Love With Food November 2013 Review

IMG_3873 The Box Love With Food is one of my favorite snack subscriptions. It is affordable and always jam packed with new, organic, all-natural snacks. Also, for every box that is purchased, they donate a meal to a hungry child.. how cool is that? That probably means it would be wrong of you NOT to order this box… {haha at least that’s what I tell myself}. “Say goodbye to boring grocery selections and start discovering your Love with Food experience!”
cost Only $10 bucks a month!
IMG_3875 the goods I love that every month they have a theme, this month being “Flavors of the Fall with Chef Ryan Scott” for Thanksgiving of course. They always send a card detailing each and every product included. This is always a nice touch! These boxes are always packed with tons of goodies, so it’s nice to have them listed all in one place.
Whats inside
1 ~ Tuxedo Popcorn from Kukuruza
“For a sweeter spin on the classic caramel popcorn, add a drizzle of premium milk and white chocolate”
2 ~ Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% Chocolate
about $1.00
“With this silky mixture of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter, you won’t believe it’s dark chocolate”
3 ~ Maple Fudge from Laura Secord
4 ~ Ginger Twist Tea from Mightly Leaf
$0.65 cents
5 ~ Almond, Apricot, & Yogurt Bar from Eat Natural
$1.92/ bar
“A delicious bar made from nature’s best ingredients: crunchy almonds, apricots and smooth yogurt”
6 ~ Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread from Dancing Deer Baking Co.
$0.90 cents
“A gentle blend of refreshing rosemary and pink sea salt infuse this all butter shortbread.”
7 ~ Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods
about $1.00
“What do you get when you crunch dry corn kernels? A sweet and crunchy snack with a serious makeover”
8 ~ Authentic Indian Spice blend from Arora Creations
“The word Masala literally means spice, and these authentic Indian blends aresure to transport your palette to the Far East”
9 ~ Sweet Potato Popchips from Popchips
“Sweet, crunchy and bite sized crisps: popchips make it impossible to stop the moment you pop!” UPDATE: These things are so freakin delicious.
IMG_3876 product value
Popchips: $1.13
Spice: $3.99
Corn Crunch: $1
Shortbread: $0.90 cents
Yogurt Bar: $1.19
Tea: $0.65 cents
Fudge: $1
Chocolate: $1
Popcorn: $3

all love & smiles,


Fancy Food Box October 2013 Review


The BoxFancy Food Box sends out amazing gourmet artisan foods every month! Full sized items, and all things that you wouldn’t normally buy in the store. This is my third Fancy Food box and I have loved each and every one! This month, they did a Halloween theme : )



 $39/month, + shipping costs (mine is $7.95). The value of the products inside is almost always double the cost of the box, if not more. Even if the value WASN’T that high, I’m sure they would still make an awesome box that was worth it! The Fancy Food Box has yet to bring me down.


the goods

 Included is an envelope with some silly stickers & also cards about each product selected for this month’s box, along with a couple recipes using ingredients in the box! I will use the descriptions on the cards to explain the products :)

IMG_3425 Whats inside

1 • Wondermade Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows
$7.50/ box of 16
“Made with real pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg, Wondermade marshmallows melt perfectly into a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and can be eaten on the go.” These come in super cute packaging and taste very unique! They are very pumpkiny and full of spice, along with loads of sugar. These are a very interesting treat! Check out the marshmallows here.


2 • Popsations Dark Chocolate Caramel Drizzle Gourmet Popcorn
$9.00/ 8 oz. bag
“This stuff won’t last long if left in plain sight. Share with friends and family, and enjoy as a decadent step up from classic movie theatre popcorn.” I loveeee sweet gourmet caramel popcorns, I just really hope the dark chocolate isn’t too overpowering… Check out the popcorn here!


3 • Tumabdor Crazy Little Animal Crackers covered in Milk Chocolate
$10.00/ 4.5 oz
“Why eat regular animal crackers when yours can be dipped in creamy chocolate? These gourmet treats make a great snack for children and grown-ups alike.” I think these will be a great office snack for me! I love animal crackers, and dipped in milk chocolate sounds fabulous : ) Check out their website here.


4 • Pumpkin Meister Carving Kit
$24.99 on sale (Market Price: $43)
“These three professional quality tools will help bring out the artist in you. Use the culinary scoop to clean out stubborn seeds and pulp from your pumpkin, and v-tool to carve our facial features, and the carving knife to cut detailed patterns and edges.” I am SO HAPPY to have this!! These tools will be great for carving our pumpkins this year, and these tools also have normal uses for everyday around the kitchen, so it’s a win no matter what time of the year! Check out the tool set here.

IMG_3430 IMG_3431

5 • Roni ~ Sue Lollipops – Tea & Honey/ Chile & Lime
“This exclusive assortment of lollipops features unique flavor combinations that just might spook your taste buds!” These look very interesting and I’m eager to try them when I’m bored at the office ; ) Check out the lollipops here.


product valueMarshmallows: $7.50
Popcorn: $9.00
Animal Crackers: $10.00
Carving Kit: $24.99
Lollipops: $5.00
TOTAL VALUE: $56.49 


all love & smiles,

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2013 Review


The Box

POPSUGAR Must Have Box. This is one of my favorite boxes that I subscribe to because of all the full-sized products and the range of categories the items fall into. It’s basically like opening a surprise gift to myself!


Whats inside“POPSUGAR’s monthly favorites delivered to your door. Hand selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. Full sized products and premium items.”



$35/month with free shipping! They offer month by month plans, 3-month, 6-month, and year long options (where you can save up to the price of one whole box!) The total value of these boxes is basically always over $100 so you definitely get your money’s worth!


themeI usually love a good theme for the month, but since the Must Have box is full of random items, they don’t  really fit perfectly together, however they do give a short and simple explanation of the month’s box in the amazing booklet they give which gives detailed info about each product. For this month of July, they talk about the “dog days of Summer”, with items that would be perfect to use at the this mid-summer season!

the goods

1 • Baublebar Rose Double Curb Chain 
When I read that we’d be getting a statement piece that would “complement every outfit”, I never expected this. Rose gold looks so much nicer on delicate pieces, not huge chunky necklaces. It just looks sooooooo cheap to me, although I have been looking around online and found a bunch of cute pictures of nice outfits that women have styled the necklace with, so at least I know it’s doable! Check out the necklace here.

IMG_2572 IMG_2574 IMG_2575

2 • Supergoop! SPF 30 Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum 
Ummmmmm 42 bucks for a sunscreen? That’s still only 30 SPF? Not something that I would ever normally purchase. I realize that this is a nice item but I certainly don’t take care of my skin the way I should so this big-ticket product in the box isn’t really too great for me… It promises to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and many other things so maybe I’ll give it a try just to see if it lives up to it’s promise. Check out the serum here.

IMG_2570 IMG_2571

3 • Mighty Leaf Iced Tea – Calypso Mango
I’m not a huge iced tea drinker but I have been warming up to some delicious flavored ones and this one sounds good so I’m excited to try this out! I love pulling a fresh pitcher out of the fridge when it’s nice and freezing cold on a super hot day. Perfection. Check out the tea here.

IMG_2561 IMG_2563

4 • Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray 
Me and the bf both think this is an awesome item! It’s perfect for summer drinking, no more watered down cocktails!! Check out the tray here.


5 • NCLA 5 Free Lacquer – #029 As If! 
I always love getting nail polish! I love pretty much every color because you can always work it into a cool design or pattern… helps me stay creative! I don’t have any other polishes by this brand, so I was certainly excited to try it out (especially with such a high price tag!). The color is pretty and it’s very easy to apply, with a nice brush and smooth application. Check out the nail polish here.

IMG_2565 IMG_2566

6 • Hannahmax All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips – Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip 
$23.96 – 4 pack/ 6 oz. bags
Oh. My. God. These cookie chips were to die for! Soooooo delicious and crispy and sweet and chocolately and all around amazing. I was nervous because a) I love ooey gooey cookies, not crispy ones, and b) I don’t like dark chocolate…. but these cookies proved me wrong and showed me a completely new taste sensation that I can’t wait to get more of! Check out the cookies here.




The only thing I LOVED and would actually want to buy are the cookies. I enjoy the polish and ice tray too!


The most expensive product was the sunscreen……. not too fun. This definitely was NOT my favorite Popsugar box.


product value

Necklace:               $28.00
Sunscreen:            $42.00
Tea:                         $6.25
Ice Cube Tray:      $7.99
Nail Polish:         $16.00
Cookie Chips:      $1.99
TOTAL:              $102.23

For a box that promises over $100 of goodies, this one was cutting it pretty close. I like the products, but hopefully next month’s August box will be much better! We already got an email giving us a sneak peek at one of the products, a pretty gold simple necklace. I am excited to see what else they have planned! :]

all l0ve & smiles,


Love With Food March 2013 Box



I am in love with these Love With Food boxes! For $10/month, they pack at least 8 goodies in the box for you, introducing you to new brands, products, etc. The first box I got last month was super fantastic and I loved everything in it, this month isn’t AS great, but I still enjoy it and can’t wait to try all the goodies! Also, for every box/month you recieve, you’re donating a meal to a hungry child! :]

Let’s open the box to see what’s inside!!!!

IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0929


Dark Chocolate Orange Good Fortune Cookie - Emily's Chocolates

Dark Chocolate Orange Good Fortune Cookie – Emily’s Chocolates

Granola - Ola! Goods

Granola – Ola! Goods

Chocolate Covered Wasabi Peas - Chocwasabi

Chocolate Covered Wasabi Peas – Chocwasabi

Fruit & Veggie Juice - Kids 50

Fruit & Veggie Juice – Kids 50

Salted Caramel Backed Corn - Cosmos Creations

Salted Caramel Backed Corn – Cosmos Creations

Green Tea Infuser - Revolution Tea

Green Tea Infuser – Revolution Tea

Wholesome Snacks - Mary's Gone Crackers

Wholesome Snacks – Mary’s Gone Crackers

Wild Berrys Flat Fruit - Wacky Apple

Wild Berrys Flat Fruit – Wacky Apple

1) I don’t like chocolate with orange, I don’t understand how it’s a popular flavor combo, I wish it was just chocolate, soooo I may be giving this one away.
2) I don’t normally eat granola, but I need to be healthier and we’ve been eating more yogurt lately so I can’t wait to give these a try!
3) Chocolate covered wasabi peas are a very interesting combo…. however, I TRY to like wasabi, I really really do, but I just don’t. I will give these a try though because they look so very interesting :]
4) I LOVE juice. My favorite drink in the world. So this makes me oh so happy.
5) Salted caramel puffcorn SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!
6) This tea smells yummy, can’t wait to try.
7) These chips only look creepy because of all the seeds in them BUT the brand is “Mary’s Gone Crackers” and I think that’s adorable haha
8) I’ve never had fruit leather before, but it looks good and I love the happy packaging!
I love this fun food box! I love food. I love boxes. I love getting introduced to new things. SO THIS IS AMAZING.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse