Good Eats.

Last weekend, while my friend was visiting, we of course had to eat at some amazing places to show off some gems in Chicago. On Friday night when she got in, we went to Connie’s for dinner and it was absolutely delicious. I love the decor of the original Connie’s (which is right in Bridgeport where I live), and it was packed and bustling with people, so it was certainly a great atmosphere. We devoured our bread and oil and cheese, along with our mozz sticks and salad for starters. Michael & Jordan both like sausage and that’s one food (sausage pizza) that I just don’t particularly care for…. therefore, I got myself a wonderful veggie stuffed za with jalapenos, spinach, onions, and mushrooms. It was SO DIVINE! Even re-heated for lunch the next week at work it was STILL absolutely delicious. I loveeee me some Connie’s pizza, and I’m so glad I got to show Jordan a great Chicago style pizza place : )

IMG_3524 IMG_3525 IMG_3526

The restaurant that I planned on taking Jordan to when she came in was Howells & Hood. It is a great sports bar meets fancy meets casual meets amazing atmosphere. There are linen napkins, however there are TV’s playing sports all over the walls… so it’s certainly a great mix, where you can never feel too dressed up or dressed down. The food, the drinks, the service, the atmosphere of this place… I just LOVE IT ALL! We both had some fun drinks, a got a seasonal IPA, “Pumpking”, for appetizers we got these AMAZING bologna sammies and also the best mac & cheese ever. like, ever. It looks so original and awesome and had some little baconish breadcrumbs on there and it was just overall SO CHEESY AND ORIGINAL and MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOODNESS. We didn’t realize the portions were going to fill us up so fast, but we also got our own main courses; Jordan went with their signature burger and got the lobster roll. SO SO SO SO GOOD. This place is like my #1 recommendation, just LOVE it : )

IMG_3536 IMG_3537 IMG_3539 IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3545

all love & smiles,


The Post That Makes Me Happy :)

I have been playing the waiting game this week. After a pretty great interview (if I do say so myself!) I have been waiting to hear back to find out if I will be employed in the near future or not! All day I have been stressing about this, so I thought this was the perfect time to look back on the fantastic week I had filled with our first White Sox game, yummy food, good friends, and basically everything and anything else that makes me happy!

It’s already almost the end of the work day, and I haven’t heard anything, so instead of going crazy and stressing out, I will just look back on this fabulous week of pictures and smile :]

IMG_1257 Untitled IMG_1262 Untitled1 IMG_1275

Some Easter goodness I didn’t post the other day… I made the lamb cake this year and we had to bake it like 4 times because it kept coming out like a jello jiggler…ended up perfect & delicious though, and I especially loved the  creepy face with the moving googly eyes I added on him! Also, my mom said the Easter Bunny will continue to visit me forever, which makes me very happy :] I see no reason why he can’t continue bringing me excellent baskets of goodies every year!

IMG_1286 IMG_1266

 Food that I just can’t seem to get enough of: butter & jelly on toast (I go through my addictive phases of loving this breakfast/snack), and of course our favorite Mexican joint over here, Mexico Steak House. We get it all the time, and I never get sick of it because I love my staples there, but I also have never been disappointed with anything new I’ve tried! As a matter of fact, Michael’s mom is meeting us for dinner there tonight! Yummmmooo!


 We did some Spring Cleaning over here and Michael was in charge of the bedroom… He made the bed fabulously and this is how I found it… I meeeaaaaannnn that’s not even a quarter of my Build A Bear collection! hahah (and Nemo is his!) Yes, it’s like we’re 8, but I love it :]

Untitled2 Untitledc Untitledf IMG_1311

 We went to our first Sox game together, which was great because now that we live right here in Bridgeport, it was my first Sox game I got to walk right on over to! We live so close! It was a bit chilly, but as soon as the shade draped over our section (Row 8, Seat #8, because Michael is adorable like that!!!) we would just go mosey on over to another section, which was awesome because I got to sit in places I never have before! It was a really great time! I HAVE AN OBSESSION WITH THE CORN AT THE WHITE SOX GAMES! If you have never tried the amazingness that is corn right off the cob, mixed with all those delicious ingredients, you are MISSING OUT! We also got nachos and pretzels and cheese and a hot dog and beers and beers…… What can I say, we’re huuuuge suckers for concession stands.


 Even after all the food and beer at the game, I still came home and made myself a mini DiGiorno’s pizza…. mmmmmmm. Couldn’t resist.

IMG_1316 IMG_1325 IMG_1319 IMG_1320

 Last night me and the lady friends went out for dinner and drinks at Gilhooley’s, a super nice and delicious little pub right down the street from my girlfriend’s apartment. They must have just revamped their menu because I’ve been there PLENTY of times and have never been this satisfied with it before! It was sooooo yummy! That chili I got was absolutely to die for, and they gave me so much cheese and green onions on the side, I couldn’t have asked to make it any better! SO GOOD! Then we also had a plethora of other goodies, not even pictured were my favorite onion stringys and some atomic boneless wings we ordered. All super delicious! Not to mention the bottles were only $1.50, so it was cheap…. and they even served me my Rolling Rock in a big pitcher of ice because apparently no one ever orders them so they had no cold ones. Thanks Gilhooley’s! :]


 Now Aria’s laying on my lap being super adorable and precious, as always. Awwwww.

Meow off to the Mexico Steak House for some amazing soup and veggie ‘dillas! NOM NOM NOM :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Some Fantastical Things

8 things that got me excited lately (whether for the good or bad!)

