Cosmo June 2013 // Sofia Vergara

Cosmopolitan June 2013

Cosmopolitan June 2013

• 8 Fabulous Finds in this Issue •

Sooooo I’ve been trying to figure out a way to organize all my magazines more efficiently and actually utilize the information or inspiration that I learn/feel while reading, so aside from marking all the pages I want to keep in my magazine binders, I’ve decided to do this!!! It makes me happy, so it works :]

{1} Sofia Vergara. I just love her. I mean, how can you not unless it’s just out of jealousy and envy? She is gorgeous AND hilarious. I think that’s the best winning combo anyone can ask for. Everything I’ve seen her in she always makes me laugh and is very in-your-face, but in a good way. She looks stunning on this cover, and of course I love the bright red and purple theme. (I think half the reason I’m obsessed with magazines in the first place is strictly because I am obsessed with magazine covers. The colors, the beautiful people, and mostly the word art/typography get me every time!!!)

{2} This ad. Love love love love love it. I’m not even a sorbet lover but this is making me a) want some and b) try this vodka!! (Another reason why I’m obssessed with magazines… my crazy obsession for print advertisements. When I was in advertising classes in school, I literally read the textbooks for fun because I loved the ads and the stories behind them that much)


{3} Their “cosmo guy” this month was Michael Bublè. Yummoooo I just love him (and mainly his voice). He discusses his new album, which I have yet to buy (I’m a little behind on my music downloading lately), but I do LOVE his first single off the album, “It’s A Beautiful Day”. Even though it’s about a breakup, it makes me smile and wanna jump up and dance every time. (And the video is awesome.)

{4} Loved the article titled What Makes Us Likeable?: Why are some famous women universally adored while others get the mean girl treatment? And how important is it for women to be liked anyways? This article made me laugh because it talks about some celebs (Emma Stone, Mila Kunis) that everyone seems to love. Then there are other actresses, like Anne Hathaway, who seem very unlikeable. It talks about how we don’t even know/realize WHY we dislike these certain actresses, and I know I am certainly guilty of that. I didn’t realize that there were so many other people that disliked Hathaway the way I do. I mean, I think that I have a legit reason though. When I was younger, I LOVED the Princess Diaries books, so when the movie came out and she was starring, even then I didn’t think she was good enough for the part. She is so bleh to me. Hahahah so basically this article talks about the reasons why people like me think these kinds of things against certain actresses. It made me laugh because it still didn’t change my mind about her.

{5} Ohhhh how this page makes me smile. California, the colors…….. I want that bike shirt, that beach book, the zip pouch, and that awesome sunset top. Just to name a few ;]


{6} This ad isn’t my favorite, but it definitely caught my eye with all the blue hues! Also, I love finding new fun polish collections and/or brands. :]


{7} This ad. I don’t even know what to say. I would say it’s a trainwreck, because it’s so bad yet I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. Scratch and sniff…?? For a VODKA ad? A super cheap low quality vodka ad?? It made me laugh for sure. And of course I scratched and sniffed that shiznit. Smelt good too. I’m sure it doesn’t taste as good though.


{8} I need these straws. I’ve never seen them before and think they are amazing. I can almost feel the freezing frostyness of them on my lips. You can buy them here!

So those were my random tidbits of fun from this month’s Cosmo. Love love love organizing my thoughts on these things and making lists. So great for me. haha :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse



Some Fantastical Things

8 things that got me excited lately (whether for the good or bad!)

(1) We took a little trip to Davenport this weekend, back to St. Ambrose, because Michael had a volleyball tourney he was playing in…. I tagged along because I love to watch him play…. BUT I ALSO LOVE AZTECA MY FAVORITE MEXICAN PLACE EVER!


home of the delicious queso blanco, that I CANNOT find anywhere near here!

home of the delicious queso blanco, that I CANNOT find anywhere near here!

one of my favorite (super large) margs!!

one of my favorite (super large) margs!!

their endless chips & salsa is sooooo amazing

their endless chips & salsa is sooooo amazing

my favorite dish: spinach quesadilla!! even if it wasn't Lent, it's still my go-to dinner there!

my favorite dish: spinach quesadilla!! even if it wasn’t Lent, it’s still my go-to dinner there!

(2) I love watching Michael play volleyball because it makes him so happy and I also think he’s really good :] One day, (when I finally get another job) I can save up enough money to buy myself a pretty nice new camera so that my action shot pictures won’t look as crappy as these…. Oh well, they still make me smile.

Untitled1 Untitled2

(3) I just joined a new subscription box service, Julep. They are a monthly nail polish box, BUT THE ONLY REASON I did it was because I found a free coupon code for new members, making your first box only cost $.01! That’s right, only 1 cent for a $19.99 box! The code is: JULEPVIP. I already wrote myself a note to go ahead and cancel it next month so they don’t charge my card. It looks like a very nice service, it’s just not one I would spend that much money on. But for almost free, why not!? I took the style quiz and they paired me with their “Boho Glam” look. They were actually spot on! Here is what I’ll be looking forward to in my box!

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.59.23 PM

(4) I made a terrible mistake. A disgustingly terribly gross nasty horrendous mistake. I was so excited when I found this box of mac and cheese at Target a while back, because I LOVE buffalo flavored anything…. little did I know that in tiny writing under “Buffalo” it said with Blue Cheese sauce. EW. I had been putting it to the side, always scared to try it because I loathe the nasty fart flavor of blue cheese in my mouth. I thought what the heck, I should just try it because maybe it isn’t as strong as I thought it would be. BOY WAS I WRONG. I took a couple of bites and my stomach was in knots, wondering what was this garbage that I just ingested. I DON’T KNOW HOW PEOPLE EAT THIS STUFF. Ewwwww.


(5) I finally tried my first clay mask. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had an interview the next morning so I figured I could make my skin healthy and smooth the night before. It was fun feeling like a kid spreading legit clay all over my face, but I guess I was just dumb and didn’t realize that it hardens (and so quickly). I kinda got scared, but kept it on for the allotted amount and time… and OMG DID I LOVE IT! It made my skin as soft as a baby’s, and I will definitely be making this a weekly ritual! :]


(6) I have a little obsession with the Eat This, Not That! series of books. Here are a couple of the ones I have, not pictured is the cook book one and the diet book, and I can’t wait to buy the 2013 one!! (This whole not having a job thing is REALLY cramping my shopping style!) If you haven’t ever bought a copy of these books, you’re really missing out! The food pictures are great and it’s super informative and inspiring! And fun! You can find them on for only $0.75!!! What a steal!


(7) My little guilty pleasure: frozen dinner meals. I love the “healthier” options too, ones that are acceptable in a public place like work, BUT there is something about the perfection of 5 chicken nuggets, corn, and mac and cheese that makes me SO HAPPY. And when they’re on sale for $0.88 I just can’t pass them up!


(8) HOW PRECIOUS ARE MY ADORABLE KITTAAAYYSSSS???!!! Aria is getting soooo big!!

IMG_1114 IMG_1119

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

8 Things

1) I slept in today! I didn’t wake up until 7:32 am! I usually can’t really sleep well past 5 am because I have my kitten running all over the bed meowing and clawing at my hair and face (it’s just lovely, I swear haha), plus I have the sun just beaming into my room from the den… I still refuse to close the door when I sleep, however, because I don’t want to NOT sleep with my kittys…. Ya I know, I’m a freak. 😉

2) In conjunction with point #1 relating to the A.M., I got this amazing lil egg guy: It keeps your egg in a perfect little circle so that you can easily slide it on breakfast sandwiches, which is perfect for me, because although they are always delicious, my sammies usually look pretty messy. It works great, and I got it for $1.99 at Marshall’s :]

$2 for a cute, nifty, and easy-clean kitchen utensil. love it :]

$2 for a cute, nifty, and easy-clean kitchen utensil. love it :]

