Fancy Pants Food Box November 2013 Review

The Box
This is the very first Fancy Pants Food box! I am so SO excited that I heard about it beforehand and was able to snag the first box for free (they were giving away free boxes from a promotion code I had found)! Even if I DID have to pay for this box, I would have still absolutely loved it! As a matter of fact, I believe I WILL be paying for this box next month; I want to keep them coming!

Fancy Pants Food box is “…Amazing food you’ve probably never heard about, to your doorstep every month. You get 5-8 trial sized products and they are always from off the wall brands that are new and up and coming or just that you most probably haven’t heard of before or are really familiar with. This is certainly a wonderfully unique box!
This box is ONLY $10/month! That is such a great price if the boxes are always like their first amazing box this month.
the goods
In this first box, a card was included with a little list of the products + prices of full sized items. They also have a “Fall” theme going.

Fall is in the air! It’s the perfect time for family, friends, and FOOD! We hope you enjoy all of the great discoveries in this month’s box.”

Whats inside
1 • Lord Nut Levington – Peanuts
$0.75/packet = $1.50
Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeño + Spicy Bloody Mary flavored peanuts?!?! YES PLEASE!!!!! This brand looks absolutely amazing, there are so many other super unique and delicious sounding flavors of nuts on the website! Can’t wait to buy more of these!

2 • Snapz – Crunch Zucchini
A unique way to eat veggies… I know I’ll love these, especially if I have some spare dip of some kind…. nom nom nom!

3 • Kelapo – Coconut Oil

4 • Oats – Granola, Vanilla Almond
about $1

5 • Hint Mint – Green Tea Mints

6 • JJ’s Sweets – Cocomels
about $1.80
I’ve had these before so I absolutely freaked out when I saw them in this box…. they are SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!!!!
product value
Cocomels: $1.80
Mints: $2.45
Oats: $1
Oil: $1.10
Snapz: $1.99
Peanuts: $1.50
I think this box has a great value for wonderful, unique snacks that I wouldn’t have found or tried from anywhere else. This box was perfectly amazing and I will only hope that it’ll keep getting better and better. This box would also make a fabulous gift!

The Goodies Company March 2013 Review


I finally received my first Goodies Company box!!! And I could not be more pleased!! For just $7/month, they send you 5-8 “delicious new foods, hand picked and delivered right to your doorstep!” Goodies Co. is a Wal-Mart brand, so that’s how I figured they could keep the price of the monthly boxes so incredibly low (compared to many of the other food subscription boxes, this one is SO CHEAP!). I wasn’t sure (with such a low price) how great of quality the products were going to be, and if they were gonna skimp on size and quantity….I was oh so excited to find out that they certainly don’t! I got 8 great products to try, and they all look fantastic!


The box was ginormous compared to all the other monthly boxes I get. It was also quite heavy, which made me even more excited to find out what all the products would be inside! On the first look when I opened, this is what I saw:


Apparently each month there is a theme to the box, this month for March was “Rise & Shine”, filled with goodies to make for breckie.


After reading the little letter, I opened the box to see all my goodies on the inside!!!!!

IMG_1236 IMG_1239

…. only to find my 2 kittys Charles and Aria jumping all around in the wrapping, trying to get to the goodies before me! I finally got them away, and got to discover my 8 new fun products to try!!! Here we go:

Item #1 • Alo Water 
Comfort Watermelon + Peach, Price: $11.94 for pack of 6 
This enhanced water drink is made with real aloe vera pulp and juice. The whole bottle is 140 calories, but none of the ingredients seem crazy or terrible for you. I’m very interested to see what this will taste like, but it’s best served chilled, so I have this puppy waiting in my fridge for the next time I need a nice refreshing watermelon and peach flavored drink! Very interesting to me is the aloe vera that is one of the main ingredients…. that always mends my burns, and now it can add vitamins and minerals to my drinks! How fun! {Check it out here}


Item #2 • Ola! 
100% Natural Hand-baked Granola – Vanilla Almond, Price: $15.99 for 16 oz gift jar
I actually already received the same product (and flavor!) in my Love With Food box this month. It would have been nice if I could have got the “No Nut Vanilla” flavor this time to change it up, but oh well, more vanilla almond granola for me! {Check it out here}

Granola - Ola! Goods

Granola – Ola! Goods

Item #3 • Rickland Orchards 
Greek Yogurt Coated Granola Bar – Cranberry Almond, Price: $1.79
This looks superrrrrr yummy although I couldn’t help but want any of the other flavors they make! I love cranberry, but I really don’t enjoy almonds (or any kinds of nuts) in my food if I can help it… They have other flavors like Apple + Honey or Blueberry + Acai that I would have LOVED over this flavor…. oh well, I will still give it a try and I’m sure I’ll like it! {Check it out here}


Item #4 • BelVita 
Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast Biscuits, Price: $3.99 for pack of 5 
These are described on the package as “nutritious sustained energy”, and the little description on the Goodies notecard says they taste like dessert — but for breckie! I’m excited to try these, and all 4 biscuits are one serving size, coming in at 230 calories, so I would hope these would be quite filling! {Check it out here}


Item #5 • Bonne Maman 
Strawberry Preserves, Price: $4.99 for 13 oz jar 
First off, this little 1 oz sample jar is SO ADORABLE!!! Second off, IT IS SOOOO DELICIOUS!!! I am so happy I got strawberry because that’s my favorite flavor of jam/jelly, and this is just so sweet and yummy!! So happy I got this in my box! {Check it out here}

IMG_1249 IMG_1250

Item #6 • Erin Baker’s 
Breakfast Cookie minis – Oatmeal Raisin, Price: $15.60, 12 cookies, 3 oz each 
This is just a mini sample size of the cookie, only 1 oz, but it’s super soft and looks so delicious!! Another great item I can’t wait to try for breckie, because, well, it’s a cookie!! Yayyy!! {Check it out here}


Item #7 • Jovan’s 
All Natural Instant Breakfast – Rich Cocoa, Price: $7.99 for 5 pouches 
This looks so yummy! 14 grams of protein I get to mix with my milk in the morning, AND it tastes like chocolate?? Yes please :] {Check it out here}


Item #8 • Nabisco 
Newtons 100% Whole Grain – Triple Berry, Price: $4.49 for pack of 6 
When I was little my dad always bought Fig Newtons… I don’t know if I appreciated them enough back then. I always liked them, but now I think they are OH SO DELICIOUS! So happy to get re-introduced to these delicious cookies I can eat for breakfast. {Check it out here}
I am SO HAPPY with the Goodies Company subscription service! It was seriously amazing, from the adorable printed and wrapped box, to all 8 of the excellent items!
IMG_1240 IMG_1251
I’m seriously already getting excited for April’s taster box!!!!!!!!! Woo hoooooo!!!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse