Phone Case of the Month October 2013 Review


The Box

Phone Case of the Month is an amazing new subscription service that I have been so excited to try! If you’re like me, you find a cute case for your iPhone, get all excited about it, show it off a bit, but then slowly but surely I’m over it and already looking for a new one…. Phone Case of the Month solves this little dilemma!
You receive ONE phone case a month, and only 200 cases of each design are printed, so they are limited edition. All designs are exclusive to Phone Case of the Month and will never be found anywhere else. You can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked {this is something GREAT for subscription services as sometimes it can take days/weeks just to get someone to cancel for you!}
Currently, they are only producing cases for the iPhone 4 & 5 {so they would also fit the iPhone 4S as they are the same PHYSICAL size}.



You get one phone case a month for only $10! {this includes FREE shipping!}

the goods IMG_3490{I got 2 cases as I graciously accepted their offer to try and review 2 of their cases, free of charge. Although the month was free for me, these opinions are all my own and all honest.}
Each phone case comes in a nice little pouch, also filled with little treats such as stickers, figurines, and mini notepads. These were a cute little touch and felt like I was gettin’ a lil’ something extra besides the main phone case. Also, as you will see, each phone case comes with a card that reads a little blurb about the design of the case {since they are all pretty unique and exclusive}.

Whats inside IMG_3491 IMG_3492

The first case I got was “It’s Electric”. As soon as I saw this I couldn’t be more excited because I realized the theme of my cases this month: CHICAGO! And that’s where I’m from of course! It was awesome to see a case with the Orange Line train on there; that’s actually what I ride everyday to get to work!! This is an awesome case and my boyfriend snagged it right away and has been displaying it on his iPhone proudly {I of course shared my cases with him this month because I received two haha}.


The second case is called “Abducted”, and this is the case I have had on my phone since I received my Phone Case of the Month package! It is so unique and adorable…. Aliens coming from outer space to steal our famous delicious Chicago style pizza… it’s so weird and awesome, just like me! haha : ) I have gotten a couple compliments and comments on this awesome case for the past week that I have had it on my phone, and it’s pretty exciting thinking that next month you will get a whole new case with a whole new theme! SUCH a great service, especially if you’re phone obsessed like me. ; )

This subscription is honestly great; 1 quality phone case a month, $10 bucks with no hidden charges or fees, every comes wrapped all cute and nice, and you never have to get bored with your phone case again… simple as that!!!! Follow this link to get yourself signed up for Phone Case of the Month!! 🙂

all love & smiles,