Wantable Intimates Box February 2014 Review


Wantable Intimates is a wonderful subscription box that sends out 4-5 premium essentials that are handpicked to perfectly match your preferences. Before you complete your purchase of the box, you fill out a survey that lets them know your loves, likes, and dislikes. Whatever you “dislike” they will make sure to NOT send you, and send you more of your “loves”, so because of this, these boxes are specially packed for everyone!


There is nothing too special about the packaging, a simple little box, and that includes a listing of your items inside. They review your order information and also include the retail value of all items included. This is a great feature because it’s always nice to know the value of the items in your subscriptions!
This month, the total value of my box was $88.00, which is fantastic considering it only cost me $36 bucks.


The first item in the box was a pair of Muk Luks Boot Height Socks
These retail for $15.00
For Christmas I got 2 pairs of Muk Lights tights and I have loved them, so soft!!! Really excited about these socks, will be great for all this crazy freezing weather!


Next, Q-T Intimates Heart Bra Clips (3 pack – clear, black, nude)
These retail for $9.00
These look cuter than the normal circle ones I picked up at the Dollar Tree years back, maybe I can remember to put these to more use this time… (also I cannot find these online, it looks like they were made exclusively for Wantable)


Next we have a set from Kiby’s, the Anastasia Cami & Bikini in green.
The top retails for $34 and the panties for $10.
I have been wearing the cami around the house after work and it is COMFYYYY. So happy about these items : )

IMG_4741 IMG_4742


Lastly, I found this Wantable Soft Bra in Taupe
This retails for $20.00
I would never (ever) buy this on my own, it’s a one size fits all, but hmmm guess what, one size certainly does NOT fit all, especially in the chest. The color is terrible and I’m not really loving it, however it is pretty soft so I will probably just be wearing it around the house with my pj’s.



Overall, I’m happy with this box as I got more Muk Luks and an amazingly soft and comfy cami!



all love & smiles,



A Mean Letter to the Worst Company in Chicago

Dear Ventra/CTA,

Like you really, really suck & I hate you.


Tonight I worked the late shift, so I was alone leaving my building at night, in the dark of course, which is already not a situation I like being in. When I got to the lovely Quincy train stop, I found that my Ventra card had “insufficient funds”, which was funny because I had JUST CHECKED my balance right before I left the office, and I had $20 on there. Usually when this happens the CTA workers are nice and understanding and they let you go through or try to offer to help. Of course on my lucky day, I had to deal with a rude, fat black lady who made it clear from the first look she gave me that she was not going to help me. I don’t bring money or cards to work when I know I’m not buying anything, so I literally had no other way to get home (on the train) except my pass. The rudeass lady was no help and told me to call Ventra. Are you effing kidding me?! Everyone knows you will not get an answer or response if you call them, at least not without being on hold for an hour, so WTF?! She then walked away from me and ignored me all together, got on the phone, and mouthed to me through the glass that she was calling on my account (HOW ARE YOU CALLING ON MY ACCOUNT WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW MY NAME OR NUMBER OR ANYTHING?!)… she walked out and said “When you load money it only takes 2 minutes so wait the 2 minutes.”  I said “I have been here ‘waiting’ for almost 5 minutes and the money was loaded over an hour ago so that doesn’t make any sense…” She then repeated herself like the dumb bitch she is, and I could only just tear up more because I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I asked her if I could just hop the turnstyle and she said “you best not”. Really? Because that’s not even a correct sentence you ignorant asshole. (Sorry I’m not sorry I’m being immature with names, I’m fuming and she was a bitch! haha)


I tried signing onto my account on my phone but OF COURSE the Ventra website kept being unavailable. I was so upset, I left that station and walked to another one, all while my mom was trying to add funds to my account. After attempting to add a simple $5 that would NOT go through, I didn’t know what to do. I was about to watch the Orange line go past for the FOURTH time, but instead, I jumped the turn-style, ran onto the train, and the doors closed behind me.

You can’t stop me meow you CTA bitches!


