Post- 21 month break.


Life has been FLYING by since the last time I posted in February 2014. I now have a fulfilling, wonderful job, can’t complain or stress about the same people/things that used to hold me down, the bf is doing great, the kittys are excellent as usual, and I am all around in a much better/happier place than ever before. 🙂

I miss sitting down in my own little world and typing out blog posts, so I think that perhaps I shall come back to this. I still love my subscription boxes, products, sharing fun ideas, eating + taking countless food porn pics, organizing, and all my other weird tendencies hahaha- SO I SHALL CONTINUE TO SHARE (if anyone is even reading haha).

What have I been up to the past 2 years…. well hmmm i’d say a TON because it’s flew by faster than any other years before… here are some things that have been making me happy recently 🙂


20151004_154825 20151003_224957

Wedding fun with the fam// Bears game drunk walk selfies// visiting Iowa to see my old roomies!!

20150922_112902 20150922_165430 20150923_120025

we took a mini getaway to lake geneva and had sooo much fun eating out, boating, golfing, and so much more. this trip deserves a full post tho – coming soon 🙂

IMG_20150916_184205 IMG_20150926_142345 20150920_120102 IMG_20150920_124131

as usual i’m still obsessing over food – i have recently become somewhat of a masterchef (that’s what i like to pretend haha) and cookin up some interesting dishes// cod with pickled grapes, spaghetti squash, summer shakshuka//

20150930_204344 IMG_20150922_064913 20150818_090706 20150920_064132

some of our spooky halloween decor// the adorable kittens i’ve been feeding for weeks that live under our porch named Timon & Pumbaa// OBSESSED with my fitbit – my tan line agrees// beautiful bridgeport sky

I take a million pictures all the time so I have tons more to share, which is another reason I wanted to start this blog back up again – I loved being able to go thru my weeks and see all the fun things I’ve been up to…. I can post 852452 more pictures but that wouldn’t be fun. Will save those for another organized post 😉

So glad to be back to blogging!!!


Wantable Intimates Box February 2014 Review


Wantable Intimates is a wonderful subscription box that sends out 4-5 premium essentials that are handpicked to perfectly match your preferences. Before you complete your purchase of the box, you fill out a survey that lets them know your loves, likes, and dislikes. Whatever you “dislike” they will make sure to NOT send you, and send you more of your “loves”, so because of this, these boxes are specially packed for everyone!


There is nothing too special about the packaging, a simple little box, and that includes a listing of your items inside. They review your order information and also include the retail value of all items included. This is a great feature because it’s always nice to know the value of the items in your subscriptions!
This month, the total value of my box was $88.00, which is fantastic considering it only cost me $36 bucks.


The first item in the box was a pair of Muk Luks Boot Height Socks
These retail for $15.00
For Christmas I got 2 pairs of Muk Lights tights and I have loved them, so soft!!! Really excited about these socks, will be great for all this crazy freezing weather!


Next, Q-T Intimates Heart Bra Clips (3 pack – clear, black, nude)
These retail for $9.00
These look cuter than the normal circle ones I picked up at the Dollar Tree years back, maybe I can remember to put these to more use this time… (also I cannot find these online, it looks like they were made exclusively for Wantable)


Next we have a set from Kiby’s, the Anastasia Cami & Bikini in green.
The top retails for $34 and the panties for $10.
I have been wearing the cami around the house after work and it is COMFYYYY. So happy about these items : )

IMG_4741 IMG_4742


Lastly, I found this Wantable Soft Bra in Taupe
This retails for $20.00
I would never (ever) buy this on my own, it’s a one size fits all, but hmmm guess what, one size certainly does NOT fit all, especially in the chest. The color is terrible and I’m not really loving it, however it is pretty soft so I will probably just be wearing it around the house with my pj’s.



Overall, I’m happy with this box as I got more Muk Luks and an amazingly soft and comfy cami!



all love & smiles,



POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2013 Review


The Box

POPSUGAR Must Have Box. This is one of my favorite boxes that I subscribe to because of all the full-sized products and the range of categories the items fall into. It’s basically like opening a surprise gift to myself! “POPSUGAR’s monthly favorites delivered to your door. Hand selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. Full sized products and premium items.”

IMG_3436 cost

$35/month with free shipping!  The total value of these boxes is basically always over $100 so you definitely get your money’s worth! {UPDATE: The price of the boxes beginning in November will be $39.95. They are encouraging their active members to sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month plan in order to lock in the $35 price for as long as they can. You can do this by signing up by November 4th}

IMG_3438the goods

The box is always bursting full with amazing full size products, and I honestly love their little fold out notecards on why they picked each product and how it can be put to good use. They do a great job of explaining the items in this packet. The box also comes pretty nicely wrapped with the pink tissue paper and sticker everytime : )

IMG_3437 Whats inside

1 • The Can’t Cook Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified!
This book is absolutely AMAZING! It came at such a perfect time for me when I’m doing some major cleaning and organizing in my house, I’m finally ready to take on some good cooking! I have my kitchen (pretty much) organizing and I’m ready! This book has beautiful step by step photos on every page, alongside the recipes and all the wonderful tips. The night I opened this box, I couldn’t put this book down. It’s just so good and wonderful to read with all the pictures and step by steps! Check out this book and her others here.
IMG_3441 IMG_3442

2 • NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner & Smokey Shadow Pallet
$6.00 + $7.00
Since I already unsubscribed (for now) to all my beauty subscriptions because I have so many little products and samples of every kind of piece of make-up I can imagine, I wasn’t TOO excited to receive even more make-up in this box. Unless it’s a really awesome brand or something that I’ve been excited about, I really don’t need anymore liquid liner (I basically use the same exact eyeliner every single day for the past 5 years), but this eyeshadow pallet does look pretty nice and I didn’t have most of the colors on the pallet. It helps create a great dramatic (or not too dramatic) smokey eye look. Check out NYX cosmetics here.

IMG_3443 IMG_3448

3 • Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet
This is a very delicate, adorable pink bracelet. 100% of the proceeds from each bracelet went to a charity, Breast Cancer Connections. I LOVE this bracelet and was SO EXCITED to wear it along side my usual 3 silver bracelets I wear daily… However, this bracelet is TINY. I know my wrists aren’t that big at all, and this barely fits around it, plus it’s hard (at least it was for me) to try and close this bracelet on your own wrist. I honestly really do still love this bracelet though. Check out the bracelet here.


4 • Julep for Popsugar Duo Nail Polish
I received “Freedom”, a polymer top coat, and #3108, “Coco” (it also says “It Girl” it smaller letters so I’m not sure if that’s maybe the collection it is in or completely vice versa). I am so happy I got these colors; ready to paint my nails with it any minute! : ) Check out the Julep site here.


5 • Jane Tran Bobby Pins
These aren’t my favorite item in the box, but they are certainly cute and I go through my fair share of bobby pins throughout the year! These are really cute for a messy do too. Check out other cute bobby pins like these here.


6 • The Wet Brush
This is one of my favorites in the box – or even ever! This is why I love subscription boxes… things that you never knew you would love (or in this case, actually really really need)! My hair tangles SO EASY it is so gross, and now with this I don’t mind when I quickly have to get ready when I get out of the shower when I’m running late for work. My hair is no longer a problem! This brush is amazing and perfect for a girl with long, easily tangled hair like me. Click here to check out the wet brush.


7 • The Crispery Halloween Crispycake
This was SO. DAMN. GOOD. nom nom nom!! Me and the bf both thought this delicious sweet rice cake was absolutely perfect. It was covered in decadent marshmallow and was so soft and chewy with just the right amount of slight crunch. I am honestly probably going to order more of these sometime very soon. I’m looking at some of the other adorable holiday cakes that they make and I am wanting to try this fabulous Christmas one! It’s full of peppermint and that amazing marshmallow! Check out the Halloween crispycake here.
8 • Stich Fix
$20 off my purchase + a waived styling fee
I have been reading GREAT things about Stich Fix! It’s “a personal styling service to get handpicked fashion goodies delivered right to your door”. You basically complete a profile about your style, you then pick a date and they send you 5 clothing & accessory items that are hand-picked just for you. You get 3 days to decide if you want to keep (and buy) the item(s) that you got. If you keep anything, the $20 styling fee is automatically reduced off of one of the items, therefore, I’m pretty sure everyone’s styling fees are waived (well, just as long as they keep anything, and with the $20 they are giving me, I am bound to want to purchase something!)
product value
Cook book: $27.99
Crispycake: $3.95
Wet brush: $14
Bobby pins: $12
Nail polish: $28
Bracelet: $45
Eyeliner: $6
Eyeshadow Pallet: $7
TOTAL VALUE: $143.94
(this isn’t even including the $20 certificate for Stich Fix!!!!) 
* This box has SUCH a great value! Remember, I only paid $35 for it! I am SO HAPPY about the October must have box!

