I Gave In {new fall/winter gear}

ever since forever I’ve always been against having a Northface. It seemed like EVERYBODY had one, and if you didn’t (like me) you just better get one soon because, like, seriously, almost every single person I see around my parts wears them. the truth is, of course, I think most of the fun different ones are cute and comfy. The only setback is the high price, but I was going to get a great deal at Macys, so yesterday I bought me 2 new jackets from Northface! I couldn’t stop at just ONE for my first to my probably going to grow collection.

nf2 nf1


Although I do love the white & grey one that almost every girl I see has, I wanted to be different and that black and aqua one was literally calling my name!!! It is so me and I wore it to work already today!! : ) The all blue one is a SUPER FUZZY AND AMAZINGLY SOFT fleece that has an awesome rain hood too. I can wear them together and it’s super warm and also looks very nice.

I also bought 4 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and trunks and a tee for the bf…. for only $81 (not including the Northface purchase of course!!). I will blog about my amazing finds this week : )

all love & smiles,