What I’m Wednesdays {Week 1}

So I thought it would be a fun to have a Wednesday feature, I thought of this one & I hope it works well. Yay!

What I’m….

Wearing ~ Love me my Swedish love Hjalmarsson v-neck & Sperrys : ]


Eating ~ always a plethora of goodness, the other night me & Michael had a super fancy pasta night, using the $48 sauce I got in my excellent Taste Trunk. It was absolutely fantastic!!! The pasta & the sauce were both delicious and I definitely tasted the quality difference between this and my usual on sale for $1 sauce from Target. : )

photo copy

Listening to ~ I cannot stop listening to Avril’s “Rock n’ Roll”. I am SO EXCITED for her CD {along with Miley’s, Katy’s, Jesse J’s, & Eminem’s}. I am seriously ready to have these CD’s on repeat in my car for the next couple of months as they come out… YAYYYYYYYY! I also just so happen to love the rap single “23”, the tribute to Jordan’s, and even the music video makes me smile. Everyone’s hatin’ on Miley all the time now but I don’t care, I think she’s even more awesome than ever and this music video makes me laugh. That awesome Bulls jersey bikini thing is SO FRICKIN COOL. Needed to be said. And displayed. haha.

rs_600x600-130808154214-600.AvrilLavingeAlbum2.mh.080813 Katy-Perry-Prism-Promotional-2013-1200x1200 miley-cyrus-23

Looking forward to ~ along with all the wonderful other subscription services I subscribe to (which I will be starting to review again after a couple month hiatus!!!), I am also getting to try out the Phone Case of the Month! My phone is naked right now, only because I get so tired of my cases, I always want a new or different one, so changing them every month to a new cute designed case is something that I’m certainly looking forward to!! : )

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 6.46.28 PM

Also, on a random note, I am REALLY trying this month to do every day/photo of the #FMSphotoaday challenge on Instagram for the month of October. Yesterday I started with my #SomethingColorful pic, and today the title was #Light. This is the light that wakes me up in the morning, the sun is soooo bright! (I also realize that I took this picture at 9am, trust me, I was up a lot earlier but this is when I had the chance to snap the pic before I ran off to catch my train!)

photo copy 2

all love & smiles,



Wonderful Grocery Shopping Adventure

Soooo Michael & I decided to finally check out Trader Joe’s and see what it was all about…. I, of course, fell in love instantly. The prices, easy selection, amazing health foods galore, it was all just so wonderful! Per usual when the two of us go shopping together, we grabbed a small cart, thinking we wouldn’t even be filling that one, and by the time we were through with approximately 3 asiles, our cart was already overflowing. Ooooops. We got so many amazing goodies that I cannot WAIT to try, it’s been hard to try and sit and wait for the next meal when I just wanna snack on it all right now! I already completely devoured the salmon dip. I couldn’t help myself. It was completely & utterly amazing. Also, those slices of watermelon never stood a chance. I ate all those pieces in record time. I’m excited to bake a pizza together, we got all the ingredients for a fabulous homemade pizza, can’t wait to try that! Here are most of my favorites we got:

we already ate the delicious french toast for breckie today :] made it cinnamon toast!

we already ate the delicious french toast for breckie today :] made it cinnamon toast!

of course we had to try the cookies

of course we had to try the cookies

these dressings are SO GOOD it's unbelievable.

these dressings are SO GOOD it’s unbelievable.

already killed the salsa too... oooops haha

already killed the salsa too… oooops haha

used the pasta sauce for lunch yesterday.... amazing :]

used the pasta sauce for lunch yesterday…. amazing :]

that salmon dip... nom nom nom. and look at the adorable 3 kittys on the tuna can!!! just like my 3 :]

that salmon dip… nom nom nom. and look at the adorable 3 kittys on the tuna can!!! just like my 3 :]

I know this isn’t particularly that glamorous to be posting pictures of my groceries, BUUUUUUUT I loveeee food so much and it would just be a shame if I didn’t document all the wonderful finds we bought on our very first trip to Trader Joe’s :]

Also, I STILL can’t get over how my lil precious Aria sleeps. She is suuuuch a strange lil kitty :]

my lil precious monster

my lil precious monster


all love & smiles :]

 mary elyse