Why I’m Smiling Today…

This is my 88th post!!!
I am obsessed with the number 8 and it makes me so happy that I actually stuck with something this long…. I know 88 is probably nothing to most bloggers, but I’m so proud of myself for sticking with something for this long : ) Yay for me!


++ Today was not TOO crappy of a day at work, I actually had some pleasant conversations with clients and people didn’t seem to be as dumb/crazy as usual!
++ Also it is SO EXCITING that Michael loves his job and is doing so great at his new building! It makes me so happy to see SOMEONE happy at their job… ; )
++ I should have a fabulous evening, I get off work today at 5 & then I can have a little late New Music Tuesday discovery time, and then watch some of our new shows & football with my babes : ) Feelin goooooooooooooood.

++ Anddddd lastly, the photo of the day today on Insta was #YouToday… here is my mr. roger’s sweater, along with some of my favorite grey flats #FMSphotoaday #youtoday

photo (13)


all love & smiles,



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