I realize that people have probably had worst experiences and I’m fortunate enough to only have had to be upset/scared/worried for about 30 minutes, but still.
Being alone in the city with no way home is a terrible, terrible feeling.
I learned my lesson that I should always keep some emergency dollars in my bag, in the case where the ghettoass Ventra card doesn’t work.



Yours truly,

The Girl That Might Make A New Habit Of Jumping Turnstyles


PS: I had a colleague that had to walk 2 miles in the freezingness to work last month because of issues with his pass, and no one letting him on. This company needs to die a slow and miserable death. And Chicago needs to step up their transportation game. How hard can it be? Just get a simple system that works. Everyday people use their credit cards and don’t have any problems… why can’t they just work the same way? Seems so simple. Freakin idiots.

PPS: Did I mention that ANOTHER colleague found out he had been ripped off over $40 from them stealing money from him?
And they have double charged me time and time again, but thankfully I have a wonderful credit card (AmEx) and their service is superior and will give you your money back.

VENTRA IS GANGSTA. You saw it here first.
True story.


Project Life!!! Project Life!!!!


I am soooo excited to finally be starting Project Life!! I bought all my goodies/supplies for it back in October, but I was undecided when/how/where I would start, and it was a bit overwhelming! I realized that it should be fun of course, and not overwhelming, so I decided I would just start fresh in 2014, beginning right from Jan 1! I’m keeping track of the weeks in my planner, and I’ve been making sure to keep photos extra organized to make the printing process weekly as easy as possible.



I went a little crazy and got a ton of PL items (I couldn’t help it, they were all on sale at Michael’s for 40% off which makes everything pretty cheap, and I’m pretty sure they have these sales often!!) I went with the Honey edition of the core kit, along with the matching Honey binder/book (at first I didn’t even realize they were meant to be together, I just liked both of the designs the best!) I also then added the mini Holiday and Seasons kits, which are full of adorable cards!



And of course, when I get obsessed with something I dive alllll the way into it, so I had to find some Etsy shops and buy even MORE loads of cards so that each and every part of my year can have cute corresponding decorative cards 😉 haha


I also picked up extra pages that fit instagram photo sizes!!! (along with the normal pages I purchased first, I got the variety pack #2)




I am PUMPED to get this started and start sharing my book on here.
I hope to have a great year and be able to document all the little things throughout the day that make me smile. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to start a new craft!! Project Life, here I come! : )

all love & smiles,


Life Planner 2014


Is this not the cutest planner you’ve ever seen!?!?

I’m obsessed with my new Erin Condren life planner. I have been wanting to save up
and buy a super amazing planner like this one for some time now, and I figured
that starting one for the new year would make the most sense. I spent a whole day
going through this marvelous planner and marking down birthdays, events, important dates,
etc., for the year, and I am so pumped to keep up with it! I’m using it as a money
tracker and also blog notebook too. Everything all in one!!!! SO AMAZING!!!

IMG_4444 IMG_4445 IMG_4446


It arrived at my doorstep in a cute box, all wrapped up like I was opening
a present (which essentially I was!!!) I ordered the life planner, along with colorful
cute bands to hold the planner together. They also send you goodies, all
these monogrammed tags and goodies! How nice!

IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4450 IMG_4451 IMG_4452 IMG_4453 IMG_4455

Here are the many different features to the life planner (and all the reasons I absolutely love it
& can’t believe I’ve been without one all this time!! haha):
The covers are sturdy and lamenated, and along the ways of the planner
there are inspirational quotes, cute designs, etc., as you can see from the start of the planner.

The calendars are set up so you can see a monthly view, and then also a weekly view,
where you can space to write for morning, day, and night. I’m using my weekly views to track activities
and then to monitor my money and keep notes for the blog. It also comes with colorful
stickers with various events, along with extra blank stickers to fill in yourself. There is a folder for keeping
random papers, along with a lil pencil case that will be storing all my receipts… perfect!!!

There are pages for keeping track of birthdays/anniversaries, along with pages for notes (lined
and blank), address book, and calendar views from 2013 + 2015.

This thing is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t recommend it more! Yes, it’s pricey,
BUT if you make a vow to actually use it throughout the year, it can be super
helpful and can be your go-to book throughout the year for all your notes,
dates, thoughts, etc.  PERFECT!!

all love & smiles,


New Year, New Me

Happy New Year & a very Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

I was on a slight vacay from the blog during the last 2 crazy busy weeks with Christmas,
New Years, errands, dinners, parties…. and now (at least here in Chicago), all this crazy snow!!!
I’m not complaining at all because I sure do love all the pretty whiteness everywhere, but it is slightly harder
to get around, which makes little tasks like running to the drug store or even taking out the trash
a much bigger deal. Oh well, I love it! It’s been absolutely FREEZING here (Monday’s high is -8),
YES, you read that right, NEGATIVE EIGHT. But I’m just gonna pretend like it’s
not gonna happen, because then that way it’s less scary! haha

I have so many fun projects and ideas that I want to conquer this year of 2014, and
I am trying to start fresh and new from the beginning! I will be posting about this later,
but I am starting Project Life, organizing/finally decorating all
the lovely spaces I have in our home (with some intense before
and after shots!!!), really trying to be conscious about documenting my meals, using more
of my extensive wardrobe & accessories, taking more pictures of everyday life,
cooking more meals at home, staying crazy organized and NOT forgetful with my new Erin Condren Life Planner,
and I guess the list can go on and on, but I am honestly excited
about it all and can’t wait to start documenting my whole year
RIGHT HERE!!!! : )

…… Starting with the end of good ol’ 2013,
+ into the first couple days of the New Year.

On New Year’s Eve I took off work so we could finish some chores around the
house. We ran out to Target for kleenex, dish soap, + milk…. and ended up
with all these goodies, plus some excellent comfy-lazy onsies to lounge around
the house in… oh! and Michael gave me my Christmas surprise: a 3DS! May
sound weird at first, but this lil gameboy thingie is so much fun haha.
Suffice to say, the rest of the day consisted of laying around in onsies
playing games & finally relaxing for a day.

IMG_4350 IMG_4353 IMG_4356

First picture of all 3 kittys in the new year, first meal…BACON haha,
crazy amounts of snow that looked like it was piling up on our 2nd
floor!!!.., and then new year’s day, when all we did was spend the
day in jamies and relax AGAIN, it was marvelous… only time
we left was to a delicious lunch with the family.

IMG_4361 IMG_4364 IMG_4365 IMG_4382IMG_4396IMG_4376IMG_4379As far as food the past couple days, it’s been pretty great, with
my new pan fried pepperjack chicken experiment that
was so delicious, cheap buffet sushi from inside my building
that I find to be delicious (and yes, I was playing games on
lunch break hahah), along with some yummy turkey
wiener pigs in blankets.

IMG_4401 IMG_4408 IMG_4388 IMG_4380 IMG_4369


all those cups? yuuuup, water + apple juice + hot chocolate + milk + coffee…
like i said, it was a lazy day.

anywayyyyyy, I’m gonna go off and play with my new planner : )

