Fancy Food Box November 2013 Review

The Box Fancy Food Box sends out amazing gourmet artisan foods every month! Full sized items, and all things that you wouldn’t normally buy in the store. This is my fourth Fancy Food box and I have loved each and every one! This month, they did a Thanksgiving theme : )
cost $39/month, + shipping costs (mine is $7.95). The value of the products inside is almost always double the cost of the box, if not more. Even if the value WASN’T that high, I’m sure they would still make an awesome box that was worth it! The Fancy Food Box has yet to bring me down.
the goods Included is an envelope with some silly stickers & also cards about each product selected for this month’s box, along with a couple recipes using ingredients in the box!
Whats inside 1 ~ Crave Beef Jerky – Sweet Chipotle
SO GOOD. We devoured this bag in minutes… sorry ’bout it. haha. Perfectly sweet and salty and meaty and just all around delicious!
2 ~ Brooklyn Slate Cheese Slate Charcoal
This was such a fun suprise in the box! It includes a cute little peice of mineral chalk and will be so perfect for entertaining!! Something I wouldn’t have bought for myself at the store, but I’m so glad to have gotten in my box!
IMG_3751 IMG_3752
3 ~ The Gracious Gourmet Cranberry Raspberry Blood Orange Spread
I am OBSESSED with fruit spreads/jams/preserves/etc., and this unique flavor profile is perfect for me! I can’t wait to try this with toast for my breakfast.
4 ~ Grey Ghost Bakery Cinnamon Pecan Cookies
I don’t normally like thing with pecans and almonds, but these cookies were SO GOOD! The cinnamon flavor was great, and there was just the right amount of sweetness with these cookies. We both devoured the bag! haha
5 ~ Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps
I haven’t tried these yet, but they look great for dips!
6 ~ Sigmund’s Pretzel Chips
These are super good! I love pretzel chips! The flavoring is savory and salty and perfect – another great vehicle for dipping!
product valuePretzels: $3
Crisps: $9
Cookies: $9
Spread: $10
Slate: $26
Jerky: $7

all love & smiles,