all love & smiles,


Amazing Macy’s Haul of Clothing

So I had some coupons and discounts ready to stack up, and damn did I use them right! I got 4 dresses, my new most favorite pair of black jeans ever, and 2 items for Michael…. all for only $81!!! The retail value of everything combined was well over $300, so I feel like I got a GREAT deal, especially because I absolutely adore everything I bought!! : )

We can start with my new pair of favorite jeans. The material is amazing, they’re more like work slacks, but they are skinny and (not too) tight and just so amazing! I can actually move around with them and they basically are as comfy as wearing leggings, so they are the best purchase I have made in a long, long time! So happy I found these puppies! Thanks Macys! ; )

Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans / Retail: $29.50 / Discount price: $23.60

Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans / Retail: $29.50 / Discount price: $23.60

Next, we have this adorable little summer dress that I just can’t get enough of! I need to go on a vacay to a nice, warm, tropical place so I can get that summer feel back and wear this super cute dress! It’s the first dress that I bought with such cute open-back detail (that’s the part I’m most excited about!!)

Material Girl / Retail: $48 / Discount Price: $15.36

Material Girl / Retail: $48 / Discount Price: $15.36

IMG_3355 IMG_3359

This high-low dress is also an amazing summer find, however I have already worn it to work this week with tights & Ugg boots, so I can for sure winterize this look! The back is also open and will just look SO GREAT when I’m tan and in shape for the summer and I am just SO EXCITED to rock this in summery weather!!

Material Girl / Retail: $44 / Discount Price: $17.60

Material Girl / Retail: $44 / Discount Price: $14.08

IMG_3348 IMG_3350

This crazy denim pineapple dress caught my eye at the last minute, and I didn’t even try it on. I just saw a sign that said $11.99 and there were rows of dresses and I knew I had to pick one at such a low price! This one called out to me because I don’t have any dresses quite like it. It feels really comfy on, but I know I’ll have to wait for a vacation or summery weather for this one : )

Keds/ Retail: $59.50 / Discount Price: $9.59

Keds/ Retail: $59.50 / Discount Price: $9.59


Ohhhhhh, this kitty cat face dress just makes me smile. I would not have gotten it if it wasn’t on the 60% off clearance rack. It’s seriously cute though and I can’t wait to pair it with some leggings and a cute jacket! Crazy cat lady, I don’t currrrrr.

Material Girl/ Retail: $34 / Discount Price: $10.88

Material Girl/ Retail: $34 / Discount Price: $10.88


I also managed to pick up a couple items for the bf. I was SOOOO happy to see these awesome Amurican trunks! I have a red white and blue bikini and now he will have some trunks to match! Woo hoooo! hahaha. This cool tee shirt was also calling his name, with the awesome design and pretty sunset scene. He looks adorbs in both of course ; )

3rd & Army Swimwear/ Retail: $59 / Discount Price: $11.99

3rd & Army Swimwear/ Retail: $59 / Discount Price: $11.99

Buffalo David Bitton Shirt/ Retail: $35 / Discount Price: $7.99

Buffalo David Bitton Shirt/ Retail: $35 / Discount Price: $7.99



I’m glad I got to share my wonderful new finds! Even though I have to wait to wear some of the dresses, it will be worth it! Also, finding my most favorite pair of pants is such a great feeling!!!! I can wear these black “jeans” to both my jobs and they are just so comfy and movable and breathable… I just can’t get enough! hahaha : )

all love & smiles,


Why I’m Smiling Today…

This is my 88th post!!!
I am obsessed with the number 8 and it makes me so happy that I actually stuck with something this long…. I know 88 is probably nothing to most bloggers, but I’m so proud of myself for sticking with something for this long : ) Yay for me!


++ Today was not TOO crappy of a day at work, I actually had some pleasant conversations with clients and people didn’t seem to be as dumb/crazy as usual!
++ Also it is SO EXCITING that Michael loves his job and is doing so great at his new building! It makes me so happy to see SOMEONE happy at their job… ; )
++ I should have a fabulous evening, I get off work today at 5 & then I can have a little late New Music Tuesday discovery time, and then watch some of our new shows & football with my babes : ) Feelin goooooooooooooood.

++ Anddddd lastly, the photo of the day today on Insta was #YouToday… here is my mr. roger’s sweater, along with some of my favorite grey flats #FMSphotoaday #youtoday

photo (13)


all love & smiles,