Best Friend Box November 2013 Review

{This review is of the CAT subscription to BestFriendBox}

Best Friend Box is the second box that I found for pets that actually has an option for cats too!! I was so happy to receive this box and was certainly pleased with all the items inside (and of course my kittys also loved it more than anything!!!) All the products are vet approved, and you get natural treats, adorable toys, and grooming supplies in every box. It’s all natural and all safe so your pet can stay as healthy and happy as possible! I absolutely love this about the box.


You can choose to get a box for cats OR dogs, and the price is only $30/month with free shipping! You will always get 3-6 hand picked products for you and your furry friend that you are sure to love each month. Also, 10% of all proceeds from the box go to animal charities accross America, so another great reason to sign up!


This was my first Best Friend Box and I couldn’t be more pleased with the items included. It was wrapped up all nice and since there were toys included with cat nip, my cars were LITERALLY going CRAZY all around this box trying to get inside and see what was all in there. There was a card included with descriptions of all the products.

Whats inside
1 • Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey & Duck Duck Goose Freeze Dried Dinners
$1.80/single serve pouch = $3.60

2 • Freeze Dried Chicken Liver PLUS Sweet Potato & Broccoli + Pumpkin & Apple
$2.09/bag = $4.18

3 • Nylabone Cat Dental Rattle & Roll Octo-Floss Toy
This toy is super cute and weird, the kittys love it!

4 • KONG Naturals Straw Ball
product value
Balls: $4.99
Octopus: $5.99
Snacks: $4.18
Dinner: $3.60
This box was $6 less than last month, which was $6 less than the actual price of the box, so I’m hoping next month will only move up in value and not continuing this streak. With that being said, I still LOVED this box! All of the items were welcomed by my kittys with open paws {haha}, so even though the value wasn’t too high, it was still worth it to me to discover the new products and brands : )



PetFlow Spoiled Rotten November 2013 Review

{This review is for the CAT subscription to the PetFlow Spoiled Rotten box}


Spoiled Rotten is a subscription box for your pets (cats OR dogs) from the pet food delivery company, This was my second box with them and I still absolutely love the service!!! I have been searching for an amazing kitty box (because almost all the pet boxes I see are only for dogs) and since I have 3 kittys at home and they seem to be obsessed and curious about all my other boxes I open, I just knew I needed a service that sent me new treats and toys and food and fun for my little bubbas.


Spoiled Rotten is only $24.99/month, and you can get $5 off your first month with the code MYPET.

It came with a card that covered the descriptions of everything in the box, not to mention how nicely wrapped everything was! This is the way they describe the box: “Every edible product is MADE IN THE USA. All products are made by premium companies and each box is stuffed with almost $40 worth of products for $24.99 a month. This is the best way to make their tails wag and discover brand new, amazing products from amazing companies that love your pet as much as you do.”

Whats inside
1 • Greenies Feline Dental Treats – Flavor Fusion
These are excellent dental treats for the kittys that helps freshen their breathe and keep their teeth clean, which is great! The flavor I got was Savory Salmon + Oven Roasted Chicken… and of course all my kittys loved these and could eat them all up in one sitting if I let them!

2 • Pet Naturals Daily Best Multivitamin
These fun-shaped chicken liver flavored chews are sugar free, and basically a multi vitamin/mineral supplement with taurine and disgestive enzymes! I love that these are like treats, but really good vitamins for the kittys! These are also pretty pricey and not something I would buy on my own, so it’s perfect.

3 • Canidae Grain Free PURE Taste Treats with Fresh Salmon
These crunchy treats help clean the kittys teeth… perfect!

4 • Cat Dancer Ringtail Chaser Toy
These are silly little toys that the cats had fun with because they go crazy with fleece stuff, and these are little fleece pieces. Cute bright little toy!

5 • Amazing Pet Woven Rattan Balls
The cats literally took all 4 of these and hid them in seconds. They loved these lil balls.

6 • American Heath Kennels Kitty Kissers – Shrimp
My cats TORE THIS BAG APART. They were OBSESSED with these little shrimpys. Completely out of control when I was trying to feed them. 5 stars from my kittens haha.

7 • One Pet Planet Wooly Fun Play Mouse with Catnip
They love any kinda mouse stuff, so of course they took this away quickly.

product value
Mouse: $3.99
Shrimp: $4.99
Balls: $3.99
Ringtail: $3.99
Grain free treats: $3.99
Multivitamin: $8.99
Greenies: $2.99
You certainly get your money’s worth with this box, and I keep discovering new brands and products that my all my cats love.


all love & smiles,

Escape Monthly November 2013 Review

The Box
Escape Monthly is an amazing vacation in a box. Each month has a different “destination”, and all the luxury products themed around that destination are for relaxing, renewing.. and of course, to Escape! Each month includes:
– Full-Size Luxury Products from Local, Artisan Brands (Worth over $100)
-Travel Guides & Secret Tips
– Special Offers for Resorts, Spas, & Travel
– The Opportunity to win a vacation to the Destination of the Month, just for being a member!
Next month, the Escape will be to…. ITALY!! “Rich in Luxury” will be shipping December 16th.
$49.95 w/ free shipping. {I subscribed to Escape Monthly before they even released their first box- they have had Napa & Oregon & Hawaii as the first three destinations- so I got a discounted rate ($39.95) & was grandfathered in for the remainder of my membership with them}
the goods
Every month includes a great “travel” pamphlet that lists out all the items in the box, a little information about the destination, and even a sneak preview into the following month’s destination so you can get excited about your next Escape! So far the total value of the boxes have always been much, MUCH higher than what I paid for the box itself, and all the luxury items include bath and body, snacks, drinks, a travel guide book of the destination, and other random goodies. There are always plenty of items, so I never feel like there’s been a bad month. LOVE this subscription!
…this month’s Escape is to…
Whats inside
1 ~ Belle Savon Peppermint Lavender Shea Butter
I always love me some body butter, especially this time of year when the weather is all dry and freezing cold!
2 ~ Distler’s Maple Pretzels
These sound super delicious and interesting!!! I’m loving on maple flavored stuff lately, so this should be a perfect snack!
3 ~ Lake Champlain Vermont Chocolates
This included 4 different flavors of chocolate! Excited to try them all!
4 ~ Moon Vermont Travel Guide
One of my favorite parts of subscribing to Escape Monthly is the fact that I will now slowly be building a travel section in my personal library! Love it!
5 ~ Nature’s Mysteries Twilight Face Cream
I don’t usually get too excited about face creams, I feel like I have so many of them from all my boxes just piling up, but each one always smells wonderful and hopefully does what it says they will!
6 ~ True North Granola Snack Pack
Granola… not TOO excited about it, but I really should start trying to make my breckie’s more healthy, soooo here’s to that!
7 ~ Way Out Wax Escentual Love Tea Lights
I love me some candles, especially with Christmas coming, these will come in handy for some pretty decor!
8 ~ Whisper Hill Olive Oil Soap
This smells super refreshing and wonderful — loving it!
9 ~ Quinn Popcorn – Vermont Maple & Sea Salt
Yayyyy!! I love popcorn and snacking and this flavor sounds amazing! Perfect for a movie night in with the bf!
product value
Popcorn: $5
Soap: $4.95
Tea Lights: $4
Granola: $3
Cream: $20
Travel Guide: $16.99
Pretzels: $6
Shea Butter: $4
Chocolates: $6
The value of these boxes are always so great! The products are generally full sized and of the best quality… completely satisfied with this service.

all love & smiles,


Giving Thanks.

Yesterday I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family.
This year has gone by SO ridiculously fast, and through many ups and downs, I am grateful for everything that has come my way. Anything I thought I couldn’t get out of, I eventually found a way back on my feet. I’ve grown and learned so much through this year, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

As always, I am thankful for my loving family who is constantly there for me, my amazing friends, my fabulous home, and basically for God for giving me this wonderful life.

I am also thankful for these other {little} things in life that make me happy  like….

