Escape Monthly October 2013 Review


The Box

Escape Monthly is an amazing vacation in a box. Each month has a different “destination”, and all the luxury products themed around that destination are for relaxing, renewing.. and of course, to Escape! Each month includes:

– Full-Size Luxury Products from Local, Artisan Brands (Worth over $100)

-Travel Guides & Secret Tips

– Special Offers for Resorts, Spas, & Travel –

The Opportunity to win a vacation to the Destination of the Month, just for being a member!

Next month, the Escape will be to…. Vermont!! “Autumn Roadtrip” will be shipping November 17th.


$49.95 w/ free shipping. {I subscribed to Escape Monthly before they even released their first box- they have had Napa & Oregon as the first two destinations- so I got a discounted rate & was grandfathered in for the remainder of my membership with them}

IMG_3570 the goods

Every month includes a great “travel” pamphlet that lists out all the items in the box, a little information about the destination, and even a sneak preview into the following month’s destination so you can get excited about your next Escape! So far the total value of the boxes have always been much, MUCH higher than what I paid for the box itself, and all the luxury items include bath and body, snacks, drinks, a travel guide book of the destination, and other random goodies. There are always plenty of items, so I never feel like there’s been a bad month. LOVE this subscription!


Whats inside1 • Tub & Scrub Hawaiian Bath Salts
These smell uh-maze-ing. Cute color & simple design too. Me likey. Check out their website here.

2 • Gentle Scrub Facial Buff
This will be good for me considering the only time I wash my face is in the shower and even then I only use my hands to scrub… probably doesn’t do a whole lotta cleanin’ compared to what this puppy will do! I wasn’t sure where to find this online since there is no tag/brand…..

3 • Seashell Lei
This is cute, but I can’t see myself really wearing it, unless it was summertime and I was going to a Hawaiian themed party or something… always good to have some fun costume jewelry though. I also couldn’t find this online because there was no tag/brand…

4 • Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamias by Hawaiian Host
Dark chocolate ain’t my thang… this will be passed on to someone else. They do look delicious, but I would have liked them more if they were milk chocolate though. Check out their website here.

5 • Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Cream + Night Cream
I came up with the price for this because the Face & Eye Cream I THINK is full sized ($30.99) and then the Night Cream is just a tiny, TINY sample that is just a lil squirt of creme. This is very expensive creme, nothing I would normally purchase, so it’s fun to get to try it out from a box like this. Check out other Honey Girl Organics products here.

6 • Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide by Moon
I LOVE love lOvE travel guides! I am excited to start a new collection of them if they keep sending out books in all their boxes : ) They are such interesting books to browse through. Check out the book and others on the Moon website here.

7 • Ola Body Butter
I got the scent “Passion Fruit” and it is a verrryy sweet smell. I like it a lot! Body butter is great to put on before bed so I don’t feel all dry throughout these soon to be super cold winter nights! Check out their other products here.

8 • Personal Paradise Coconut Line Body Lotion
This is a small sized 1.25oz sample, but this is some yummy smelling lotion! It smells like vacation!! Check out their other Coconut Lime products here.

9 • Royal Hawaiian Orchards Papaya Lime Macadamia Crunch
This looks like a perfect office snack. Something very different I have never tried before. I also love the packaging! Check out the snacks here.

10 • Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt
This salt just LOOKS amazing! The little packaging is so cute and just perfect with it’s cork top and nice squared off design. The Artisan Salt Company seems like a pretty fancy brand with salt that costs $15 bucks, but I am excited to add some special new hawaiian salt to our spice collection. Check out the salt here.

11 • Tiesta Tea Maui Mango
Ok, tea isn’t normally my thing, but these brand is amazing. This super strange tea looks fruity and unlike any other I have seen before. It is actually made up of bits of pineapple, mango, orange, and strawberries. Seems so interesting! I can’t wait to try it out at work one day soon! Check out Tiesta Teas here.

12 • Lavendar Foot Bath by Ostara Organics
This wasn’t listed as one of the items in my box, and I’m not exactly sure how much it costs. It does smell super amazing though, the lavender is strong and fresh smelling.

product value
Tea: $6.99
Salt: $14.99
Macadamia Crunch: $4.15
Body Lotion: $2
Body Butter: $10
Travel Guide: $17.99
Eye Creme: $35
Chocolate: $1.10
Seashell Lei: $5.99
Face Scrubber: $7
Bath Salts: $10
TOTAL VALUE: $115.21
That is a GREAT value for this excellent box that I paid only $30 for!!! : )


all love & smiles,



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