Best Friend Box November 2013 Review

{This review is of the CAT subscription to BestFriendBox}

Best Friend Box is the second box that I found for pets that actually has an option for cats too!! I was so happy to receive this box and was certainly pleased with all the items inside (and of course my kittys also loved it more than anything!!!) All the products are vet approved, and you get natural treats, adorable toys, and grooming supplies in every box. It’s all natural and all safe so your pet can stay as healthy and happy as possible! I absolutely love this about the box.


You can choose to get a box for cats OR dogs, and the price is only $30/month with free shipping! You will always get 3-6 hand picked products for you and your furry friend that you are sure to love each month. Also, 10% of all proceeds from the box go to animal charities accross America, so another great reason to sign up!


This was my first Best Friend Box and I couldn’t be more pleased with the items included. It was wrapped up all nice and since there were toys included with cat nip, my cars were LITERALLY going CRAZY all around this box trying to get inside and see what was all in there. There was a card included with descriptions of all the products.

Whats inside
1 • Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey & Duck Duck Goose Freeze Dried Dinners
$1.80/single serve pouch = $3.60

2 • Freeze Dried Chicken Liver PLUS Sweet Potato & Broccoli + Pumpkin & Apple
$2.09/bag = $4.18

3 • Nylabone Cat Dental Rattle & Roll Octo-Floss Toy
This toy is super cute and weird, the kittys love it!

4 • KONG Naturals Straw Ball
product value
Balls: $4.99
Octopus: $5.99
Snacks: $4.18
Dinner: $3.60
This box was $6 less than last month, which was $6 less than the actual price of the box, so I’m hoping next month will only move up in value and not continuing this streak. With that being said, I still LOVED this box! All of the items were welcomed by my kittys with open paws {haha}, so even though the value wasn’t too high, it was still worth it to me to discover the new products and brands : )