• the fact that I have a job!!!! {and that amazing African Cats wallpaper I have!!!!}

• my fun new hair autumn hair color that I am now in love with {I have also been living in that sweater — it’s amazing!}!

• for all my kittys of course, but this year, especially for our lil nugget Dexter. this lil kitty fought through a lot but now is super healthy yayyy!

• for ALL the amazing food I eat, especially the fact that I had this full, delicious plate for Thanksgiving dinner, and for that yummy french toast that the bf made for me Turkey Day morning : )
IMG_3976 IMG_3969

• for this guy, my crazy lovin babes {who dresses in bright crazy wetsuits with me on rainy Bears game days}

• all my day to day obsessions & loves, including my subscription boxes {which my cats seem to love too}

all love & smiles on this fabulous Friday off,


Fancy Food Box November 2013 Review

The Box Fancy Food Box sends out amazing gourmet artisan foods every month! Full sized items, and all things that you wouldn’t normally buy in the store. This is my fourth Fancy Food box and I have loved each and every one! This month, they did a Thanksgiving theme : )
cost $39/month, + shipping costs (mine is $7.95). The value of the products inside is almost always double the cost of the box, if not more. Even if the value WASN’T that high, I’m sure they would still make an awesome box that was worth it! The Fancy Food Box has yet to bring me down.
the goods Included is an envelope with some silly stickers & also cards about each product selected for this month’s box, along with a couple recipes using ingredients in the box!
Whats inside 1 ~ Crave Beef Jerky – Sweet Chipotle
SO GOOD. We devoured this bag in minutes… sorry ’bout it. haha. Perfectly sweet and salty and meaty and just all around delicious!
2 ~ Brooklyn Slate Cheese Slate Charcoal
This was such a fun suprise in the box! It includes a cute little peice of mineral chalk and will be so perfect for entertaining!! Something I wouldn’t have bought for myself at the store, but I’m so glad to have gotten in my box!
IMG_3751 IMG_3752
3 ~ The Gracious Gourmet Cranberry Raspberry Blood Orange Spread
I am OBSESSED with fruit spreads/jams/preserves/etc., and this unique flavor profile is perfect for me! I can’t wait to try this with toast for my breakfast.
4 ~ Grey Ghost Bakery Cinnamon Pecan Cookies
I don’t normally like thing with pecans and almonds, but these cookies were SO GOOD! The cinnamon flavor was great, and there was just the right amount of sweetness with these cookies. We both devoured the bag! haha
5 ~ Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps
I haven’t tried these yet, but they look great for dips!
6 ~ Sigmund’s Pretzel Chips
These are super good! I love pretzel chips! The flavoring is savory and salty and perfect – another great vehicle for dipping!
product valuePretzels: $3
Crisps: $9
Cookies: $9
Spread: $10
Slate: $26
Jerky: $7

all love & smiles,

Love With Food November 2013 Review

IMG_3873 The Box Love With Food is one of my favorite snack subscriptions. It is affordable and always jam packed with new, organic, all-natural snacks. Also, for every box that is purchased, they donate a meal to a hungry child.. how cool is that? That probably means it would be wrong of you NOT to order this box… {haha at least that’s what I tell myself}. “Say goodbye to boring grocery selections and start discovering your Love with Food experience!”
cost Only $10 bucks a month!
IMG_3875 the goods I love that every month they have a theme, this month being “Flavors of the Fall with Chef Ryan Scott” for Thanksgiving of course. They always send a card detailing each and every product included. This is always a nice touch! These boxes are always packed with tons of goodies, so it’s nice to have them listed all in one place.
Whats inside
1 ~ Tuxedo Popcorn from Kukuruza
“For a sweeter spin on the classic caramel popcorn, add a drizzle of premium milk and white chocolate”
2 ~ Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% Chocolate
about $1.00
“With this silky mixture of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter, you won’t believe it’s dark chocolate”
3 ~ Maple Fudge from Laura Secord
4 ~ Ginger Twist Tea from Mightly Leaf
$0.65 cents
5 ~ Almond, Apricot, & Yogurt Bar from Eat Natural
$1.92/ bar
“A delicious bar made from nature’s best ingredients: crunchy almonds, apricots and smooth yogurt”
6 ~ Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread from Dancing Deer Baking Co.
$0.90 cents
“A gentle blend of refreshing rosemary and pink sea salt infuse this all butter shortbread.”
7 ~ Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods
about $1.00
“What do you get when you crunch dry corn kernels? A sweet and crunchy snack with a serious makeover”
8 ~ Authentic Indian Spice blend from Arora Creations
“The word Masala literally means spice, and these authentic Indian blends aresure to transport your palette to the Far East”
9 ~ Sweet Potato Popchips from Popchips
“Sweet, crunchy and bite sized crisps: popchips make it impossible to stop the moment you pop!” UPDATE: These things are so freakin delicious.
IMG_3876 product value
Popchips: $1.13
Spice: $3.99
Corn Crunch: $1
Shortbread: $0.90 cents
Yogurt Bar: $1.19
Tea: $0.65 cents
Fudge: $1
Chocolate: $1
Popcorn: $3

