Giving Thanks.

Yesterday I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family.
This year has gone by SO ridiculously fast, and through many ups and downs, I am grateful for everything that has come my way. Anything I thought I couldn’t get out of, I eventually found a way back on my feet. I’ve grown and learned so much through this year, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

As always, I am thankful for my loving family who is constantly there for me, my amazing friends, my fabulous home, and basically for God for giving me this wonderful life.

I am also thankful for these other {little} things in life that make me happy  like….

• the fact that I have a job!!!! {and that amazing African Cats wallpaper I have!!!!}

• my fun new hair autumn hair color that I am now in love with {I have also been living in that sweater — it’s amazing!}!

• for all my kittys of course, but this year, especially for our lil nugget Dexter. this lil kitty fought through a lot but now is super healthy yayyy!

• for ALL the amazing food I eat, especially the fact that I had this full, delicious plate for Thanksgiving dinner, and for that yummy french toast that the bf made for me Turkey Day morning : )
IMG_3976 IMG_3969

• for this guy, my crazy lovin babes {who dresses in bright crazy wetsuits with me on rainy Bears game days}

• all my day to day obsessions & loves, including my subscription boxes {which my cats seem to love too}

all love & smiles on this fabulous Friday off,


Why I’m Smiling Today

Because of this guy — >
Since he works midnight’s, he gets home in the morning and we get to hang out and be silly and crazy together until I leave for work (which in this case wasn’t until 10:30am because I’m on the late shift today working until 7!)
He makes me smile so big he really, really does.
Most of the time I hate work, so I look forward to getting to spend time with my best friend, my roomie, my babes, my Michael, who makes me smile sooooo big & who I have the absolute best times with, sometimes even if we’re just lounging around doing nothing at all.
Sometimes we just sing songs together obnoxiously & literally find ourselves laughing with tears in our eyes, because we’re just weird like that.
He’s the bestest. ❤

Also, I really want me some sushi for dinner. It’s only 1pm right now, but I am already looking forward to being home tonight around 7:30 and maxin on some delicious rolls from South Kawa. Just thinking about sushi makes me so happy. I think know I have an addiction.
I shouldn’t be eating anything but salad for the next couple of weeks after the ridiculous amount of chicken I consumed yesterday from Pollo Express. It was the best chicken that I have ever had in my life– plus, it was grilled!! And I don’t really even like chicken that much, so I was amazed at how tasty it really was. But that’s a story for another day!


Just have to get through the day of work…. 7pm can’t come faster!


{Reminiscing on our soaking wet Bears/Ravens game… he was a champ, even in the rain we had a blast together!}

all love & smiles,