Happy Memories: Cozumel


Back in November, me and the bf went to beautiful Cozumel, Mexico. I had purchased a Groupon for a 4 night stay at the El Cozumeleño resort, and it was absolutely beautiful. The resort, the view, the room, the ocean, the games, the food, the staff, it was all oh so wonderful :]

DSC_7853random2 random random4

 There were so many cute and fun things around the resort… I was most excited to go out on the jet ski’s though!!!

jetski games

 Me and Michael like to be pretty competitive with each other even though he beats me at basically everything… EXCEPT I can beat him at mini golf and they had an awesomely cute little course right on the beach, it was so fun! I also won BINGO for the first time ever!!! I was so happy, I won that cute little shell bracelet :]

food2 food1 in town shoppinh

 We ate SO MUCH FOOD!!! For snacks, we would eat giant plates of nachos and guac… and when I asked for extra pico one time, I got a little side of pickles… how cute. hahaha Also, Michael bought that Chicago Bears pancho… because when you’re in Mexico, why not? He also loveddddd his super bright sunglasses, and I was so happy to find a cute little Starbucks on the strip :]

us1 random3 exploring DSC_7851 - Version 2 DSC_7852 - Version 2

 I took oh so many pictures, and we had such a great time! I LOVE traveling, and beachy vacations are my absolute favorite. I also love sharing them with my little Mexican stud ;] I finally just went through these pictures and edited them today, 5 months late, BUT I’m kind of happy I waited because then on a day like today when I need some extra positive oooomph, I got to be excited and happy looking through these fabulous fun pictures with my babes! SMILE :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

My Very First Post

DSCN0817Today is the first day I have wanted to start a blog. Since I am going through some big changes in my life, I feel like I need somewhere to start logging the important/fun/happy memories and parts of my life, so that I can look back and see what I great journey I have been going on through my life.

I am a 20something university graduate with a degree in Marketing and Management, and a minor in Pre-Law. I honestly have no idea what I really wanna do “when I grow up” and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog, to help me further take time and realize all the little things that I love in my life. I live in the fabulous city of Chicago with my amazing boyfriend who I have been infatuated with since the day I met him almost exactly 4 years ago. We have three amazing kittys, Simba, Charles, & the newest addition, our little kitten Aria. I am basically a crazy cat lady in training 😉

I chose this picture for my first post because I love everything about it: the beautiful, bright blue sky, the amazing ocean color, and just remembering how happy I was on that fantastic little trip me and the BF made to Cozumel last November.

I want to to use this blog to share and organize my thoughts about all the wonderful things that I love in life, from my vast array of favorite bands to my attempting to create goodies in the kitchen, all the way to reviewing my favorite products in the all the monthly subscription boxes that I have a crazy obsession over and showcasing cool things I “just neeeeed” to buy online. Hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will!!!

All love and smiles :]

mary elyse