3) Dishes: I am starting to despise them. Every time I wash them (we don’t have a working dishwasher, and even if we did, I’ve never used one before, my dish washer has always been my own 2 hands) they just end up piling up super high and gross over the next week. I don’t know how it happens so fast! I know I should be washing them everyday but I just let it get so bad that I then try to stay away for so long it makes it soooo much worse. Right now I think I’m almost past the 2 week mark of some of those dishes sitting in there. GROSSSSSS, I know, I know, but every time I get up to do them, I just dread it so much I make an excuse and do something else…. oooops. Today, I MUST do them. It shall be my goal.

4) “Your” & “You’re”: I STILL cannot understand what people confuse about those two COMPLETELY different words. One means YOUR and one means YOU ARE. Totally different meanings people. I’m sure I have made a typo or two with these words before, I’m not saying I’m perfect in any means, but when I see the same people online and even in print ad’s and news articles, I’m like COME ON AMERICA! You’re better than that! Learn to use these words correctly, for the sake of Mary’s sanity please! (Yes, sometimes I like to refer to myself in the 3rd person. It’s fun haha)

one of my fav scenes from Friends… Thanks Ross, you tell ’em!

5) and now that I was on a rant anyway… I absolutely DESPISE when I’m scrolling through Twitter or the Book of Face and read something to liking of, “I’m sooooo bored, omgggg seriously like soooo bored”. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? How can you POSSIBLY be bored while living on this planet Earth?? There are LITERALLY trillions of things you can do with your time/life. I, myself have been unemployed now for over a week so I am NOT bringing down those with no jobs, however, if you ARE always tweeting that you’re bored at noon on a Wednesday, MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO GET YOURSELF A DAMN JOB! And if you have one with irregular hours, why aren’t you sleeping? Or eating? Reading? Playing video games? Watching TV/Movie? Going outside? Volunteering? Cleaning/organizing? Watching hours of mindless YouTube videos…? I don’t care, just STOP saying you’re bored when you’re privileged enough to obviously have a computer and/or iPhone, you probably have hundreds of “toys” at your disposable. There are thousands of other people in the world (including CHILDREN) starving, alone, living in grass huts, etc., and YOU wanna tell ME that YOU’RE bored with your life? Go help out someone in need! ………. Alright, sorry for my rant, it just had to be said. Back to happy thoughts! haha :]

6) “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You” : A couple weeks back, a co-worker sent this to me as I was going through a little hard time with things on the work front, and this adorable and motivational lil video absolutely MADE MY DAY! The next day, a different co-worker was having a terrible day… I sent this to her, and BOOM! there was a smile back on her face. The kid is so cute, his voice makes me smile, and everything he says….. actually makes sense. If you haven’t seen it before, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. I promise it will be the best 3 minutes and 28 seconds of your day :]

7) Chicago Blackhawks, baby! We’ve won 19 straight regulation games in a row. We’ve made history! It’s just so exciting, there’s something about the spirit of the Blackhawks that just keeps people SO excited to watch game after game. We play the Blues tonight at 7 on the road, so hopefully they can pull out another win!!!! Let’s go #4!!! (My boy, Niklas Hjalmarsson!!!)

8) Watermelon. Yes, I know it is not summertime, but this morning I woke up with the most crazy craving for watermelon. I was thinking about all the things I would do to have a huge, cold bowl of perfectly chopped watermelon right in front of me. I would absolutely devour the entire thing. I know you CAN buy watermelons right now, but would it even be worth it? There’s a fresh market right up the street, but I don’t want to buy a watermelon, get all excited chopping it up, only to realize it’s not nearly as good as what I was expecting. Hmm…… at least a picture will hold me over until I make my final decision. 😉

this SCREAMS summer to me! i want the sun and the beach and the watermelon right MEOW!

this SCREAMS summer to me! i want the sun and the beach and the watermelon right MEOW!

Off to start washing the dishes!…. or maybe I should shower first…. haha anything to get away from them!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse