The Goodies Co. April 2013 Review



Although this April box came on the VERY LAST DAY of the month, it was well worth the wait! Almost all 6 of the goodies inside were devoured quite quickly and everything was delicious and fun! This was well worth the $7 this month to me! Especially because I loved everything inside.


The Goodies Co. is a monthly food subscription service that only costs $7/month! This has only been my second box, but I have loved everything so far! This month might have had a “theme”, but I’m not sure because there was no information in the box about the products. That little card that was resting on top of the tissue paper said for the product listing and descriptions to go online to your account… but when I did, all I got was this — >


Rude. It seems THEY were a bit wrong because I obviously had the nice huge box right in front of me! Oh well, I really didn’t need much explanation for this month’s items… I just opened them up and tasted away!!! So now let’s get onto the goodies!!!!!

Item #1 • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar – Abbott Nutrition 
{$7.99 /6 bars}
This bar was SOOOOO FREAKIN GOOD. I thought that it would be kinda nasty because it’s more of a health bar and I didn’t believe that could actually replicate that amazing raw cookie dough taste…. but they did! It’s sooooo delicious and I can’t wait to buy myself a box of these most delicious treats! Check out the amazingness here.


Item #2 • Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn – Angie’s Popcorn 
{$7.14 /6 pack}
Sooo I was just opening all the different products to try them and then lock them back up in a ziplock bag for future snacking, but I couldn’t put these babies down! They were so addicting and light and sweet and salty and delicious! Perfect popcorn!!! :] Check them out here.


Item #3 • White Chocolate Amaretto Cookies – Lady Walton’s Cookies 
{$4.99/ box of 6 cookies}
I LOVE white chocolate so I was SO EXCITED to finally get something white chocolate related (instead of the usual dark chocolate stuff I seem to always get!). This cookie was super delicious and light and filling at the same time. Just a magical, amazing cookie. Love it! Check them out here.


Item #4 • White Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix – Riega Foods 
{$4.47/ 3 pack}
I was SO PUMPED to see this in my box! I LOVEEEE me some mac & cheese and always have tons of extra pasta laying around just ready to be boiled and smothered in delicious cheeses!! Nom nom nom! I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it. I pretty much love any mac & cheese I try (besides my fateful experience with blue cheese & mac… gross). I am happy to get a whole meal out of a product from this box, how awesome! CHEESE! Check out the product here.


Item #5 • Sweet Potato Multigran Chips – Green Giant 
{$5.98/ 2 pack}
These chips we’re exactly my FAVORITE, but they were super good! I would have liked a little more seasoning in there, but the salt was good and the chip itself was delicious, especially for a more “healthy” chip! Also love that they are sweet potatoes and the packaging. Check them out here.


Item #6 • Lime Chili Chips – Wai Lana 
{$5.98/ 2 pack}
I was so happy to get 3 different kinds of chip/popcorn snacks in this bag! I LOVE snack foods, they are so yummy! Anyway, these “chips” were fabulous! They tasted kinda like the Mexican chips you can buy on the corners in random Mexican neighborhoods around Chicago! Me and the bf actually just went out on a hunt to find some this week for chips and corn and cucumbers… mmmmm. These chips are super good though and I love how it’s more of a pork rind chip rather than a potato chip. Very different! Check them out here. 


Alright, so I clearly LOVED this month’s box of Goodies! Everything was delicious and fun and unique. However, when I was just looking through my Goodies profile to get the proper listing of the items, it shows that there was a 7th product in the box… a $50 wine giftcard for! I never received this, so maybe it was just for some special people…. I wish I got it though, would have made this box even that much better!


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Love With Food April 2013 Review


I loved almost everything in my Love With Food box this month! With 8 new things to try this month, I really liked almost everything!! Also, a little side note, these pictures are pretty terrible but ONLY because when I got this box last night it was already almost dark out and I wanted to try some of the treats so so so bad that I had to snap a few pics before I tore through the box. hahaha I guess I really did LOVE this box! :]

Love With Food is a monthly food/snack subscription service that only costs $10/month, plus for every box you get, they donate a meal to a hungry child. I think it’s a pretty cheap price for that, plus all the deliciousness that I get inside! This month was curated by Andrew Zimmern, so I was OH SO EXCITED to see what he chose for this box. Although I was at first a little skeptical how much influence he actually had in the box, after some research on the products, I found he actually DOES “endorse” these products! Look for the short clip from his show on the very first product I reviewed from the box!


Now onto the goodies!!!!! :]

Item #1 • Air Popped Sorghum Grain from Mini Pops 
Full size: $2.98 
These little guys were super adorable! I love butter a LOT so the fact that they barely had much flavor wasn’t too fun for me, and they are really hard to eat, I guess you are just sopposed to pour them in your mouth out of the bag, but I’m not one to do that…. They were good though, and I’m sure if I tried a different flavor, I would love them even more! Also, watch the short clip below from Andrew on his show about popped sorghum! Check out the product here.


Items 2 & 3 • Original + Sea Salt Cocomel from JJ’s Sweets 
Full size: $7.99 
Oh Em Gee. I am not usually a caramel person, I never really eat it plain. I wanted to try these, especially the sea salt one, because of the interesting coconut milk that it’s made of. THEY WERE SOOOOO FANTASTIC! I loved both the regular and sea salt (probably the sea salt one a little more) and would definitely go out and buy these yummy candies!!! Check out their website here.


Item #4 • Organic Fennel Pollen from Pollen Ranch
Full size: $15.00 
I wish it was almost anyyyyy other herb/spice, but this smells like licorice so I don’t want it anywhere near my food. I’m really not that picky with much else food-wise, just no licorice or bleu cheese please. Check out their website here.


