Spoiled Rotten October 2013 Box Review


Spoiled Rotten is a subscription box for your pets (cats OR dogs) from the pet food delivery company, PetFlow.com. This was my first box from them and I COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY WITH IT!!! I have been searching for an amazing kitty box (because almost all the pet boxes I see are only for dogs) and since I have 3 kittys at home and they seem to be obsessed and curious about all my other boxes I open, I just knew I needed a service that sent me new treats and toys and food and fun for my little bubbas.


Spoiled Rotten is only $24.99/month, and you can get $5 off your first month with the code SRB9 soooo only $20 bucks for a great box that literally made my kittys go crazy!


It came with a card that covered the descriptions of everything in the box, not to mention how nicely wrapped everything was! This is the way they describe the box: “Every edible product is MADE IN THE USA. All products are made by premium companies and each box is stuffed with almost $40 worth of products for $24.99 a month. This is the best way to make their tails wag and discover brand new, amazing products from amazing companies that love your pet as much as you do.”


1 ~ By Nature Grain Free Entrees – Ocean Whitefish Farrago
Always love some new delicious food for the kittys to try! They love getting new flavors.


2 ~ One Pet Planet Fun Ball Cat Toy
They were running around like crazy with these lil wool ball – super cool how it’s all natural : )


3 ~ Pounce Tartar Control Tuna & Salmon Crunchy Cat Treats
Treats are of course my kittys favorite thing, but it’s nice when there are added benefits, like these for tartar control. Really happy about these and the kittys of course love them.


4 ~ Fuzzy Bug Cat Toy
This toy made my cats absolutely CRAZY. It is self propelled by pulling the string and then it kinda slithers a bit. All my kittys were attacking it but also very scared every time it moved. GREAT toy : )


5 ~ Natural Balance LIT – Rabbit & Potato Formula Treats
These are some excellent grain free treats! The kittys love ’em!


6 ~ HealthPro VitaGravy – Salmon Skin & Dry Coat Food
I’m interested to see if my cats will like this… they’ve tried a gel-like food in the past and didn’t really care for it, but this should be good for them and their coats this winter!


7 ~ HealthPro VitaGravy Chicken Hairball Formula
This is sopposed to go on top of their dry food for a healthy hairball remedy… hopefully they like the flavor of this one too!! : )

product valueVitaGravy Hairball Remedy: $4.99
VitaGravy Skin & Coat: $4.99
Rabbit & Potato Treats: $5.92
Fuzzy Bug Cat Toy: $5.99
Tuna & Salmon Treats: $3.99
Ball Toy: $3.99
Ocean Whitefish Farrago: $1.19

*Although this isn’t quite the $40 worth of product that they promised, I thought this box had a GREAT value and it’s fun to get treats and toys to keep my crazy kittys occupied and excited!


all love & smiles,



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