Freeing Myself from ‘The Man’

It’s hard to believe it’s February 2014 and I’m basically in the same place I was in February of 2013.

I guess I can’t really say that though because this time I have a part time job and this time there was literally NO WAY I could stay.
Let me rewind to yesterday morning when in a flash of a little over an hour I was officially finally escaping the hell hole that I called “work” Monday through Friday.

I had a boss worse than the ones on Horrible Bosses and I can’t begin to explain the stress, letdowns, anxiety, and overall terrible depressing feelings I got from her. Since I quit this morning I have been smiling from ear to ear and it literally feels like this GINORMOUS weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I realize I may have said this when I first GOT the job, but honestly, I was happiest at Links of London anyway. It was nice having 2 paychecks, but I never enjoyed waking up for work Monday-Friday, and that’s a sad thing. On the weekends I still knew I had to work, but I didn’t dread going to sleep knowing that I’d have to wake up and possibly face the devil in disguise, aka my superior. The whole situation was very sad and hurtful, and just knowing that she gets to get away with treating employees like this is absolutely ludicrous. As happy as I was to go, it still upsets me that she gets to continue this act and keep on hurting people day after day after day, bringing anyone down than gets in the way.

As hard as I tried, I really, really do not fit into the corporate world. I can’t handle the constant BS day in and day out, no one being honest in the least bit and no one caring about anyone in the room but themselves. I know it would be easier if I could just not get too invested in it and just go for the paycheck, but unfortunately, that’s just not who I am; I NEED to get invested in what I do. It’s literally what I do when I do pretty much anything. I make it become my obsession for the moment and figure out the best possible way to complete that task. This job gave me absolutely zero room for that, and I had a boss who made sure there was no moving forward or credit for anything you deserved anyway. I just am not cut out for a place like that. Maybe that makes me weak, but I’d take being weak over stepping foot in that office ever again any day. I have to stay true to myself, and I couldn’t be anyone I’d even want to be there.


Now I can focus more on the simple things and get projects and my health lifted!!!

I’m ready to start a new string of happy days!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

all love & smiles,