Post- 21 month break.


Life has been FLYING by since the last time I posted in February 2014. I now have a fulfilling, wonderful job, can’t complain or stress about the same people/things that used to hold me down, the bf is doing great, the kittys are excellent as usual, and I am all around in a much better/happier place than ever before. 🙂

I miss sitting down in my own little world and typing out blog posts, so I think that perhaps I shall come back to this. I still love my subscription boxes, products, sharing fun ideas, eating + taking countless food porn pics, organizing, and all my other weird tendencies hahaha- SO I SHALL CONTINUE TO SHARE (if anyone is even reading haha).

What have I been up to the past 2 years…. well hmmm i’d say a TON because it’s flew by faster than any other years before… here are some things that have been making me happy recently 🙂


20151004_154825 20151003_224957

Wedding fun with the fam// Bears game drunk walk selfies// visiting Iowa to see my old roomies!!

20150922_112902 20150922_165430 20150923_120025

we took a mini getaway to lake geneva and had sooo much fun eating out, boating, golfing, and so much more. this trip deserves a full post tho – coming soon 🙂

IMG_20150916_184205 IMG_20150926_142345 20150920_120102 IMG_20150920_124131

as usual i’m still obsessing over food – i have recently become somewhat of a masterchef (that’s what i like to pretend haha) and cookin up some interesting dishes// cod with pickled grapes, spaghetti squash, summer shakshuka//

20150930_204344 IMG_20150922_064913 20150818_090706 20150920_064132

some of our spooky halloween decor// the adorable kittens i’ve been feeding for weeks that live under our porch named Timon & Pumbaa// OBSESSED with my fitbit – my tan line agrees// beautiful bridgeport sky

I take a million pictures all the time so I have tons more to share, which is another reason I wanted to start this blog back up again – I loved being able to go thru my weeks and see all the fun things I’ve been up to…. I can post 852452 more pictures but that wouldn’t be fun. Will save those for another organized post 😉

So glad to be back to blogging!!!