Popsugar Must Have Box – May 2013



I was so pumped to find my second ever Popsugar Must Have Box waiting on my doorstep the other day! Although the items are random and from many reviews I have read almost a hit or miss, I honestly loved all the boxes I read about it and am eager every month to find out what they will send out to us next!


These monthly subscription boxes are full of hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. The cost is $35/month, and is well worth the money because the boxes are usually worth well over $100 in products. They always include a little booklet explaining all the items inside.


Let’s get to May’s must have goodies!!!

1 • Kooringal Giselle Mid Brim Hat 
{Retail Value: $27.99} 
At first I laughed out loud at this hat because I was confused by it’s shape (I didn’t realize that it was super bendable and able to be packed tightly into bags) and I also am just not normally a hat person, especially a huge beach hate like this one. However, after reading good reviews and taking to heart all the benefits this hat has against harmful sun exposure, I was kind of excited about it. I live near the beach now too, so this can now go to good use! :] Check out the hat here.


2 • The Modern Margarita 
{Retail Value: $8.00} 
Mmmmmm I was so excited to see these in the box! I love margaritas and there are some delicious flavors included in this simple kit… and they even give you salt to brim the glasses with! It’s perfect! I also LOVE the packaging, so bright and an excellent design. These will go to great use this summer. Check out their website here.


3 • Questions I Ask When I Want To Talk About Myself Deck 
{Retail Value: $14.95}
“50 Topics to Share with Friends.” This is based off of her book (which I have but still have yet to read), and they are basically cards to start topics up around, say, a group of ladies having a fabulous wine night. I love Mindy Kaling and think she’s hilarious, so hopefully some of these cards will be funny… otherwise, I’m not the biggest fan of this item in the box. Check out the product here.


4 • The Original BeautyBlender & BlenderCleanser 
{Retail Value: $23.95} 
I was SO PUMPED to get this!!! Whenever I see these in the store I contemplate buying one but can never get myself to pay so much money for a sponge. This is the reason why I love subscription boxes!! They send you things that you couldn’t/wouldn’t normally buy in stores! I’m almost too scared to use it and get it all full of make-up, but after watching the videos about the product it seems fairly simple to clean. This was probably one of my favorite items featured in this month’s box!! Check out this amazing product here.


5 • Pacifica Natural Color Quench Lip Tint 
{Retail Value: $9.00} 
This lip tint smells SOOOOO yummy! I got the color Guava Berry, and it’s a very sheer tint, not too overwhelming, so perfect for me! An awesome lip product I’m excited about! Check out the product here.

pacifica lip

6 • Charm & Chain $30 Gift Card 
Charm & Chain is a great online jewelry store that features over 50 different luxury to every day jewelry designers. A lot of their jewelry is REALLYYYY out of my price range, but they have super cute pieces starting at $33. Since they gave us a $30 credit towards the store, I’m excited to pick out a piece and basically only pay the shipping charges! Check out their website here.


7 • Way Better Snacks – Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips 
{Retail Value: $3.49/ 5.5 oz bag} 
I can never complain about getting snacks in one of my boxes. Especially when they are chips. These are unique and delicious and not as bad for you as many of the other brands. My only complaint is that the bag was too tiny! Check out the chips here.


8 • Popsugar Bag 
We also got this bag as a little added bonus! I seem to always be lugging random crap around me with everywhere, so bags like this certainly get some good use!


So although I really enjoyed this box, the value came in VERY LOW this month. The added retail value of all the products is only about $85.39. If I count the $30 gift card that brings the value to $115.39, but that’s still very low for this box, and I don’t think adding the $30 is really fair because you’re going to have to pay more on the website because the products are all over $30 to begin with.