(1) We took a little trip to Davenport this weekend, back to St. Ambrose, because Michael had a volleyball tourney he was playing in…. I tagged along because I love to watch him play…. BUT I ALSO LOVE AZTECA MY FAVORITE MEXICAN PLACE EVER!


home of the delicious queso blanco, that I CANNOT find anywhere near here!

home of the delicious queso blanco, that I CANNOT find anywhere near here!

one of my favorite (super large) margs!!

one of my favorite (super large) margs!!

their endless chips & salsa is sooooo amazing

their endless chips & salsa is sooooo amazing

my favorite dish: spinach quesadilla!! even if it wasn't Lent, it's still my go-to dinner there!

my favorite dish: spinach quesadilla!! even if it wasn’t Lent, it’s still my go-to dinner there!

(2) I love watching Michael play volleyball because it makes him so happy and I also think he’s really good :] One day, (when I finally get another job) I can save up enough money to buy myself a pretty nice new camera so that my action shot pictures won’t look as crappy as these…. Oh well, they still make me smile.

Untitled1 Untitled2

(3) I just joined a new subscription box service, Julep. They are a monthly nail polish box, BUT THE ONLY REASON I did it was because I found a free coupon code for new members, making your first box only cost $.01! That’s right, only 1 cent for a $19.99 box! The code is: JULEPVIP. I already wrote myself a note to go ahead and cancel it next month so they don’t charge my card. It looks like a very nice service, it’s just not one I would spend that much money on. But for almost free, why not!? I took the style quiz and they paired me with their “Boho Glam” look. They were actually spot on! Here is what I’ll be looking forward to in my box!

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 8.59.23 PM

(4) I made a terrible mistake. A disgustingly terribly gross nasty horrendous mistake. I was so excited when I found this box of mac and cheese at Target a while back, because I LOVE buffalo flavored anything…. little did I know that in tiny writing under “Buffalo” it said with Blue Cheese sauce. EW. I had been putting it to the side, always scared to try it because I loathe the nasty fart flavor of blue cheese in my mouth. I thought what the heck, I should just try it because maybe it isn’t as strong as I thought it would be. BOY WAS I WRONG. I took a couple of bites and my stomach was in knots, wondering what was this garbage that I just ingested. I DON’T KNOW HOW PEOPLE EAT THIS STUFF. Ewwwww.


(5) I finally tried my first clay mask. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had an interview the next morning so I figured I could make my skin healthy and smooth the night before. It was fun feeling like a kid spreading legit clay all over my face, but I guess I was just dumb and didn’t realize that it hardens (and so quickly). I kinda got scared, but kept it on for the allotted amount and time… and OMG DID I LOVE IT! It made my skin as soft as a baby’s, and I will definitely be making this a weekly ritual! :]


(6) I have a little obsession with the Eat This, Not That! series of books. Here are a couple of the ones I have, not pictured is the cook book one and the diet book, and I can’t wait to buy the 2013 one!! (This whole not having a job thing is REALLY cramping my shopping style!) If you haven’t ever bought a copy of these books, you’re really missing out! The food pictures are great and it’s super informative and inspiring! And fun! You can find them on for only $0.75!!! What a steal!


(7) My little guilty pleasure: frozen dinner meals. I love the “healthier” options too, ones that are acceptable in a public place like work, BUT there is something about the perfection of 5 chicken nuggets, corn, and mac and cheese that makes me SO HAPPY. And when they’re on sale for $0.88 I just can’t pass them up!


(8) HOW PRECIOUS ARE MY ADORABLE KITTAAAYYSSSS???!!! Aria is getting soooo big!!

IMG_1114 IMG_1119

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse

Lawrence’s Shrimp!

mmmmm today’s lunch was absolutely delicious.
we got Lawrence’s, which is an amazing shrimp/seafood place a couple short blocks away.
we got our usual pound of shrimp, hot sauce on the side, and I needed to also get some yummy ‘shrooms (the fried, normal kind of course!)

place has been around forever...

everything tasted great, it’s places like these that make me LOVE the fact I moved to an awesome place like Bridgeport. I am so close to all these super old food places with so much history and delicious food to back up their excellent reps. “THE BEST SHRIMP IN CHICAGO”… they may actually deserve that name :]

little old man character in the waiting area.

little old man character in the waiting area.


everything is painted all under-the-sea like... :)

everything is painted all under-the-sea like… 🙂


michael looking all bright on this beautiful day in Chicago!

michael looking all bright on this beautiful day in Chicago!

of course, everything tasted great & we split this excellent platter of shrimp & fries :]
nom nom nom….

Lawrence's Shrimp

Lawrence’s Shrimp

food is just not good enough for us though…. we are usually in need of plenty of extra sauce… and we’re not talking just some extra packets… we went for the entire bottle :]

pretty big packets

pretty big packets


nice big $3 bottle

nice big $3 bottle

Soooooo lunch is meow over but I have been busy reading away at the rest of my favorite magazines and then I can’t wait to post all my favorite parts… so long are all the times I forget about all the cool things I tried to remember in the tens of magazines I read weekly. Time to remember & actually make something of these articles/crafts/recipes/inspiration!

On a random side note, it’s me & michael’s anniversary today :]
he’s been my best friend for so long, i don’t know what i’d do without the guy.
he means the world to me & keeps me smiling every single day. love ya babes xoxo

February 2009

February 2009

November 2012 :]

November 2012 :]


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse