Office/Craftroom Creation Step #1

Ok, sooo I’m like reallllyyy lucky and get to live an apartment with not one, not two, but THREE bedrooms. Since it’s only me & the bf (+ our 3 furry friends), we were able to get creative with the extra bedrooms. We converted one to become our shared walk-in closet, and the other for the office/craft room. (Oh, and did I mention that we also have a backroom/den that is considered the “kitty bedroom”? hahaha yuuuup)
Safe to say, I had all these rooms, all this potential, but I was so overwhelmed I just didn’t even know where to start… We moved in October 2012, so it’s been well over a year of living here, but I’m just getting around to finally making each space an area I love, starting with one of my favorite rooms: the office/craft space!
I forgot to take real “before” pics, so this was mid-cleaning when half the stuff was already thrown out in the hallway or in garbage bags or re-dispersed throughout the house, etc.
WARNING: These pictures may be extremely disturbing to a neat freak/someone who doesn’t understand messy chaos! haha Like I said, these were in the middle of moving everything out in the kitchen and trying to sort through things, packing piles, to basically start from scratch in the room.¬†
IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4674 IMG_4675

this is michael's corner of the office... he sold his iMac about a year ago & the desk slowly turned into a junk pile... this corner still needs work, but this entire room is still a work in progress :)

this is michael’s corner of the office… he sold his iMac about a year ago & the desk slowly turned into a junk pile… this corner still needs work, but this entire room is still a work in progress ūüôā

After taking an entire day to sort through stuff, throw away garbage, do some cleaning, and overall turn the entire room inside-out, it felt AMAZING to actually see the floor and have open, un-cluttered space to work in!

starting a randomly awesome art corner

starting a randomly awesome art corner

i'm obsessed. favorite artwork on my wall without a doubt.

i’m obsessed. favorite artwork on my wall without a doubt.

It’s still certainly a work in progress, but I’m so happy I finally have some fun pictures on the walls that make me smile and room to move around! Plus, having a nice clean desk just entices me to blog, edit pictures, start projects, etc.! Thanks to my wonderfully creative friend Jordan, I’m repurposing her Valentine’s gift packaging for adorable decor on my desk. This simply cute + organized desk is pure happiness for me!
IMG_4810 IMG_4811 IMG_4812
all love & smiles,

New Year, New Me

Happy New Year & a very Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

I was on a slight vacay from the blog during the last 2 crazy busy weeks with Christmas,
New Years, errands, dinners, parties…. and now (at least here in Chicago), all this crazy snow!!!
I’m not complaining at all because I sure do love all the pretty whiteness everywhere, but it is slightly harder
to get around, which makes little tasks like running to the drug store or even taking out the trash
a much bigger deal. Oh well, I love it! It’s been absolutely FREEZING here (Monday’s high is -8),
YES, you read that right, NEGATIVE EIGHT. But I’m just gonna pretend like it’s
not gonna happen, because then that way it’s less scary! haha

I have so many fun projects and ideas that I want to conquer this year of 2014, and
I am trying to start fresh and new from the beginning! I will be posting about this later,
but I am starting Project Life, organizing/finally decorating all
the lovely spaces I have in our home (with some intense before
and after shots!!!), really trying to be conscious about documenting my meals, using more
of my extensive wardrobe & accessories, taking more pictures of everyday life,
cooking more meals at home, staying crazy organized and NOT forgetful with my new Erin Condren Life Planner,
and I guess the list can go on and on, but I am honestly excited
about it all and can’t wait to start documenting my whole year
RIGHT HERE!!!! : )

…… Starting with the end of good ol’ 2013,
+ into the first couple days of the New Year.

On New Year’s Eve I took off work so we could finish some chores around the
house. We ran out to Target for kleenex, dish soap, + milk…. and ended up
with all these goodies, plus some excellent comfy-lazy onsies to lounge around
the house in… oh! and Michael gave me my Christmas surprise: a 3DS! May
sound weird at first, but this lil gameboy thingie is so much fun haha.
Suffice to say, the rest of the day consisted of laying around in onsies
playing games & finally relaxing for a day.

IMG_4350 IMG_4353 IMG_4356

First picture of all 3 kittys in the new year, first meal…BACON haha,
crazy amounts of snow that looked like it was piling up on our 2nd
floor!!!.., and then new year’s day, when all we did was spend the
day in jamies and relax AGAIN, it was marvelous… only time
we left was to a delicious lunch with the family.

IMG_4361 IMG_4364 IMG_4365 IMG_4382IMG_4396IMG_4376IMG_4379As far as food the past couple days, it’s been pretty great, with
my new pan fried pepperjack chicken experiment that
was so delicious, cheap buffet sushi from inside my building
that I find to be delicious (and yes, I was playing games on
lunch break hahah), along with some yummy turkey
wiener pigs in blankets.

IMG_4401 IMG_4408 IMG_4388 IMG_4380 IMG_4369


all those cups? yuuuup, water + apple juice + hot chocolate + milk + coffee…
like i said, it was a lazy day.

anywayyyyyy, I’m gonna go off and play with my new planner : )

all love & smiles,


Operation: Magazine Obsession

As I have stated before, I have a sick obsession with magazines. I just feel like I can never throw them away because I was always scared I would lose an article, tip, picture, recipe, etc., so when it was all getting out of hand (I had huge rubbermaid’s full of old magazines), I decided to take charge. Over the past couple years in my free time when I would be home from school, I would slowly go through my magazines, ripping out the pages I wanted to keep, and always keeping the cover. This became a problem because back in the day I had ripped off the covers of tons of magazines and had them covering my entire wall…. (this was circa 2007, it was the day before Prom and I was trying out my dress and tiara with greasy hair) JUST POSTING TO SHOW MY WALL OF MAGAZINE COVERS… the wall behind me was COMPLETELY filled from top to bottom, the entire distance of my wall.


Anyway, I’m doing my best to finish all the organization now, so that one day sometime soon, I will have no extra magazine clutter and everything will be fantastic and organized and put in it’s rightful place.

IMG_1340 IMG_1341 IMG_1342

These are the 6 binders of magazines I currently have (1 is still in the making).
With these 6 binders, I was able to purge just over 220 magazines.

220 magazines!!!!!

And those were the only ones I had left without their covers (that were all over my wall when I was younger). I saved the covers and the cover-less magazines, but I just didn’t find the time or energy to go through them all and match them up…. so they ended up in the¬†recycling¬†bin. Just a little over a year ago. I was keeping those things for years and years and finally had the nerve to just THROW THEM OUT. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. hahaha


Today, here’s the random pile that I am still dealing with. I just went through all my Entertainment Weekly magazines and organized them by date (I was sooo mad to find out that of the years 2011 & 2012, I am missing just TWO issues of each year!!!!)

This is just a TEMPORARY organizing system until I make something more bright & pretty!

This is just a TEMPORARY organizing system until I make something more bright & pretty!

I am also obsessed and LOVING my semi-new collection of Coastal Living. I first subscribed in September 2011, and I don’t know how I ever went without these lovely magazines for so long! They are so full of bright blues and happiness and sunshine and amazing homes and recipes and cities…. I am keeping these in plastic and have to find a fun place to put my most inspirational magazines!


I also need to sort/organize all my Rolling Stone issues and Alternative Press magazines…. Although I’m not sure if I want to keep all the AP, but I feel so bad throwing them away!!! (Again, I know this is not normal! hahah)

IMG_1343 IMG_1344

Lastly, I don’t have that big of a collection yet, but since we are now monthly subscribers, we’ll be building our Playboy collection slowly but surely ;] I keep them stored in these magazine holder that I need to decorate for now.


Along with all the magazine purging/sorting/organizing¬†I’m doing today, I still have fresh new May/April issues that I need to read! :]


So yes, I cannot part with my magazines and I am obsessed with covers and advertisements and articles and pictures and word art…….
and I’m not ashamed to admit it ūüėČ

I can’t wait til I get them all organized and perfect so I can showcase them all!!!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse