Fancy Food Box October 2013 Review


The BoxFancy Food Box sends out amazing gourmet artisan foods every month! Full sized items, and all things that you wouldn’t normally buy in the store. This is my third Fancy Food box and I have loved each and every one! This month, they did a Halloween theme : )



 $39/month, + shipping costs (mine is $7.95). The value of the products inside is almost always double the cost of the box, if not more. Even if the value WASN’T that high, I’m sure they would still make an awesome box that was worth it! The Fancy Food Box has yet to bring me down.


the goods

 Included is an envelope with some silly stickers & also cards about each product selected for this month’s box, along with a couple recipes using ingredients in the box! I will use the descriptions on the cards to explain the products :)

IMG_3425 Whats inside

1 • Wondermade Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows
$7.50/ box of 16
“Made with real pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg, Wondermade marshmallows melt perfectly into a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and can be eaten on the go.” These come in super cute packaging and taste very unique! They are very pumpkiny and full of spice, along with loads of sugar. These are a very interesting treat! Check out the marshmallows here.


2 • Popsations Dark Chocolate Caramel Drizzle Gourmet Popcorn
$9.00/ 8 oz. bag
“This stuff won’t last long if left in plain sight. Share with friends and family, and enjoy as a decadent step up from classic movie theatre popcorn.” I loveeee sweet gourmet caramel popcorns, I just really hope the dark chocolate isn’t too overpowering… Check out the popcorn here!


3 • Tumabdor Crazy Little Animal Crackers covered in Milk Chocolate
$10.00/ 4.5 oz
“Why eat regular animal crackers when yours can be dipped in creamy chocolate? These gourmet treats make a great snack for children and grown-ups alike.” I think these will be a great office snack for me! I love animal crackers, and dipped in milk chocolate sounds fabulous : ) Check out their website here.


4 • Pumpkin Meister Carving Kit
$24.99 on sale (Market Price: $43)
“These three professional quality tools will help bring out the artist in you. Use the culinary scoop to clean out stubborn seeds and pulp from your pumpkin, and v-tool to carve our facial features, and the carving knife to cut detailed patterns and edges.” I am SO HAPPY to have this!! These tools will be great for carving our pumpkins this year, and these tools also have normal uses for everyday around the kitchen, so it’s a win no matter what time of the year! Check out the tool set here.

IMG_3430 IMG_3431

5 • Roni ~ Sue Lollipops – Tea & Honey/ Chile & Lime
“This exclusive assortment of lollipops features unique flavor combinations that just might spook your taste buds!” These look very interesting and I’m eager to try them when I’m bored at the office ; ) Check out the lollipops here.


product valueMarshmallows: $7.50
Popcorn: $9.00
Animal Crackers: $10.00
Carving Kit: $24.99
Lollipops: $5.00
TOTAL VALUE: $56.49 


all love & smiles,