Bestowed Box October 2013 Review

The BoxBestowed is a monthly subscription box that sends healthy and delicious food, snacks, and treats, all hand-picked by celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer. This box always sends me interesting products that I never even knew existed!! A great way to discover new & healthy foods + ingredients.

IMG_3554 cost$19/month with free shipping! Or, you can subscribe for a year for $209 + get a month for free!

the goodsHELLO YUM….Every month you get 5-7 items that are hand picked by Heather, the celebrity nutritionist. It always comes with a nice booklet of extensive info on each item in the box, along with tips on how to incorporate into your normal daily meals and snacks, along with recipes and other great information!

Whats inside

1 • UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups: The Double Ones
First off, I am so happy that I got introduced to this brand. AMAZING products and their website is really neat, it compares their products to the main, big box competitors. Pretty cool stuff. Secondly, these were REALLY GOOD. I thought they wouldn’t be as good because they were all healthy and stuff, but these are GOOD.

2 • Enjoy Life – Seed & Fruit Mix
Really great for snacking at work : ]

3 • FiberLove Cinnamon Raisin Bar
Perfect for a snack with my lunch – in one of my favorite flavors too!

4 • The Good Bean – Smoky Chili & Lime Chickpea Snacks
I’ve gotten these in another box before {#subscriptionobsessedprobz}… they weren’t my favorite, but I can always try and give them another go.

5 • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Plant Based Protein Supplement
– 2 free samples –

6 • Nature’s Path Love Crunch – Dark Chocolate Macaroon Granola
This is a nice, big bag of granola crunch balls… will be great with yogurt for breakfast!

7 • Ultima Replenisher
.80 ¢ / 1 serving

8 • Way Better Snacks Simply Beyond Black Bean Tortilla Chips
These were REALLY GOOD. I ate them with some guacamole… nom nom nom!

9 • Women’s Health Magazine
This is good for 1 full year of Women’s Health! I already have a free year of the magazine from a Birchbox several months back, so I wonder if filling this out will just lengthen my subscription for another year…. sounds perfect!

product valuePeanut Butter Cups: $1.85
Seed & Fruit Mix: $1.25
Cinnamon Raisin Bar: $1.99
Chickpea Snacks: $4.60
Crunch Granola: $4.69
Replenisher: .80¢
Tortilla Chips: $1.20
Women’s Health Magazine: $10


all love & smiles,



Bestowed Box July 2013 Review


The Box

Bestowed is a monthly subscription box that sends healthy and delicious food, snacks, and treats, all hand-picked by celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer. This was my first month trying out a Bestowed box, and I was oh so eager to see which delicious treats would be in my box this month!


Whats inside

“Get 5-7 new healthy and delicious foods delivered to your door every month, each handpicked by Heather Bauer, celebrity nutritionist.” 



$19/month with free shipping! Or, you can subscribe for a year for $209 + get a month for free!


This was my very first box so I’m not sure if they normally do a theme or not, but I don’t think this month’s July box was themed. At first I thought the title could have been “Hello Yum”, but then I figured that maybe all the cards say things like that. haha.

the goods

1 • Health Warrior Chia Bar – Açai Berry 
$23.50/ 15 pack
I haven’t tried this yet because I figured it would be a good snack for work, but it looks absolutely delicious! I’m excited to try the yummy flavor and I love that it’s only 100 calories and full of fiber and protein. Check out the bar here.


2 • 34 Degrees Crisps – Natural 
$18.46/ 6 pack – 4.5 oz boxes
I have gotten these before in a subscription box and think I may have received a better flavor back then because these “Natural” flavored ones don’t really have any flavor at all. I tried just dipping them in my whipped cream cheese along side some pretzels, but it still wasn’t even too great. Not the best crackers/chips in the world, but you can eat 18 of them for just 100 calories so it would be a pretty good snack. Check them out here.


3 • Hooray Puree Butternut Squash Puree 
$4.00, 2 packets in each box
This product was certainly very new to me and quite surprising. Even after reading through the back of it and seeing all the dishes you can add it too, I guess I’m still not sure what the point of it is or really what the benefits are of using it. They advertise it as “veggies made easy”. I’m very intrigued to try this one out. Check out their website here.

IMG_2614 IMG_2615


4 • Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips – Sweet Potato 
These chips were preeeetty delicious. I always love a cool new crunchy snack, so naturally I was excited to try this. It was perfect packed in my lunch! Check out the chips here.


5 • Emmy’s Organics Vanilla Coconut Macaroons 
Eh. These were way, way too coconutty for me. The texture looked so soft and delectable and just moist and amazing… unfortunately, I just really didn’t like the flavor. I’m sure coconut lovers will appreciate this cookie! Check out the macaroons here.



6 & 7 • 1 year subscription to Organic Gardening & Barre3 Online 15-Day Pass 
I wasn’t really too excited about either of these things because they are not anything I would personally use. If anyone else would want them, they’re all yours!



winnersHonestly…. the only thing that I really liked were the Food Should Taste Good chips…..Oh and their excellent info guide about the products inside, I always appreciate a nice box guide and they did a great job with this!

losersHmmmm well, honestly for me, pretty much the whole box…. I might try out one more month to see how the next one goes…


This wasn’t my favorite box, but only because I just so happen to not eat most of the things in this box normally. I might try it for one more month and see if August works out a little better for me.

all love & smiles,