all love & smiles,


Bestowed Box November 2013 Review

The Box
Bestowed is a monthly subscription box that sends healthy and delicious food, snacks, and treats, all hand-picked by celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer. This box always sends me interesting products that I never even knew existed!! A great way to discover new & healthy foods + ingredients.
IMG_3887 cost$19/month with free shipping! Or, you can subscribe for a year for $209 + get a month for free!
IMG_3888 the goodsHELLO YUM….Every month you get 5-7 items that are hand picked by Heather, the celebrity nutritionist. It always comes with a nice booklet of extensive info on each item in the box, along with tips on how to incorporate into your normal daily meals and snacks, along with recipes and other great information!
IMG_3889 Whats inside
1 ~ Wild Garden Hummus Dip
$0.70 cents
I’ve gotten this in a past box before and it was SO GOOD. I packed it in my lunch for work and ate it with some yummy chips,was the perfect snack! The garlic flavor is perfect!
2 ~ Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers
I’ve also gotten smaller portions of these crackers in other boxes in the past, they aren’t the most flavorful (probably becuase they are a bit TOO healthy for me haha) but I’m sure they will be great dipped in the hummus!
3 ~ Eat Green Tea – 100% Organic Edible Green Tea
$0.83 cents/serving
This is.. interesting. Eating green tea…? Sounds kind of weird, but I guess if it’s just mixed into a smoothie you really can’t go wrong by adding it in for the nutrients.
4 ~ Life Ice – Chocolate Crisp
This is probably the coolest snack I have ever seen! You just pop the tray into the freezer and whenever you feel like having a guilt-free snack, you can pop one of these ice sensations into your mouth and savor the chocolate flavor! They have some other flavors on their website that I am also interested in trying! So unique and exciting!
5 ~ Nektar Honey Crystals
$0.36 cents/ 2 packets
I’ve gotten these in boxes before but haven’t ever used them yet, wooops. I’m sure they are good, the booklet says to mix them to make a drink or stir into things like oatmeal for a healthy alternative to a sugary topping.
6 ~ Perfect Fuel Chocolate
This is a chocolate for endurance, made with dark chocolate and ginseng. I’ m scared this might taste too dark chocolatey, but I will give it a try as a snack in my lunch!
7 ~ Quest Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter
Bars like this are perfect for my lunches; they are super sweet but also healthy and will keep me full until dinner!
8 ~ Salba Smart Chia Boost – Premium Ground & Whole Seed
$1.98/ 2 packets

9 ~ Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix
$3.90/ 2 packets
I got these in Pineapple and Lemon & Lime flavor! I’m excited for these yummy flavors and will for sure use these to flavor up some of my water at work!


