R.I.P. Sims

Sadly, today we had to put down our kitty Sims. He was the big brother to Charles and little kitten sister Aria. He loved to play and snuggle with Aria, mess around with Charles, eat tons of meat, drink lots of milk, and most of all, he LOVED to be around people. Whatever room in the house we were in, he just always HAD to be around us. He was so loving and caring. We miss you already so much Simmybutt. We love you.

IMG_3661 IMG_0846 IMG_0032 IMG_0311 IMG_3492 IMG_4311 IMG_3505 IMG_3539 IMG_3577 IMG_3490 IMG_3807 IMG_3823 IMG_3981 IMG_3820 IMG_3710 IMG_3515 IMG_4019 IMG_4101 IMG_4057 Untitled IMG_4351 IMG_0615 IMG_0746

He was sick and in pain, and meow he’s in a better place. Kitty and doggy heaven. I’m sure it’s the most adorable place in heaven. And King Sims will keep spreading his love.

mary elyse