Item #5 • Lemony Lover Olives from Oloves 
Full size: $14.99/ 10 pack
Up until this point in my life, I never really preferred olives. I would pick them off my salads, scrap them off my pizza, and accidentally let them fall out of sandwiches. NOT ANYMORE. These were the most amazingly delicious snack I have ever consumed (for only 50 calories!!!!!!) They seem to be all sold out on Amazon, but they do have them for sale on Love With Food’s site here. These were just SO GOOD. The garlicky lemony goodness was almost too much to handle! So gooooood!!! It looks like they have 2 other flavors, Tasty Mediterranean and Hot Chilli Mama. I want to try them all!!! Check out their website here.


Item #6 • Salty Pepper Nuggets from Somersault Snacks 
Full size: $3.99 
I haven’t tried these little babies yet, but I’m sure they’d be great for a healthy snack! Sunflower seeds and toasted grains just doesn’t sound very appealing to me… or I guess it just didn’t when I had all these other delicious choices to try out! Check them out here.


Item #7 • Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip from Buff Lo Dip 
Full size: $19.99/ (3) 15.0 oz jars 
I was SO EXCITED to pull this out of my box! I am obsessed with buffalo ANYTHING and I’m also a ranch lover, so this was perfection. I loved the thicker consistency so it stays put when I dip my veggies in. I know we only got a small sample, but if I had more of this deliciousness, I would spreading all over my chicken, mac n cheese, pizza, anything. It’s seriously delicious! You can check out/buy the dip on Love with Food here. I went onto Buff Lo Dip’s website, and it was awesome to see/read that it was just a guy, in his kitchen, looking to make something buffalo-ranchy and came up with the excellent recipe. What a great find! I am the queen of condiments over here and I am happy to discover a new love! I also love the packaging, it’s different and very eye catching. Check out their website here.


Item #8 • Smoky Chili & Lime Chickpeas from The Good Bean 
Full size: $18.98/ 6 bags 
I’m really not too fond of the chickpea, but with a flavor like Smoky Chili & Lime, I had to give these a try! They were actually pretty good! I couldn’t eat the whole bag in one sitting, but a couple munches here and there will be good for me. The flavor is delicious and it’s better than me eating a whole bag of chips! haha (This was also a nice big sized bag!!! Full size yay!) Check them out here.


I thought the April tasters box was fantastic! Super delicious and found a few of my new favorite brands/food!!!


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Ipsy Glambag April 2013 Review

“Pretty In Pink”


That’s the theme for this month’s ipsy Glambag, and for the first time, I can actually make sense of the theme they picked! All the items were pink and adorable and although we only got 4 items, 3 are full sized, so that was awesome! Ipsy costs $10/month, and you usually get 4-5 deluxe samples of beauty products to try!


The bag this month was adorable! First white bag I’ve gotten from Glambag, and the inside is just so cute with the pink & white stripes! The cute bags are definitely a reason that I keep this subscription going, and ones like this make me extra happy :]


The thing I DON’T like about ipsy is the fact that they don’t even give you a description of the products, let alone a product list itself! All the card they send tells you is the theme of the month, and then the discounts you can get on the brands on the ipsy website…. ehhh nothing too special, I would prefer descriptions, pricing, etc.


But let’s get to the goodies in the April bag!!!!

Item #1 • Be A… Bombshell 
Blush, Full size, $16.00 
I received this blush in the color “Beach Please”. This product paid for the bag itself! Plus $6 more! How awesome! I love this brand, I have gotten samples of lip products of theirs and have loved them. The packaging and color names are clever are cute! This is superrr pink, but with just the right amount applied, is perfect :] Check out the product here!

IMG_1380 IMG_1381

Item #2 • Big Sexy Hair 
Hair Powder Play – Volumizing & Texturizing Powder, .07 oz (Full size: 0.53 oz, $15.95) 
Ahhhh this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! I JUST had to throw away my other hair powder I was using because it got wet and creepy and wasn’t working right… I am so happy to have this little sample to make sure I love this one as much as my other one (I used to use Not Your Mother’s Hair Powder… I LOVE that brand, cheap & super amazing). I used to use a lot of Sexy Hair products, so hopefully I will love this one too! Perfect! Check out the product here.


Item #3 • Miss Professional Nail 
Nail Lacquer, Love At First Bite, Full size, $5.00 
This color was especially made for ipsy, therefore it can’t be found on the Miss Professional website, but I wasn’t aware of the brand before, and online they have sooo many adorable colors under the “Sation”collection, and at only $5, it’s well worth it! This nail polish is all around EXCELLENT. The bottle and brush are perfect quality, and even though I have never even purchased a nude color on my own (it’s just not my thing) I ADORE this color! The subtle pink hue makes it the perfect nude for me and my skin tone! I LOVE THIS! With just 1 coat it looks pretty, which makes the love the formula itself! Excellent nail polish!!! Check out some of the other colors in the Sation collection here.

IMG_1385 IMG_1386

Item #4 • Two Cosmetics 
Duo Eyeshadow, Heartache, Full size, $5.75 
This eyeshadow duo is pretty nice in that both pinks are almost the same, but one is super shimmery and the other is more of a matte. I love that it’s full sized, and nice packaging is a great touch. I’m not really big on eye shadows, but it’s nice that these colors are pretty neutral, so they’d be easily blend-able with the normal eye makeup I like to wear :] Check out the product here.

IMG_1382 IMG_1384

I don’t know if it’s just me comparing April’s glam bag to the Birchbox I got yesterday, but this bag was excellent! I love the full sized products, and the sample was perfectly what I needed for my hair right now! Excellent!! I hope your glam bag was just was wonderful :]


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse