It’s Already July 1st

I can’t believe that it’s already July 1st. And that for the past month I have completely neglected my blog, and basically my iMac all together. I just was never in the mood for it, but today, after some AMAZINGGGGG news, I am back to being myself again. I’m excited to have a fresh new start in life right now and to see where my next adventures take me! …. * More on this later……………

ANYWAY, I thought that it would be fun for the month of July to to do the Instagram photo a day challenge thingie on here, so here it is for this month:

JULY 2013


Day #1

Happiness Is…

July 1 - happiness is

…laughing hysterically for no reason with my babe, always keeps me smiling :]

So they are going to be super late obviously, BUUUUT I did LOVE my Popsugar Must Have June box and my Ipsy Glambag wasn’t that bad either. The only boxes I got this month were the Popsugar, Ispy, and Goodies. My Goodies box was UH MAZE INGGGGG, but sadly, I ate all the amazing treats up before I even got a chance to take pictures or anything! I will have my Popsugar review up soon for sure though because that box is absolutely amazing! And now that I got a new job (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOoooooooo) I can look into some fun new boxes to try out! YAYY!!! I am so pumped!!!

ALSO: MY FREAKIN CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS WON THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!!!!!! HOW SPECTACULAR IS THAT!! WOOOOOO! Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the parade because I had an über important interview to attend (!!!!!!), but it is still super exciting! It’s not to fun that some of the players are already being traded away from our team, but oh well, such is life. WE FRICKIN WON THE CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to REALLY TRY and keep up with blogging this month so that I have this fun creative outlet for my thoughts and to clear my head…. I hope the photo challenge will help motivate me to get on here, but I am starting a few new things and I know I’m going to be really busy…. But I’m up for the challenge! And I’m excited too!!! June, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just me & my fire engine red hair chillin at an alligator dinner party…. at the amazing Alligator Park with my cousins!


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