Love With Food May 2013 Review

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This might be my favorite Love With Food box yet!! Everything that I have tried so far (and I only just got the box TODAY), has been absolutely delicious. The theme this month was “Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed”, and the theme works great, probably because all the products are just super unique and tasty!


Love With Food is only $10/month, and they send you gourmet samples of amazing new foods. You can learn more about the service in my subscription box section. I have discovered so many new/different brands that I had never before even heard of before trying them from these kinds of boxes. This one is full of fun new products and brands! It’s never been a let-down. And this month I think is my absolute favorite thus far!


Each month, they send you a nice little card with that month’s theme and the rundown of all the tasty new treats inside the box. This month, there is a “Mystery Item” listed, however when I go to the website it says nothing about my actual 8th product, which I will review last, so I’m kind of confused about that…. Otherwise, I loved this box!!!

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Item 1 • Great Full Cookie, The Cookie Department, Inc. 
{$36.00/box of 12}
This cookie is full of sweet potato and cranberries. And it was one of the best cookies that I have ever tried!! It was super sweet, but in a perfect way, and I loved the cranberries and the super super softness of the cookie. Plus, it was huge. It was actually 2 servings, so I was only supposed to eat 1/2 at one time… Buuuut it was just too good. I couldn’t help myself. Check out the cookies here.


Item 2 • Strawberry Preserves, Bonne Maman 
{$4.99/13 oz. jar}
I was SO HAPPY to see this adorable little jam jar in my box this month because I had already recieved it before in my March Goodies Co. box and I LOVED it {you can find the review here.} It’s a really tiny amount in there, just enough to spread on 2 slices of toast, but they were two DELICIOUS pieces of toast! I love this jam and I’m so happy I get to have some more. Check out the jams here.


Item 3 • Hand Drip Coffee, Caffe Borsa, Sumatra flavor 
{$17.99/2 boxes}
I’m a little confused about this product only because I don’t know why I would normally want to choose this hand-made coffee over letting my coffee pot do the work and I can get ready while it’s making the coffee FOR ME. But I’m probably just missing the point of this, I didn’t really give it a second look yet and read over the directions and whatnot. Who knows, it could be super amazing. See for yourself on their website.


Item 4 • Original Cajun Seasoning, “Slap Ya Mama” 
{$3.50/8 oz. canister}
This seasoning looks so fun! I’m a sucker for fun names and packaging and these guys did a great job with both! I’m excited to try it on just about anything, as the label directs. I love delicious spice blends, especially if it’s got a good kick to it. Check it out here.


Item 5 • Tomato Crunch, Snapz Crisps 
{$1.99/1 bag}
O.M.G. I was a tad bit freaked out at first when I realized I was about to try dried tomatos. Out of a package. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a tomato in this form, but I am a huge tomato lover, so I knew had to give it a shot!! They were sooooo freakin good! They tasted almost like a regular, fresh tomato, but the crispyness also gave it a new flavor. I loved them! Absolutely delicious, yet good for you at the same time! Check out the chips here.


Item 6 • Authentic Almond Biscotti, Biscotti Bari 
{$14.50/pack of 8}
I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m not usually huge on biscotti’s, especially because there are almonds in this particular one. I will give it a try soon though to see if I like it. They look pretty fancy, and the the biscotti is also pretty big, so it’s a large treat! Check out their website here.


Item 7 • Latte Candy, Bali’s Best 
{$16.38/ bag of 42 candies}
These were DELICIOUS! There wasn’t an overpowering coffee flavor (like I thought there was gonna be), it was very smooth and milky and carmelly and just all around delicious! Would definitely buy these. Check them out here.


Item 8 • Pumpkin Crunch, Mrs. May’s Naturals 
{$40.00/ 24 pack}
I didn’t think I would really like this all that much. I’m not very big on nuts and grains and oats… I don’t mind them, but most of the time they are just too bland for me. This pumpkin crunch, however, was absolutely delicious! I only wanted to try one piece and I accidentally found myself eating the rest of the bag. SO FRICKIN GOOD. And I felt even better about myself because I knew that it was a healthy snack. Check out their website here.


Overall, I LOVED this May Love with Food box. It was full of random items that I never even knew exsisted and brands I have never tried before. I love getting introduced to all these new brands, especially when it’s about snacking… I LOVE to snack and this box keeps me happy for a while :]



all love & smiles :]

mary elyse