Knoshbox November 2013 Review

The Box
Knoshbox is a monthly subscription for artisan food. This is my first month with the service, and I am very excited about it! “Enjoy a carefully curated selection of delicious food, crafted in small batches by independent food producers from around the USA. You’ll receive a collection of high quality food to sample and enjoy with friends and family! There is no commitment, and you may cancel easily at any time.”
Knoshbox is $30/month, and you can give gift subscriptions too.
the goods
Every month they have a theme that all the items revolve around. This month, the theme is “BOURBON AND BEER”. I’m excited to see what the themes will be in months to come!
Whats inside
1 • Ovenly Old Salties – Bacon Fat Roasted Old Bay Peanuts

2 • Mikuni Wild Harvest – Noble Handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
$28.95/ 450 ml = $3.86

3 • Granola Lab – Brewers Bar

4 • Wonder Made –  Bourbon Flavored Marshmallows
I’ve had these in Pumpkin Pie flavor and they were really strong to eat plain, so I started using them as the “sugar” in my coffee and it was soooo good. It was like making a free fun pumpkin spice latte every morning at work… These Bourbon ones, however, I’m not too sure about because personally I don’t think I would enjoy the flavor, but they would certainly make a great gift!

5 • Castleton Crackers – Alehouse Cheddar w/ Horseradish Mustard
product value
Crackers: $6.92
Marshmallows: $7.95
Granola bar: $3.00
Syrup: $3.86
Peanuts: $6.00
Although the value wasn’t greater than the cost of the box, shipping still has to be included, and I loved the items and discovering these new brands, so it was completely worth it for me! I’m excited to see what is in boxes to come!


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