It is so so so nice when I actually get to be home when there’s sunshine.
Everything in my house looks brighter, and I get in a certain mode where I want to be productive.
Sitting on my couch over the weekend reading magazines in direct sunlight is where it’s at.
Watching the kittys lay and be crazy in sunbeams is the best.
Getting to take actual pictures in natural light is also one of the greatest parts.

Sadly, working from 8:30-5 (especially during this fall/winterish season) doesn’t allow me to see enjoy the sun at all.
I wake up in the darkness all cold and miserable NOT ready to start getting ready for depressing work.
I take the annoying CTA home in the darkness, so when I actually get back there’s no way I feel like cleaning or organizing or doing anything productive that the natural light usually makes me feel perky about.
I realized that this is part of the reason that it seems like EVERYTHING else sucks during the day; it’s cold, windy, and gross outside, and I’m trapped inside the tallest building in Chicago an office at my little desk where I have no freedom to really do anything but get some crazy rage on when I talk to legitimate helpless idiots all day long.

ALAS, the one day of the week where I have to work the “late” shift (from 10:30-7) I get to wake up to the bf coming home from work (he works the midnight shift), and then slowly get ready while the sun is rising higher and brighter in the sky… it’s absolutely wonderful.
It is seriously crazy how much better of a mood I’m in on these late shift days where I get to spend time in the sun in the morning, not feeling like I’m just living in cold darkness.

That being said, it is currently 25 degrees here right now, and I absolutely loathe Chicago’s winter weather because it is seriously the windiest place ever in the City and of course that’s where I do all of my walking…. I am not excited about that, but the fact that I have my sunshine this morning can probably make up for it : )

Now I have to try and keep my positive vibes going as long as humanly possible, which for me in my job probably means about 45 minutes into sitting at my desk.
Not looking forward to staying until 7 tonight, but at least I got my natural sunlight this morning to keep me happy for half my day.

Thank you Sun, for shining so bright and making me feel productive!!!!!! : )
So blessed to be living this life.

all love & smiles,


One thought on “Sunlight.

  1. When I go in to the office, the sun is out. But I feel bad for John – he goes in at like 4:30 am and leaves at 6 pm. So he’s in total darkness all the time. I’m a cold weather person all the way so I love Chicago winters, but at least the sun is still out for me in the mornings.

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