Boxes are Back!

I am SO EXCITED to announce that I’m treating myself to (trying) SO MANY NEW BOXES THIS MONTH! And since I ordered them this early in the month, I will be receiving almost all of them for the month of July. I got them for myself as a congratulatory gift. I was going to buy this amazing summer Coach bag with super pretty salmon-colored detailing… but then I stepped away and said Noooo, I don’t really need a new purse. Now I KNOW that I don’t really “need” a million new subscription boxes either, but they are much more fun to me because I never know what’s coming and it’s an excellent treat to come home from work and open!

While I’m waiting for all my wonderful boxes to arrive, I am so lucky that I have this lil man Dexter to play with.

photo (8) photo (6)

I seriously can’t get over how adorable and tiny and fragile and full of energy he is. Aria is being so cute and it looks like she’s trying pretty hard to get along/play with lil Dex. She’s been at his side almost the entire time he’s been home with us and will only sometimes hiss/growl, otherwise she’s just smelling him and trying to see if he’s going to be a good play partner (which of course he is!!). I was SO amazed and surprised this morning when Aria was brave enough to share a bowl of food with Dex:

photo (9)

Look how adorable he is with the bf:

photo (7)

And I’m so happy that he loves the water fountain already!!! Spoiled little kitty :]

photo (10)


july sunglasses silly

Just your average every-day at the house. We are the strangest people you will ever meet, and I absolutely love it :]


One thought on “Boxes are Back!

  1. That kitten is so tiny and adorable! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your big order of subscription boxes! It sounds like you deserve it after the long job hunt and such. Which boxes are you expecting?!

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