Although the value was low, I’m super excited about my new BeautyBlender and fun margarita mixes, not to mention my new beach hat :]


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Ipsy Glambag May 2013 Review


“Spring Fling”


This month’s theme is Spring Fling. I LOVE the bag, super bright & adorable! This month, I am SO PUMPED about all 6 items that I received in my Ipsy Glambag. Ipsy costs $10/month, and you usually get 4-5 deluxe samples of beauty products to try! The bags are always themed, and they send along a little card that gives the theme name and also all the deals that you can get on products on their website. I am a little unhappy with this feature because I wish that (like almost all of my other monthly boxes) a list came with all the products and comments about usage.


This month’s bag was jam packed (and heavier than usual) so I was very excited about it from the start! This month’s box also came with a NuMe gift certificate worth $110 on their online store. I am SUPER pumped about this because I have been wanting extensions for a super long time to thicken up my hair, and they have some that I think I may have to try out! I also got that little note about the special Urban Decay product that I got in there too…. which made me super excited because I LOVE UD!

IMG_1909 IMG_1915 IMG_1917But now let’s get to the goodies inside the box!!!

 1 • Pacifica 
Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter, 2 oz. (FULL SIZE!), $7.00
This is a slight instant tanner with amazing shimmer that smells heavenly. I get a coconut-vanilla scent from it, and the shimmer isn’t over the top. Always love tanning products!!!! Check out the product here.



2 • Macadamia 
Healing Oil Treatment, 1 oz. (FULL SIZE!) $13.50
Well this product is worth OVER the entire price of the bag itself!!! I loooove getting hair products to help restore my hair back to some state of health, and oil always makes my hair feel extra soft and shiny. This particular oil has a strong scent that at first I thought smelled like an old man’s cologne (!!) but now I’m starting to like it… So I don’t know if I’m just crazy, but it does have a pretty strong scent. Check out the product here!



3 • Urban Decay 
Moondust Eyeshadow – Stargazer, 1.5 g (FULL SIZE!) $20.00
This was the bonus item I get this month from Ipsy, and I couldn’t be happier with it!!! Urban Decay is one of my all-time favorite make-up brands, and this color is so amazing! At first, it looked to me like mustardish yellow and I didn’t think I would like it at all… until I tested it out and realized that it is a super beautiful gold color! The feel of the eyeshadow is so smooth and it’s simple to apply. I am so excited about receiving this extra marvelous product (that is worth double the price of the bag itself!!!) Check out the product here.





4 • Yaby 
Concealer Refill, #cc008 – Buff, 3.5 g (FULL SIZE!) $4.85
This was the item that I was least excited for in this months bag… at first. Then I tried it out and it actually blends perfectly well with my skin tone/makeup, so I like it a lot! The packaging is obviously not very nice (or non-existent if I lost the loose plastic casing they send it in), but I can just stick it in the magnetic little Glam RX freestyle pallet I got in the March Ipsy glambag. It’s not my favorite product, but it’s definitely a good one! Check out the product here.


5 • Zoya 
Nail Polish, Blu, 0.5 oz (FULL SIZE!) $8.00
This color is beautifully blue (hence the name), and it’s a perfect formula that spreads on super easy and dries fairly quickly! I LOOVEEE nail polish so I’m always excited to get a color that I know I’ll use and get to try out more nice polish brands I wouldn’t normally buy in the store. I have gotten other Zoya polishes before from subscription boxes but I never remember them coming in boxes like this month’s did… Made it seem even fancier, so I loved it! Check out the polish here.


6 • Juice Beauty 
Reflecting Gloss – Pink, 0.14 oz, $7.50
When I went to look up the price on this lip gloss, I just assumed it was also a full sized item because it’s a normal size for a lip gloss. When I found out the full size is DOUBLE (0.28 oz) I was shocked because I thought this was already big enough! Anyway, this gloss has a yummy sorbet smell and looks nice and shiny (and not sticky!!) on the lips. Perfect for Spring! Check out the product here.


This was probably my favorite glambag yet… value-wise, I’m sure it was the best! This month I got (almost!) ALL full-sized items, for a grand total of $60.85! And that’s not even including the adorable makeup bag that it comes packed in! This month my $10 was FOR SURE worth it. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next month! Hopefully things just keep getting better & better!


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse