Food… Food… & even MORE Food.

So it’s no secret that I’m overly obsessed with food. I seem to talk about it all day, love looking at food photography and reading recipes, I love walking the aisles of the grocery store, and I wish I could try out every single restaurant in America. I just LOVE it. Looking through the pictures on my phone from the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a little more than usual food/meal pictures. I just looked through them all and couldn’t help but say OMG I EAT SO MUCH DAMN FOOD!!!!!!!!! But sometimes, I just don’t care because I love meal times and, let’s face it, I just have no self-control.

Soooo onto the food fest! I just love sharing food experiences and concoctions and just all-around yummy foods!!! {These meals were consumed starting April 21st, so it’s not like these meals are from just this past week or anything! hahah}

• We are ‘dilla LOVERS over here. The George Foreman quesadilla maker most certainly got it’s $20.00 worth of use. We use that thing at least once a week, usually much more. I made a super seasoned up cheese ‘dilla with my favorite salsa in the world (from El Gallo of course).dilla

•Edamame ❤ How I love thee.


 • Strangely large & weird dinner one night: Fish fillets w/ my tarter sauce + ketchup combo, edamame, & apples w/ pepper jack cheese slices. SO GOOD.


 • One morning (before an interview) I even tried an Instant Breakfast… which turned out to be super delicious and filling!


• My parents took me to lunch at Horse Thief Hollow, which is an awesome brewery on the south side of Chicago. I got the spinach & goat cheese “burger”, along with a cup of their amazingly delicious chili. There are like huge chunks of delicious meat in there, not just your average ground beef. The place has a super nice vibe to it and I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu items and test out some of their beers!


 • Michael & I finally went to the White Palace Grill, a restaurent right near us that Guy Fieri visited on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives! We were super excited! It ended up being delicious. We shared some mozz sticks, both had delicious chicken soup, and I had the catfish sandwich. It was fun to be at a place that was featured on that show because I’m obsessed with the Food Network and love all those hosts! It was also a really crappy day out when we went, and walking to the restaurant, I thought the Sears Willis Tower looked supa spooky.

IMG_1571white palace

• We went on a mission to find the little Mexican carts of amazing food on the corners, aka: corn & chips & cucumbers & ice slushes. I’ve been OBSESSED with the “mexican chips” as I like to call them. The little pinwheel guys squirted with lime juice and hot sauce. SO FREAKIN GOOD. Michael knew that I would also love the corn and cucumbers that they have… and he was right. Also loved ’em! They fill the corn with butter, salt, lime juice, mayo, and chili powder. DELICIOUS!

mexican cart

• On a sweet note, I made some delicious AMURICAN red white and blue sprinkled cupcakes, a chocolate cake that me & Michael completely devoured, and look how cute my little monster looks inside our empty beer box?? Awwwwwww. She looks a little hungover herself from all the beer and cake.


• Eating out wise, I’ve been super spoiled! So. Much. Deliciousness. We got Domino’s the other day, which was amazing. I know that my new obsession there is the Pacific Veggie Pizza. I tinker with the toppings a bit, and it’s becoming one of my new favorite pizzas! We tried our first Chinese place together, called Happiness. It was pretty good, don’t know if I want to order from there again because a) we didn’t get sauce for our crab rangoon, b) there were only like 2 pieces of shrimp in my shrimp dish, and 3) I wasn’t IN LOVE with my meal. HOWEVER, those crab rangoons that I speak of were one of the best kinds I have EVER HAD. They were ohhhh so delicious! Michael also likes to surprise me with Mickey D’s breckie, and we caved and went to Chipotle after me not having it for a pretty long while. It was amazing. hahaha.

eating out

• Michael made some supa yummy meats, and I bought this amazing Guy Fieri habanero mustard wing sauce. SO YUMMY!

IMG_1797 IMG_1793


• Mama made me the best tuna salad in the world…. So I like to try different concoctions with it. First, Michael was making grilled cheese, so I decided to make grilled cheese tuna melt with jalapeños. YUM. Then today I made me a tuna + cheese ‘dilla. EVEN BETTER!!!


• I bought this supa yummy dip mix when in Saugatuck while shopping around the town. It’s called the Great Lakes Blend. I made it with sour cream and added a little minced onion and garlic salt and it is OH SO GOOD with celery. My go-to snack.


• What I CAN’T STOP CRAVING lately though are soft pretzels w/ cheese, and Sugar Shack ice cream. Since I’ve only been living here since October, I had never tried the Sugar Shack before as they are only open for Summer hours. I loooooove it. Have been there twice already and both times my Blizzards were amazing. It’s only a block away, so it’s pretty dangerous for two ice cream lovers like me & Michael. Hopefully our daily work-outs will help us fight the battle against the Sugar Shack. hahaha :]

IMG_1569 IMG_1806

Soooooo that was an obnoxious amount of food pictures, but I love sharing what I love!! :]

Also, I am currently obsessed with my new blog theme. I finally found a new free site design on WordPress that I like for now, and I REALLY like this one! SO much better than before. I love the font, format, and picture views. LOVE LOVE LOVE 🙂 It’s a happy day!

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse