Fennville, MI + Sounds of Saugatuck

I’m finally getting around to it now, but last weekend I went on a fun little trip to my friend’s cottage in Michigan for a music bar crawlish experience in Saugatuck, and some relaxing, wine tasting, and shopping. I was a little overwhelmed at first because I accidentally took 102 pictures, but I’m excited to now re-live (document) our super fun weekend! :]

• On our way to Fennville, we stopped for dinner at a fabulous brewery called Greenbush Brewing Co. It was SO DELICIOUS! I got a grilled cheese w/ jalapeños & tomatoes and a delicious beer called Loud Mouth Soup. I think I only wanted it because of the name, but it was still amazing and hid a nice amount of alcohol content in that one little ol’ beer. So that was a plus :] I was mad that I wasn’t brave enough to take a nice picture of the beer menu sign because it was super colorful and unique. Oh well, this blurry one will have to suffice. Next time I’m driving up to Michigan, I will be sure to stop back here again! Everyone was so friendly, the food was delicious, and the beer was fantastic!


• We planned on getting to her cottage, starting a campfire, and drinking some beers…. buuuuut plans changed when we got word from her parents that the house was flooded. And we had to rip out all the carpets. And move all the furniture…. It actually wasn’t too bad because there were 5 of us able to help out, so we got it all done in a couple of hours. Wasn’t the first night any of us were expecting, but it made for an interesting night.


• Woke up to a delicious breckie.
• Took the dog for a nice, long walk where I discovered 7582058 houses I want to own. This super long amazing blue one was my favorite.

sat morn

• That afternoon… we biked to the Fenn Valley Winery! I had never been to one before so wasn’t sure what to expect…. It was pretty awesome! We got to sample 6 wines, then we picked our favorite, bought ourselves a couple bottles, and went outside on the patio to drink & sit in the sun. It is literally my definition of a fabulous afternoon. I also found a kitty & ate random meat snacks, so it was amazing. Oh, and the drunky bike ride back was also quite excellent. :]

bike wine wine2

• That evening, we got ready, had some Jell-O shots, and were on our way to bar hop around the town for the Sounds of Saugatuck. Basically we drank at random bars and heard some great musicians. {We also danced on the piano top, sang karaoke, and randomly sang with the band at one of the bars… buuuuuut those were some brave points!!} We had a great group of 7, and we all seemed to have too so much fun!! The next morning, my body was sore from dancing and jumping around like a madwoman. It was such a long (we went out at 6:30 and didn’t even get home until almost 2 I believe), eventful, fantastic night :] And of course when we got back to the house we chowed down on tons of junk food. Typical.

The first bar we went to was called Zing. The decor was SOOOO awesome, I was obsessed. All leopard and cheetah print with vibrant colors. I was in love. Next time, I want to go back there and have dinner. We all had a round of Bloody Mary’s, they were delish.

DSCN0956 zing

my beautiful ladies

my beautiful lady friends

Then the rest of the night was a blur of multiple bars, singing, and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing, aka jumping around and singing at the top of my lungs.


• Ordered super yummy breckie sandwiches that we enjoyed outside in the backyard by the lake :]



• Later after we got our hang overs in control, we went shopping in the lovely little town of Saugatuck (exactly where we were the night before at all the bars, but it looked a lot different in the day and I appreciated it so much more!) I was obsessing over those colorful yarn wrapped hangers, I was so tempted to buy all these amazing home made salsas and jams, those little tiny spice mixing bowl things were sooo adorable and small, of course I wanted a kitty shirt, and there was an entire store DEVOTED to Christmas. That entire wall is full of Christmas tree ornaments. It was oh so magical. I love shopping around in little fun, trendy towns like this. Such a great time :]

shop shop2 shop3

• Lastly, we got some late lunch at a delicious restaurant called The Mermaid Bar & Grill. It was right on the edge of the water, so it was super pretty to look outside and see all the pretty sailboats and such. I got an amazingly delicious Portabella Mozzarella sandwich with pesto mayo. The pesto mayo= amazingess in my mouth. It was a great end to our little trip :]

IMG_1682 IMG_1683 mermaid

Such a great time :] I love getting away from Chicago to smaller towns where things are a bit slower and people are generally a bit nicer haha.

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse