Best New Music Tuesday of All Time.

Today, two of my favorite artists released new albums that I have been not so patiently waiting for for MONTHS. Finally, the day has come!! Eminem and Avril Lavigne. On the same day. On the way home from work today we had to of course stop at Best Buy so I could get the physical copy of the CD’s (picked up these both and then also Katy Perry’s new CD because I’m a week behind on that one!).

Soooo I shall be off listening to these new CD’s for probably months on repeat in my car… Perfection 🙂



Avril’s new self-titled album. The best part of the entire album: the fact that NUMBER EIGHT 8!!! (which I’m obsessed with) is called Hello Kitty and it’s a crazy EDM mashup with her saying MEOWWWW and it’s just so weird and strange and perfect for me. Made me smile and was the first song we loved from the album!



and OF COURSE, the best of them all… Eminem. I have always loved his music so much and I am sooooo excited that this entire album already sounds amazing. It’s full of excellent new songs with old beats and just make to his amazing ways of rapping. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ❤

happy listening,


{Kacey Musgraves} New Music Tuesday


Soooo I still buy albums, I love having the physical CD in my hand and listening to the CD, reading the lyrics, looking through the booklets…. I have never gotten sick of it since my music obsession started when I was just a little girl buying Spice Girls tapes. Anyway, THIS ALBUM IS SO FANTASTIC!!!! (I might be watching a little too much Parks & Rec, Chris Tregar is rubbing off on me!)

I had been reading great things about miss 24 year old Kacey Musgraves and her album “Same Trailer Different Park”. It most certainly lived up the hype!! She writes clever songs that made me smile and relate to them completely.


She is uuber talented, gorgeous, and one of my favorite new country artists.

Scan 1

I just sat and listened to the album in it’s entirety, and I really enjoyed all the songs, but my favorites have to be…

• Follow Your Arrow
• Step Off
• Stupid
• Merry Go ‘Round
• Blowin’ Smoke
• My House

I realize I just mentioned 6 songs and there are only 12 total on the album, but I couldn’t just pick a top 3 favorite. The other 6 are amazing too, it was hard just choosing 6 of them!!

I get super excited when I discover a new artist I love, so I just had to share! Everyone just go on iTunes and at least give her a try, her single “Blowin’ Smoke” is the Free Single of the Week, so what’s there to lose?!

Music video for “Merry Go ‘Round”, her first single that was released over 6 months ago.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse


Songs I Love Today

I’m always going through phases of all my favorite songs. I’ll start to love a song I hate, I’ll discover a new song one day and have it on repeat over and over, or I’ll get a new CD and that will be the only thing I listen to in the car…for weeks, maybe months. There are so many different reasons why I love all the random songs that I do: I love when they make me super happy, when they’re sad, when the lyrics are amazing, when the beat is so memorable, and so on. One of the coolest parts of my phases of being obsessed with certain songs/bands is the fact that whenever I then listen to those songs again, I get that rush of good feelings that I associated with the songs in the first place. I love that music can take me back to any time, anywhere; it’s so magical to me in that way. On any given day I can hear a song and let it bring me back to a very particular moment in time, and I just love that feeling!!

Anyway, these are a couple songs that have been on repeat for a while, or ones that I am currently obsessed with and why. I love sharing music with people, and I love making lists and organizing my music in certain ways….. so this is just fabulous! Check out some of these songs, you might like something you wouldn’t have ever heard of before :]

“Walking The Dog” by fun.
Aim and Ignite, Sept 2010
This song is from their first album, before they ever got big. They opened for a Taking Back Sunday concert I was at back in Iowa, and I remember them playing this song because it was my favorite. These guys are so great, all their songs perk up my mood.


“Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant
Young the Giant, Oct 2010

This is such a fun song! I had never heard it before and then one day it just popped on my Pandora playlist and I fell in love with it!!! The very first line is basically my favorite, “Life’s too short to even care at all, ohhh”. It makes me smile and dance to the melody every time I hear it. 


“Awake and Alive” by Skillet
Awake, Aug 2009
I also discovered this song on Pandora while jamming to my “hard rock work out” playlist or something like that… I have found a couple cool songs on there, including this one, which I cannot get out of my head for the life of me. I love it though, so I don’t mind! I also did some research on these guys (and girls) and I didn’t even realize they were a Christian band, you would have had no idea!


“Thinking of You” by Ke$ha
Warrior, Nov 2012
Ok yeah, it’s Ke$ha, buuuut she is my guilty pleasure and this is the best song on her newest album. The bridge makes me laugh and pumps me up at the same time. It’s addicting!


“Restless Heart” by Matt Hires
Restless Heart – Single, Dec 2012

This was the free single of the week on iTunes… I’ve never loved a free song so much!! What a great artist to get introduced to, in love with his voice already :]



all love & smiles :]

mary elyse