all love & smiles,


PetFlow Spoiled Rotten December 2013 Review

{This review is for the CAT subscription to the PetFlow Spoiled Rotten box}
Spoiled Rotten is a subscription box for your pets (cats OR dogs) from the pet food delivery company, PetFlow.com. I have subscribed for 3 months now and the boxes just keep getting better and better!!! I have been searching for an amazing kitty box (because almost all the pet boxes I see are only for dogs) and since I have 3 kittys at home and they seem to be obsessed and curious about all my other boxes I open, I just knew I needed a service that sent me new treats and toys and food and fun for my little bubbas.
Spoiled Rotten is only $24.99/month, and you can get $5 off your first month with the code MYPET. Some of the newer boxes are springing up and seem to be at a slightly higher price point, so I am SO HAPPY about the amazing value of Petflow.
IMG_4257 IMG_4258
It came with a card that covered the descriptions of everything in the box, not to mention how nicely wrapped everything was! This is the way they describe the box: “Every edible product is MADE IN THE USA. All products are made by premium companies and each box is stuffed with almost $40 worth of products for $24.99 a month. This is the best way to make their tails wag and discover brand new, amazing products from amazing companies that love your pet as much as you do.”
IMG_4259 IMG_4275
Whats inside
1 ~ Natural Balance L.I.T. Salmon & Potato Formula Treats
The kittys got another flavor of these same treats previously, and of course they love them!
2 ~ EVO Grain Free Wild Cravings Turkey & Chicken Formula Treats
3 ~ Holistic Select Meat + Fish Recipe Canned Cat Food
$1.38/ 2 cans
This morning I fed them the Shrimp + Salmon flavor and they LOVED it, licking up their bowls even quicker than usual! This came in a baggie full of info, coupons, a button, and even a can lid!
4 ~ Zukes Natural Purrz Tender Chicken Treats
The cats were obsessed with these lil chunks o’ chicken! They were attacking the bag anda trying to run away with it.
5 ~ Sprong Go Buggy Cat Toy
$4 (price of the same toys in different shapes, although I couldn’t find this exact one online)
At first, they didn’t seem too impressed with this little red strange toy, but then Aria quickly came to love it and was literally running up and down the house with it going crazy!
6 ~ Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Cat Toy
They were tearing open the box trying to get to this catnip filled cigar. Dexter was going absolutely crazy for it and was licking on that thing forever! Safe to say, last night my kittys were completely out of their minds, bouncing off the walls, the Christmas tree, etc.
product value
Cigar: $5
Toy: $4
Chicken treats: $3.99
Canned food: $1.38
EVO treats: $9.49
Salmon treats: $4.49
Very happy with the value and wonderful products I (we) discovered this month! : )
{pic of everything in box}

Popsugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday 2013 Review


This was a special edition box (one time purchase) from Popsugar, that is no longer available (I’m pretty sure they sell out very quickly). This was the first time that I sprang for one of their Special Edition boxes, and boyyyyyy am I glad I did!!!!


Unlike their regular monthly subscription box, this box is a one time purchase, and they generally have 4 of these “seasonal” special edition boxes a year. They are a bit more pricey than the regular box, costing $100, but of course promising a value of products that is much, much higher.


The box itself is just overall amazing. It comes in a reusable, nice black plasticy box, and everything in the inside comes wrapped, just like you’re opening a special present. I surely felt like I was opening a Christmas present from myself (now that I think about it, I kind of wish I kept this under the tree and opened it on Christmas just to make it even more special)… although I don’t know if I could have waited for that!

Whats inside

1 ~ Cuyana – Elizabeth Infinity Scarf
This scarf… ohhhh this lovely, super soft, oh so warm, scarf, how I adore you. I was kind of creeped out for a second that it’s made of purely baby alpaca fur, but I realized it’s actually healthy for them and with their coat they are too hot, etc., etc., so this way, we are both benefitting… this scarf is absolutely fabulous and perfect for both fall & winter!

IMG_4199 IMG_4200

2 ~ Erickson Beamon Rocks – Blondie Stone Bangle
$75+ {this is just an estimate when comparing prices to similar items in their collection}
I have to be honest and say that I was not familiar with the Erickson Beamon Rocks brand at all before this bracelet discovery. This is a great piece, especially for holday outfits around this time of year.

IMG_4205 IMG_4206

3 ~ Lunares – Cheese Paddle with Knife
What an amazingly awesome cheese plate!!! This is so unique and cool looking, can’t wait to show it off one day!


4 ~ Tokyomilk by Margot Elena – Body Souffle
This product, packaging, scent, everything about it gets an A+!!! It smells wonderful and the heavy square container is so unique and feels so incredibly fancy (which essentially it is considering it’s a $40 lotion!) LOVE love love this product.

IMG_4171 IMG_4172

5 ~ Fatty Sundays – Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels
These look so great, however, I do not like dark chocolate, so that’s a bummer. I’m sure someone else will enjoy them in my family this Christmas season though! : )


6 ~ Winks by Georgie – False Lash Compact
I love false eyelashes. I think they look so pretty on girls BUT I am just so so so bad at applying them. I like that these are good for your skin, and reusable, so I am eager to try and give it another go! For parties during this season, this is a perfect go to item!


7 ~ Graphic Image – 2014 Datebook
OMG!!! I was legit squealing when I opened this!! By far the fanciest, nicest most beautiful little planner that I have ever seen. I love how it was packaged, in a fancy little box. It’s the perfect size for purse, desk, bag, travel, anything!!! AMAZING GIFT!!!!!!

IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203
product value
Scarf: $65
Bangle: $75(ish)
Cheese paddle: $69
Lotion: $40
Pretzels: $6.95
Lashes: $28
Datebook: $97
TOTAL VALUE: $380.95
This is an amazing value for the amount paid, and I absolutely love almost everything in the box! I am now sooooo eager to discover the other special edition boxes that will become available in the future… I want the “spring” box already!!!


all love & smiles,

Popsugar Must Have Box December 2013 Review

The Box
POPSUGAR Must Have Box. This is one of my favorite boxes that I subscribe to because of all the full-sized products and the range of categories the items fall into. It’s basically like opening a surprise gift to myself! “POPSUGAR’s monthly favorites delivered to your door. Hand selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. Full sized products and premium items.”
$39.95/month with free shipping! The total value of these boxes is basically always over $100 so you definitely get your money’s worth!
the goods
The box is always bursting full with amazing full size products, and I honestly love their little fold out notecards on why they picked each product and how it can be put to good use. They do a great job of explaining the items in this packet. This is my absolute most favorite box that I look forward to and always am so excited and happy about the products that I receive!
Whats inside
1 ~ Lulu Frost for Popsugar Bracelet
If you look at this bracelet through the link provided, you would think it’s a gorgeous peice, with the thrifty looking gold and great pendant… in realy life however, it looks like it would be a 2 for $1 deal at the Dollar Tree. No joke. I wanted to love this, but I honestly think it lookds strange next to my nice bracelets I like to wear regularly. It is a cute concept, but I just wish it didn’t look so cheap… reguardless of the $110 pricetag. {I also feel bad for any customers that order this peice from online, only using their photo as the reference, because they will certainly be suprised when their bracelet comes and looks the ways it does…}
IMG_4196 IMG_4197
2 ~ Mixt Studio Holiday Gifting Set
I love crafting/art type supplies, so this was a hit for me. I love fun new paper and designs, and although at first I thought the blue paper was weird, I realized that it was full of waterprint snowflakes and it looks gorgeous!
3 ~ Modelco Fibre Lashxtend Black Mascara
I instantly tried this mascara and it was FABULOUS! It worked just as well (if not better) than They’re Real! Benefit mascara. The mirror on the side is a great added benefit for on the go too! Love this item!
4 ~ Govino Go Anywhere Flutes
These little flutes are freakin awesome! They look like real crystal but they are totally just plastic and washable and portable! I like that you can set them down and they are less likely to fall over without the long stem. These are a hit!
5 ~ CC Made Caramel Corn – Pictachio Nut
$4.00/ 3oz.
This looks like a very fun unique flavor! I love caramel corn, so I’m sure these will be great.
6 ~ NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail Wraps
I’ve never used nail “wraps” before, but the directions seem easy enough. The designs are really cute and Christmasy, so I know I’ll be giving these a try soon for the season.
7 ~ Ghirardelli Squares Chocolates
Milk & Caramel, $4.25
Holiday Edition, $6.00
Me & the bf were both happy for this sweet suprise! The Holiday bag flavors were what I was most excited to try: Pumpkin Spice Caramel, Peppermint Bark, & Eggnog. DELISH!
product value
Bracelet: $110
Paper: $9
Mascara: $20
Flutes: $12.95
Popcorn: $4
Nail Wraps: $16
Chocolate: $10.25
TOTAL VALUE: $182.20
I know this value is a bit skewed if you, like me, don’t believe this bracelet is worth anywhere NEAR $110, but retail value-wise, this is accurate.
all love & smiles,

Bears vs. Ravens – Epic Monsoon Game

Back a few Sundays ago, on November 17th, the Chicago Bears
played the Baltimore Ravens. And an epic game it was. Not because of the actual
sport itself, but because of the crazy rain/tornado weather that we got to
be a part of… Normally I would never wish to be stuck outside
in a huge, crazy storm, bigger than anything I have ever
seen before in person, but that Sunday was completely amazing.

Even though we were soaking wet and we were stuck in the stands
because the hallways were too full of people in the biggest clusterfuck I have
ever seen in my life, it was still a fantastic time! Before the game,
the weather was beautiful, no coat was even necessary! We had a great
time at the tail-gate, and then an even more adventurous crazy time
during the game of the lifetime. ALSO THE BEARS ENDED UP WINNING
SO THAT WAS GREAT TOO!!! wooo woooooo!!!

Cheers to the craziest game I have ever been to in my life.
And probably ever.

We started out in sunshine, drinking & eating away…..

photo 5 photo 4 photo photo 3

Before leaving for the game, we wanted to make sure to stay prepared
for the crazy storm ahead, so my mom got us these fantastic
bright yellow Breaking Bad-esque rain suits. Me & Michael loved these!
{they seriously kept us dry throughout the entire monsoon!!!}

photo 1 DSCN1086

When we were TRYING to evacuate from our seats, we were
pretty hysterical from the beer, the laughing, the meer fact that
we were LITERALLY getting buckets of rain dumped on our
heads and the wind was so crazy I could have blown away…
We still kept smiles on our face and made the best of it!

DSCN1072 DSCN1073 DSCN1078 DSCN1074

That last one was my mom trying to take a pic of me & dad…. hahaha : )

So glad I got to be part of a historical game for the Chicago Bears!!! Wooooo let’s go!

all love & smiles,


Tyler Florence Fancy Box November 2013 Review

The Box

This is my second month subscribing to the Tyler Florence Fancy Box & I am so thrilled with this subscription! This subscription promises: “Get a collection of the best home goods hand-picked by celebrity chef Tyler Florence each month. Each box includes $80.00+ of products.” I’ve been reading reviews on these boxes for months and absolutely love all the kitchen products and gadgets included in each one. Definitely a perfect box for someone who wants to branch out in the kitchen! : )


$39/month, + shipping costs (mine is $7.95). The value of the products inside is almost always double the cost of the box, if not more. We’re always talking full sized items people!!

the goods

Always included is an envelope with your order and some silly stickers & also cards about each product selected for the box, along with the explanations of why Tyler chose each and every item for this month! This is a great feature as it’s interesting to see why he thought the items would be great for people. I love a nicely curated box, and this one is just perfect because it revolves around food/kitchens!

Whats inside

1 • Dreamfarm Smood
This thing is so magical!!! So perfect for a weakling like me that has absolutely zero upper arm strength to do anything. The video on their website shows how amazing and fast this utensil is… perfect!

2 • HIC Individual Mini Pie Dish Porcelain 
This lil dish is super tiny and adorable, I will probably end up using it for dips (it looks perfect for when I make spicy mayo with my sushi!!!). Or maybe I will branch out and make us some mini cute pies : )

I wanted to show how small this mini dish really is, so Dexter did a great job of jumping in the pic just in time to compare.

I wanted to show how small this mini dish really is, so Dexter did a great job of jumping in the pic just in time to compare.

3 • Tyler Florence Spiced Apple Brine
I’m eager to try this yummy flavor… I want to figure out a way where I can kind of just steam/brine in my crockpot instead of doing all the fancy work for a full turkey or something.. haha.

4 • Tyler Florence Black Stripe Towels
I would never normally buy a kitchen towel that costs this much money, but these are great quality and I am so happy to have them in our kitchen! I feel fancy : )

5 • Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons
At first I thought I was getting recycled, already been used measuring spoons from the looks of mine. Then I checked out the product on the Fancy website (the link that I provided), only to find out that that’s the way they all look. So I guess mine aren’t “used” haha! But they aren’t the nicest looking things in the world, I would have preferring something cuter or even just not all scuffed up. The look isn’t as vintagy as I would imagine this to be.

I really don't understand why the design is all scuffed up and stuff...

I really don’t understand why the design is all scuffed up and stuff…

product value
Smood: $24.95
Dish: $16.37
Brine: $6
Towels: $25
Spoons: $6
TOTAL VALUE: $78.32 
I was really happy with almost all the products in this month’s box! The Tyler Florence Box is certainly one of my favorites now : )
{pic of everything in box}