Bestowed Box November 2013 Review

The Box
Bestowed is a monthly subscription box that sends healthy and delicious food, snacks, and treats, all hand-picked by celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer. This box always sends me interesting products that I never even knew existed!! A great way to discover new & healthy foods + ingredients.
IMG_3887 cost$19/month with free shipping! Or, you can subscribe for a year for $209 + get a month for free!
IMG_3888 the goodsHELLO YUM….Every month you get 5-7 items that are hand picked by Heather, the celebrity nutritionist. It always comes with a nice booklet of extensive info on each item in the box, along with tips on how to incorporate into your normal daily meals and snacks, along with recipes and other great information!
IMG_3889 Whats inside
1 ~ Wild Garden Hummus Dip
$0.70 cents
I’ve gotten this in a past box before and it was SO GOOD. I packed it in my lunch for work and ate it with some yummy chips,was the perfect snack! The garlic flavor is perfect!
2 ~ Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers
I’ve also gotten smaller portions of these crackers in other boxes in the past, they aren’t the most flavorful (probably becuase they are a bit TOO healthy for me haha) but I’m sure they will be great dipped in the hummus!
3 ~ Eat Green Tea – 100% Organic Edible Green Tea
$0.83 cents/serving
This is.. interesting. Eating green tea…? Sounds kind of weird, but I guess if it’s just mixed into a smoothie you really can’t go wrong by adding it in for the nutrients.
4 ~ Life Ice – Chocolate Crisp
This is probably the coolest snack I have ever seen! You just pop the tray into the freezer and whenever you feel like having a guilt-free snack, you can pop one of these ice sensations into your mouth and savor the chocolate flavor! They have some other flavors on their website that I am also interested in trying! So unique and exciting!
5 ~ Nektar Honey Crystals
$0.36 cents/ 2 packets
I’ve gotten these in boxes before but haven’t ever used them yet, wooops. I’m sure they are good, the booklet says to mix them to make a drink or stir into things like oatmeal for a healthy alternative to a sugary topping.
6 ~ Perfect Fuel Chocolate
This is a chocolate for endurance, made with dark chocolate and ginseng. I’ m scared this might taste too dark chocolatey, but I will give it a try as a snack in my lunch!
7 ~ Quest Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter
Bars like this are perfect for my lunches; they are super sweet but also healthy and will keep me full until dinner!
8 ~ Salba Smart Chia Boost – Premium Ground & Whole Seed
$1.98/ 2 packets

9 ~ Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix
$3.90/ 2 packets
I got these in Pineapple and Lemon & Lime flavor! I’m excited for these yummy flavors and will for sure use these to flavor up some of my water at work!


10 ~ ZICO Chocolate flavored Coconut Water
I tried this on my lunch today… It’s definetly an interesting flavor. It almost tastes like normal chocolate milk, but then you can taste the more wateryness of it and also the slight coconut flavor. I do like this better than the straight regular coconut water though, was a great drink to try!
IMG_3897 product value
Coconut Water: $2.10
Hydration Mix: $3.90
Chia: $1.98
Bar: $2.50
Chocolate: $1.99
Honey: $0.36 cents
Life Ice: $3.50
Tea: $0.83 cents
Crackers: $4.40
Hummus: $0.70 cents
I am SO happy with this box. The value is slightly higher than what I paid (and remember, shipping IS included in the price!), and the box is jam packed with goodies! So many items will be great for my lunches and I’m very very pleased with this month’s box!!

all love & smiles,


Conscious Box March 2013 Review


This month’s Conscious Box is fantastic as usual!!! For $19.95/month it’s sooo worth it to me to get a box of random amazing goodies that surprises me each & every time!

DSCN0851 DSCN0852

This month it was packed to the brim, let’s see what’s inside this month!!!!!


1) Zarbee’s All-Natural Cough Syrup
Honey Lemon, 2 tsps, 1 dose
List price: $7.99, 4 oz.


2) Smartypants Gummy Vitamins for Kids 
All-in-One Multivitamin + Omega 3s + Vitamin D, 4 gummies/1 day supply
List price: $24.95, 1 bottle, 1 months supply 

3) Smartypants Gummy Vitamins for Grownups 
All-in-One Multivitamin + Omega 3s + Vitamin D, 6 gummies/1 day supply
List price: $27.95, 1 bottle, 1 month supply


 4) Pure Living Paradise Tea? 
Vanilla Chaga TGRT Raw
I’m thoroughly confused about this product/brand. First off, the loose tea was all over my box because all it came in was this folded paper towel. It gives no real information except it says you can consume it or bathe in it….? I checked out their website, here, and it’s just as weird as the product itself. I’ll probably steep it to make tea and see what happens and what it tastes like, although I’m kind of scared. I’m probably just being dumb because I’m not a big tea drinker but this is really strange to me…..

DSCN0859 DSCN0860

5) Stash Organic Herbal Tea (Caffeine free) 
Chocolate Orange, 2 packs
List price: $4.20-$11.95, 18-54 ct.



6) Nektar Honey Crystals 
100% All Natural Granulated Honey, 2 packs
list price: $6.99, 40 ct




7) Agro Labs Wheatgrass Boost 
Superfood Energy Shot, 3 oz, 1 shot
list price: $19.99 for 6 shots


8) Sumbody Sumsoap Naturally Good Suds 
Milky Rich, 1 oz.
list price: unavailable at the moment, currently backordered, 3 oz.




9 and 10) Two Degrees Food Bar 
with Quinoa, Chia, & Millet, 1.6 oz, Cherry Almond + Chocolate Banana
list price: $19.95 for 9 bars
“For every bar you buy, we give a meal to a hungry child.”


11) Chef Sleeve Disposable iPhone Sleeves 
10 protective sleeves
list price: $19.99 for a 25 pack


All in all, I LOVED this box! It’s always fun to receive items in different categories, such as food, drink, bath, kitchen, etc. The food bars look yummy, I always love gummie vitamins, an energy shot is sometimes needed, and I am so pumped to use the kitchen iPhone sleeves because reading my recipes on my phone gets so messy!!! Love it!!


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse