About Me

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Hello =)
My name is Mary & I am 25 years old.


I live in Chicago with my bestest friend in the world, Michael ❤


We spoil the heck outta our two THREE little kittys, Charles (the gray lil man) and my first little kitten ever, Aria. MEOW!
+++++ now also our lil Dexter ❤
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DSC_7851 - Version 2

I love the ocean and beaches and water and anything blue or nautical or vacationy. I wish my job could be a professional traveler.


I love ‘Murica!!!!! I had an entire graduation party and birthday party themed to good ol’ red, white, & blue. It’s more of a lifestyle at this point ;]


Pops of bright color always make me smile, along with many other things, including:
• music
• sushi
• shopping
• books & magazines
• playing outside
• subscription boxes
• Chicago Blackhawks
• California
• organizing
• Party Down South – because I love to get it goin’!!! haha
• correct usage of “your” & “you’re”
• freshly painted nails
• the number 8


I am a product junkie. I LOVE hoarding collecting things. All the monthly subscription boxes I follow have made me ever more obsessed with products and getting introduced to new brands. One of my favorite things to do!!

I’ll leave you with random snapshots of the things I deem necessary to post on Instagram… mainly food, kittys, and everyday loves. This is a good look into what I’m all about. Enjoy! :]

insta1 insta2 insta3insta4

{You can contact me at mary.jozefiak@gmail.com}


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