Fake Bakin’

I’ve been using this daily on my face for the past 6+ years. Seriously a game changer.
I found it at ULTA around my senior year of high school and I have yet to change it up.
For $13.25 (when I started using it I’m pretty sure it was upwards of $20 but maybe I’m just crazy haha) you get a good enough amount for over a half year, probably even more depending on how much you actually use it.
Details according to Ulta: “Self-tanning lotion gradually bronzes your skin without having to set foot in the sun. The Face Anti-Aging Self Tanning Lotion by Fake Bake is infused with Matrixyl-3000 from Sederma to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 2 fl oz.”
Don’t let the dark brown color scare you away, it spreads in very nicely and easily to your face. I have always just used my (clean) hands to spread the lotion on my face, making sure to wash my hands again afterwords so that my fingertips don’t stain! (the color is never a fake orange anyway, it just almost darkens your fingertips the same way it does your face)
When there is no more coming out of the tube, I cut it in 2 and keep it in a ziploc baggie so as to not waste ANY of my precious tanning product! hahaha! Safe to say, I am OBSESSED!!
I literally just bought myself a new one on Amazon for $11.50… such an amazing, budget friendly face tanning solution!!

all love & smiles,