Taste Trunk Gourmet October 2013 Review

IMG_3393 The BoxTaste Trunk is a delicious box that I just started subscribing to last month and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites!! I chose to subscribe to the Gourmet box, but they also have boxes for Health, Sweet, or BBQ. The Gourmet box “Features new items from the best gourmet lifestyle brands. Each trunk includes 5-10 products, discount coupons, backgrounds on the companies, and amazing new recipe ideas.” It is basically awesome delicious in your mouth every month.

costTaste  Trunk costs $29 dollars a month, and you can cancel OR switch to any other box theme at any time : )


the goodsThe Taste Trunk comes adorably wrapped in beautiful wrapping, however I took this picture the day after I opened it, so it didn’t look anything like my rendition, trust me. haha. Also, it comes with cards with recipes and coupons for the items inside. The nice little poem is a very cute touch too.


Whats inside

1 • Shemp’s Old Fashioned Brand Whiskey Pepper Steak Sauce
$5.50/ 10 oz. bottle
This steak sauce is SOOOOOOO delicious! I am so excited about it! I love trying new hot sauces or any sauces in general from brands you just don’t see every day. Definitely a perfect 10 in the box for me! Check out the sauce here.
2 • Southern Culture Shortstacks Pancakes & Waffle Mix – Bourbon Salter Pecan
$7.99/ 10 oz. container/ Serves 4
I was ecstatic to receive this mix in my box this month because I got a super cute waffle maker in my Fancy Food box the other month and these are going to be a delicious flavor to try! Check out the waffle mix here.
3 • Bountiful Pantry – Pumpkin Chowder
$8.50/ 9.8 oz/ 8 servings
I am SOOOO excited to try this soup!! I’ve certainly been in the “fall” mood, and anything pumpkin-related gets me excited!! Also, while I was doing some research on the chowder mix, I came across this great pumpkin picture from their website with the soup. Check out their website here.
IMG_3399 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 8.28.25 PM
4 • Wooden Table Baking Co. Traditional Alfajores
$4.89/ 3 pack/ 6 oz.
This is a “hand crafted vanilla cookie filled with dulce de leche and rolled in grated coconut.” The card they included on the company was a great letter from the owner of the company that made me think it was a great, family business, who was really dedicated to the treats they were making. Check out their products here.

5 • Chateau White Garlic Marinade
$5.00/ 14 oz.
This. Sauce. Is. So. So. So. Frickin. Amazingly. Garlicky. Deliciously. PERFECT. We love it!!! It’s marinade but I can use it as a salad dressing. It is so perfect tasting. To me, it tastes like caesar crossed with italian plus more garlic and veggies… SO GOOD. Check out the website here. 

product value
Marinade: $5
Steak sauce: $5.50
Waffle Mix: $7.99
Chowder: Mix $8.50
Cookies: $4.89


all love & smiles,


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