Happy Memories: Disney {Part I}



Last summer, I tagged along with Michael to his National Championship volleyball tourny. I got to spend 10 days in beautiful Florida, in Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, fo freeee! It was amazing! We also had tons of free food vouchers, so that is why we ate an insane amount of food. It was super amazing and I can’t wait to go back!!! :]
This was the first trip that I took where I didn’t leave the airport at the crack of dawn, so we didn’t arrive in Florida until late at night…. Needless to say, I wasn’t a very happy camper…


BUT THEN, we got on Disney’s Magical Express and all the great fun started!!! I’ll start my happy reminiscing with some of our meals, our Epcot visit, and other fun times :]

food1 food2 epcot2 epcot4 epcot3 epcot5 2 1

I LOVE looking back on amazing trips like this one… Can’t wait to go through the next batch of Disney pics soon! :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

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