the worst part is the truth; you’re just like everybody else {new music tuesday}

music1Soooo for some reason I forgot to hit “publish” and just kinda left this sitting here all day, sooo now it’s a day late. Oh well, here it is now! This week there wasn’t much that really caught my attention, but that’s okay because the fact that We Are The In Crowd’s new album was released made it all better!
Weird KidsWeird Kids
by We Are The In Crowd
released: Feb 18
I have loved this band since their inception because of their great male/female vocal leads. They kind of sing back and forth the whole time and the songs are always so catchy and easy to sing along with…. Excited to really get into this new album, already sounds great!

I Wanna Get Better - Single“I Wanna Get Better”
by Bleachers
released: Feb 18
I’ve never heard of this band before but this single caught my attention, kind of gives me a summer vibe that sorta feels like it’s happening today with all the sunshine and 40 degree temps! : )

music2The Speak EP
by Jer Coons
released: Summer 2009
DISCLAIMER: Do not let the young dorky looking picture of the singer fool you. This song is not bubblegum pop, it’s very chill and I’ve been obsessed since the first time I heard it playing at Hollister (when I worked there and then ended up having to listen to it 489094325 times…. and I still love it, so that should be saying something.) This song always calms me down and puts me in a great mood, a beautiful  melody, a cute voice, adorable lyrics, what’s not to love?! The name of the post is one of my favorite lines from this song… Go download LEGS right meow!!!


Shuffling through 5,578 songs in my iTunes….
Random recommendations from my library to yours 🙂

'N Sync“Here We Go”
by *NSync
released: May 26, 1997
Startin’ it off with an epic *Nsync throwback. This CD consumed my time back then. I knew (still know) every word to every song on this album, along with half the other little girls on the planet at the time… They were (are) amazing and I can never get sick of these bad boys! Crazy to think I was barely 7 years old when this was released….

Millennium 1“Larger Than Life”
by Backstreet Boys
released: May 18, 1999
Hahahah I swear I didn’t do this on purpose, iTunes just threw out two throwbacks by opposing bands back to back, but I’m not too upset about it.. .Another great song, although I was always more of an Nsync over BSB kinda girl. This is one of my favorites by them though!

What Separates Me From You“Better Off This Way”
by A Day To Remember
released: October 1, 2011
This is a great song for a beginner-listener of ADTR, maybe someone who isn’t quite ready for the harder/screamish side of them. Amazing song by an even greater band.

A Place In The Sun“My Next Thirty Years”
by Tim McGraw
released: May 4, 1999
I didn’t get into country music until well after this album was released, but when I did discover the goodness of country in highschool, I found myself downloading song after song by Tim McGraw, soooo I guess that means I like his stuff! This song especially always made me smile, I think the lyrics are clever & fun.

This Is... Icona Pop“All Night”
by Icona Pop
released: September 24, 2013
I’m sure everyone already knows this song by now… but if not, download right MEOW. Great upbeat tune!

The Truth Is... (Special Edition)

“Bitch Came Back”
by Theory of a Deadman
released: July 8, 2011
I was addicted to this song when it came out. I remember blasting it on my drive to class, and I love it still the same today. Great rock out song along with some clever funny lyrics.

Fashionably Late (Deluxe Edition)“Bad Girls Club”
by Falling In Reverse
released: June 14, 2013
When I discovered how amazing Falling In Reverse was I got obsessed. Than this album came out last summer and I didn’t love it as much as I loved their previous one, although there were still a couple songs I couldn’t get out of my head; and this was the main one! Bad Girls Club is a clever, catchy song with some great one liners.

Free Your Mind“You & I”
by Anarbor
released: March 10, 2009
Another song that when I found it, it was constantly on repeat! A great beat and sing along song, always puts me in a great mood and reminds me of spring of ’09!

Come On Over“That Don’t Impress Me Much”
by Shania Twain
released: November 4, 1997
I love this song, but this whole album though… Who didn’t dance around in their pj’s at sleepovers to this lady?? Shania was da bomb diggity.


all love & smiles,