10 ~ ZICO Chocolate flavored Coconut Water
I tried this on my lunch today… It’s definetly an interesting flavor. It almost tastes like normal chocolate milk, but then you can taste the more wateryness of it and also the slight coconut flavor. I do like this better than the straight regular coconut water though, was a great drink to try!
IMG_3897 product value
Coconut Water: $2.10
Hydration Mix: $3.90
Chia: $1.98
Bar: $2.50
Chocolate: $1.99
Honey: $0.36 cents
Life Ice: $3.50
Tea: $0.83 cents
Crackers: $4.40
Hummus: $0.70 cents
I am SO happy with this box. The value is slightly higher than what I paid (and remember, shipping IS included in the price!), and the box is jam packed with goodies! So many items will be great for my lunches and I’m very very pleased with this month’s box!!

all love & smiles,


Why I’m Smiling Today

Because of this guy — >
Since he works midnight’s, he gets home in the morning and we get to hang out and be silly and crazy together until I leave for work (which in this case wasn’t until 10:30am because I’m on the late shift today working until 7!)
He makes me smile so big he really, really does.
Most of the time I hate work, so I look forward to getting to spend time with my best friend, my roomie, my babes, my Michael, who makes me smile sooooo big & who I have the absolute best times with, sometimes even if we’re just lounging around doing nothing at all.
Sometimes we just sing songs together obnoxiously & literally find ourselves laughing with tears in our eyes, because we’re just weird like that.
He’s the bestest. ❤

Also, I really want me some sushi for dinner. It’s only 1pm right now, but I am already looking forward to being home tonight around 7:30 and maxin on some delicious rolls from South Kawa. Just thinking about sushi makes me so happy. I think know I have an addiction.
I shouldn’t be eating anything but salad for the next couple of weeks after the ridiculous amount of chicken I consumed yesterday from Pollo Express. It was the best chicken that I have ever had in my life– plus, it was grilled!! And I don’t really even like chicken that much, so I was amazed at how tasty it really was. But that’s a story for another day!


Just have to get through the day of work…. 7pm can’t come faster!


{Reminiscing on our soaking wet Bears/Ravens game… he was a champ, even in the rain we had a blast together!}

all love & smiles,

Taste Trunk Gourmet November 2013 Review

IMG_3865The Box Taste Trunk is a delicious box that I just started subscribing to recently and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites!! I chose to subscribe to the Gourmet box, but they also have boxes for Health, Sweet, or BBQ. The Gourmet box “Features new items from the best gourmet lifestyle brands. Each trunk includes 5-10 products, discount coupons, backgrounds on the companies, and amazing new recipe ideas.” It is basically awesome delicious in your mouth every month.
cost Taste Trunk costs $29 dollars a month, and you can cancel OR switch to any other box theme at any time, which is great if you want to change the flavors up!
IMG_3866 the goods
The Taste Trunk always comes packaged in a USPS box, with their simple brown box tucked nicely inside. It is simple on the outside, but as soon as you open it up, you see how nicely everything is organized and displayed. It’s always wrapped up cute and comes with cards detailing the products and also offering recipes for the various items.
Whats inside
1 ~ Rabbit Creek Products – Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Bread Mix
This quick bread mix comes in a cute little (heavy) package, and is a unique flavor of bread that I have never tried before! I am excited to whip this up one day and suprise people with my crazy awesome bread!
2 ~ Vino de Milo – Gorgonzola Pear Dressing
I was SOOO HAPPY to recieve this dressing! I am obsessed with sauces and this is such a strange, unique awesome flavor that I can’t wait to try on random items!!! They have tons of random amazing flavors- perfect for gifts!
3 ~ Dulcet Cuisine Mild Indian Curry Ketchup
How can I NOT love this with a description like this: “This smooth tomato ketchup is full-flavored with a cinnamon finish that spices up sweet potato fries, lamb, sausages, steak, shrimp, and stuffed peppers. Mix in with meatballs or use on the side as a dipping sauce. Make everyday delicious and use on burgers, hot dogs, eggs and fries. A ketchup for grownups and kids alike! ” …???? It sounds amazing!! I love all kinds of ketchup!!
4 ~ JB’s Best – Black Bean, Corn, & Cilantro Salsa w/ Tequila
Every ingredient in this salsa just gets better & better!! Even though it’s only mild and I usually prefer a hot sauce/salsa, all the amazing ingredients in this salsa are making it all the most better!! Can’t wait to chow down on this stuff!
5 ~ Donsuemor Madeleines
$2.81/ 3 madeleines
These look soft & delicious! Excited to try them out! Mine were kinda smashed since the rest of the products were so heavy and big, but it doesn’t look like any damage is done : )
IMG_3871 product value Madeleines: $2.81
Salsa: $5.99
Ketchup: $6
Dressing: $5.99
Bread: $8.15
The value is almost completely on par with what I paid for the box, but this was a HEAVY box with big and nice products, so I’m not too concerned on the price, more on the great quality of these otherwise undiscoverable gourmet yummy items!

all love & smiles,


POPSUGAR Must Have Box November 2013 Review

IMG_3789 The BoxPOPSUGAR Must Have Box. This is one of my favorite boxes that I subscribe to because of all the full-sized products and the range of categories the items fall into. It’s basically like opening a surprise gift to myself! “POPSUGAR’s monthly favorites delivered to your door. Hand selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. Full sized products and premium items.”

IMG_3790 cost$39.95/month with free shipping!  The total value of these boxes is basically always over $100 so you definitely get your money’s worth!

IMG_3791 the goodsThe box is always bursting full with amazing full size products, and I honestly love their little fold out notecards on why they picked each product and how it can be put to good use. They do a great job of explaining the items in this packet. This is my absolute most favorite box that I look forward to and always am so excited and happy about the products that I receive!

My cats even go crazy over the Popsugar Must Have Boxes!!!! Whenever I try to take pictures or open my boxes this is what I have to deal with... Notice Dexter creepin in...

My cats even go crazy over the Popsugar Must Have Boxes!!!! Whenever I try to take pictures or open my boxes this is what I have to deal with… Notice Dexter creepin in…

Whats inside
1 ~ Michael Stars Scarf
This scarf is so soft and amazing and comfy and cute!! I am so happy to get it in this box! I also wasn’t familiar with the brand of Michael Stars but I’m starting to love the designer! Great stuff on the website.

2 ~ Nice Boxed Glass Candle by Illume
This candle smells delicious and warm and vanillay. We LOVE candles around the house so this was a perfect gift in my box!
3~ Maison de Monaco Strawberry & Blackcurrant Cream Preserves
I love jams!! Yayyy!! This is certainly a different flavor for me to try that I’ve never had before! UPDATE: Just ate this with some vanilla ice cream….. SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!!
4 ~ BareFruit Crunchy Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips
These are soooo yummy…. I’ve been snacking on them throughout the day at work and for breckie… healthy and delicious!
5 ~ The Soap & Paper Factory Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap
This smells amazing. The pine scent is so wonderful and rich and perfect for this time of the year! Gets me excited to shower and smell up the bathroom with this wonderful Christmas tree forest scent!
6 ~ Lands End Canvas Wine Tote
This is much classier than me carrying my wine around in CVS bags. Excited to have something like this and be able to put it to good use!
7 ~ Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads in Peach
This product promises that one pad can remove polish from all 10 fingers… I have been slacking lately on nail art, but I will for sure put these to the test the next time I do and change my nail color! If it works, it may just be a life saver nail product!
8 ~ Canvas Pop Gift Card
All of their products are priced mostly a lot higher than $30, so you can’t really use this certificate unless you spend money too, making it not that great for me. I like the kind where you can pretty much spend nothing and get something from it, like a true gift card.
IMG_3800 product value Nail Polish Pads: $2.99
Canvas Wine Tote: $14.50
Soap: $8
Chips: $3.50
Preserves: $6
Candle: $15.75
Scarf: $42
{$122.74 if you include the gift card, which I’m not because you have to spend money to use it}
This box doesn’t have the highest value (usually they are well over $100) but I LOVED this box and every single item made me happier than the next!

Aria just lovin' on the box

Aria just lovin’ on the box

all love & smiles,