KLUTCH club February 2013 Box Review

Feb '13 Klutch Club Box

Feb ’13 Klutch Club Box

Alright so I am just loving this right now, reviewing my second ever KLUTCH club box & watching the Blackhawks (hopefully) make history with their 16 point game streak! So exciting!!!!! I love me my Chicago Blackhawks!!!

Anyway, KLUTCH club is a subscription service that I just discovered recently in Glamour magazine. For just $16/month, they send you “$50 of the best healthy snacks, supplements, fitness programs, personal-care products & more”. You can choose between KLUTCHwomen and KLUTCHmen box, I obviously get the women’s one, and this is only my second one, but I do love it! Every month has a theme, last month for January was “Achieving & Maintaing Healthy Weight”. There were some great products in there & of course it was awesome to get my first box in the mail and see how they package and describe the items, etc. 

This month’s theme is “Fight Winter Sickness and Boost Your Immune System with Products That Keep You Happy & Healthy”.
Their website gives the same description of the box that I got in the little card included inside. It reads:

“Problem: Sneezing on your lap-top, coughing into your soup and an immune system so weak it can’t fight cold and flu season on your behalf.

How we solved it: Your body was built to heal itself and not use up all your sick days in one season. So we’ve put together the best health and wellness products to help you stop the snot and fight the flu like a ninja.”

Now to the box!!!
IMG_0383 IMG_0384
I love that they keep you excited about opening the box!

What it looked like when I opened it:


Item #1: Nature’s Bakery – Whole Wheat Fig Bar
All natural stone ground whole wheat fig bar, good-for-you treat that’s vegan & dairy free.
I always liked Fig Newtons as a kid, so hopefully I’ll enjoy this, it is described as “delicious”. :]


Item #2: Honest Tea – Honey Green Tea
An organic honey green tea that’s brewed with fair trade tea leaves. Loaded with catechins & beneficial antioxidants to help fight free radicals in the body.
I don’t normally like tea too much, but I will be giving this a try and hoping to enjoy it! :]



Item #3: Allergease – All Natural Herbal Supplement
This herbal blend regulates histamine & supports your immune system during allergy season. 21 lozenges in the pack.
I think these will be good to take, as long as they don’t taste too bad, how awesome to suck on a little candy and be getting some essential vitamins to keep me healthy! Love it! It’s the items like these that get me the most excited… random products I never knew existed :]
IMG_0394 IMG_0395


Item #4: Immuno Gum
Chewing gum that’s loaded with immune system-boosting ingredients.
I think the idea of this product is awesome! The flavor is “Mixed Berry”, hopefully it’s tasty and I can chew gum & get healthy at the same time 😉

Item #5: Clean Well – To-Go Surface Disinfectant
Natural disinfectant wipes that kill germs botanically.
Pretty cool that they’re all natural and don’t have to worry about weird chemicals. In a “lemon citrus” scent. Hopefully smells nice and normal.

Item #6: Drink Chia! – Omega 3 Superfood Drink
Omega3 superfood drink infused with organic chia seeds. It’s loaded with super foods, antioxidants, and B-complex vitamins to keep your body strong during cold, flu, and fitness season. There is literally chia seeds IN THIS DRINK. Chia seeds… I don’t wanna grow a strange grassy bush like Chia Pets….. hahaha… I will give this a try but I highly doubt that I am able to drink the entire bottle… Drinking seeds just isn’t me. The flavor is Lemon and that’s also not one of my favorites, actually one of my worst, but I will give it a shot 🙂
IMG_0390 IMG_0391 IMG_0393

Item #7: Vita Perk – Vitamin Supplements
A blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural flavors that turns the average cup of joe into something brilliant.
Ok, so I think that these are completely AWESOME. And I love that I got all 4 flavors that they offer. I CANNOT wait to try this in my coffee in the morning 🙂
IMG_0397 IMG_0398

Items 8 and 9 are not actually items themselves, but gift cards/coupons.

First is this $15 gift card for Khataland Yoga Products.
I checked their website and most of the products are pretty expensive so $15 won’t get me much of anything. Probably won’t be using this, but nice to have in case I do start to get into yogas…. These days I seem to be trying tons of new things :]
IMG_0399 IMG_0400

Finally, this is a $25 gift card to “get me started” on a Probiotic Cleansing Diet.
I will be tossing this I have been looking into some other cleanses recently that seem better, this one doesn’t give much info online.

All in all, it was a great box & I’m excited to try out all the products!!! :]


Meow time to watch the Blackhawks… we’re currently tied 1-1, we better win this one!!!!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse