mary Elyse¬†


Soooooo I haven’t blogged or even really read too many of all the blogs I follow in a long, long time. My Bloglovin list is obnoxiously long & still growing, it’s just overwhelming to look at. I had pictures and plans to post about my Goodies Co. and Glossybox for May, but I totally just blew that off. Yesterday I got my Popsugar Must Have Box (which was absolutely amazing!!!) and my Ipsy Glambag, but I just don’t even feel like blogging about them right now for some reason. I guess I’m just sick of being on the computer so much. I was constantly sitting at it for hours on end because of my endless job hunting online. I guess I just got sick of sitting at my computer all day long…. The unemployment life has made me very bitter on the subject! HAHAHA. ANYWAY! Things are looking up because I should be getting a part-time job officially this week, so I am very excited about this awesome¬†opportunity!

¬†Some of the things that have been taking up my time instead of blog reading and internet scouring have been related to the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having here in Chicago! We’ve been trying to spend more time outside and the sun trumps anything for me! I love being in the sunlight and Lord knows I need a tan ASAP. Anywayyyyyyyyy of course we’ve been going to the zoo (with me being a super official member meow)….



I also got COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Mario Party 9 for the Wii….. I couldn’t stop playing for a couple of days. hahah it’s so much fun!


Of course we’ve still been hitting up the Mexico Steakhouse and playing outside on the deck everyday with my little precious kittys! This morning I fed them at about 6:30am and then I sat out on the deck reading while Charles and Aria chased flies and played around in the sun. We were out there for over 4 hours, can’t believe they stayed up that long without a nap, those lazybutts!

IMG_2168 IMG_2143 IMG_2186

I did love my Popsugar Must Have Box and my Ipsy Glambag this month, so I will be reviewing them soon!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse